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Black Collar Crime: IFB Pastor Jimmy Orick Charged with Statutory Rape

pastor jimmy orick reports:

A LaFollette pastor was charged with statutory rape, statutory rape by an authority figure and sexual battery.

Jimmy Ernest Orick, 68, was arrested Friday evening at a home in Jacksboro. Orick is the pastor at Mountain View Independent Baptist Church.

According to an updated report, Orick pleaded not guilty.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports:

Orick is accused of three counts of aggravated statutory rape, three counts of statutory rape by an authority figure and two counts of sexual battery by an authority figure after a 16-year-old girl who lived with him for three months in Jacksboro reported incidents to her mother. According to the report, the girl has audio recordings of at least one of the alleged encounters.


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    Just another “pussy-grabber” for Jesus. Maybe he should run for President now that it has become one of the acceptable qualifications for the office.

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    Well, Charles, perhaps we miss the point. Religion provides a platform for abusers, a structure for abuse. Perhaps the presidency does too, is that your point? There is only one president though and countless Baptist preachers! I think that the fact that this man can be certified as a pastor and work for a living among Baptists is an important issue to not lose sight of…. Why does religion attract abusers and why are we still missing the point, Charles? Right now in the United States (and Canada too) some fucker preacher is abusing a youngster who has been given over to them. How can we help the youngster? How can we shine a light into that youngster’s dark life and say there is somebody who cares about you, would help you if we could? How do we get included in the weekly bulletin to the faithful? It does me no good at all to just know again and again what I already know because I grew up in all this…. Jesus Christ almighty… what the fuck. How do we support the kid who has to be caught in a closet with this Jesus man… Can we do more than these words here that she will never see? As sure as fuck, the Christians aren’t taking it on….

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