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Gary, God Didn’t Send You to This Site, Google Did

pastor gary jackson

Several days ago, Gary Jackson, pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio did a Google search for something related to Faith Baptist Church in Ottawa, Ohio and ended up on this site. The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser is a first page search result when some searches for Faith Baptist. I have featured Faith several times in the series On The Road Looking For God’s True Church.

After reading a handful of posts, Jackson decided to send me an email. In the email, Jackson stated that it was G-O-D who “led” him to my blog. Actually, it was Google, not God that sent the good pastor my way. I understand Jackson’s confusion. My family, when confronted with an unanswered question, will seek the answer from God — God being Google. Perhaps Jackson, as the Gerencser family does, confuses Google with God. Just kidding. The Gerencser family KNOWS Google and God are one and the same. Jackson’s God? She has never answered a prayer, or a trivia question for that matter. When I wanted to find out who Gary Jackson was, I didn’t pray. Instead, I contacted the all-seeing, all-knowing Google — praise be to the search algorithm.

pastor gary jackson



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      Bruce Gerencser

      Exactly. Jesus knows exactly where I am. He can come and save me anytime. In the Evangelical bubble, this kind of thinking makes perfect sense. outside? WTF.

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        Lara Snider

        He also can’t spell. Or, doesn’t know mourn is the logical word in that sentence. If he is really concerned “for your soul” and wants to save you, using condescending language to someone with your intelligence and education probably isn’t effective.

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        I heard an apologist come up with an explanation for why god doesn’t show up. ‘He is a relational god so uses the church – as in people – to reach people’ Novel approach but doesn’t hold water. What sort of relational god would hide from devoted followers for their entire life!

        Praying for god to save or heal people now seems like a damning indictment of God’s character. If someone is in pain why does god want me to beg him to relieve that pain? Why not do it.

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