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Several months back, I shuttered the Facebook page for this site. After talking with readers who used Facebook as their primary way to read my writing, I have concluded that deleting the page was a mistake. The goal of every writer is to have as many people as possible read their writing. With that in mind, I have made a new page for The life and Times of Bruce Gerencser. On this page you will find every post that is published to this blog. You can find the page here. Please LIKE my page if you are inclined to do so.

I still have a personal Facebook account. If you would like to be friends with me on Facebook, please send me a friend request. I am quite selective about who I friend, so please do not take it as a personal slight if I don’t accept your request. I tend to accept friend requests from people who comment on this blog or people I have had some sort of private interaction with in the past. I do NOT accept friend requests from Evangelicals, nor do I accept requests from atheists who spend their waking hours waging war against Christianity. I treat Facebook as a place where I can hang out with family and friends. While I don’t have a problem with spirited discussions about politics and religion, I don’t want to spend my time on Facebook engaging in fruitless discussions that never end well.

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