Bruce, You Are the Most Selfish Person I Have Ever Met, Evangelical Man Says

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Email From the Peanut Gallery

Recently, yet another Evangelical zealot stopped by to let me know what he thought of me. Enjoy!

i hope that you get saved

Email text:

You are a disgrace to your country, family and yourself! I know that you hate too hear it but… you were NEVER, EVER, Saved! Your god is your belly!

You are the most selfish person that I never met! You desperately need to really get Saved! Fall down on your face and beg Jesus Christ for Forgiveness! Repent! Get Baptized! Join a Fundamentalist Christian Church! You are a slob, and have been your entire sad life! Get out of the wagon and help the rest of us pull it!

Give back the money that you stole: pretending to be a “pastor”! I Will be praying for you, but your family, really needs the prayers much more! How can you look your children in the face! You are SATANIC for the misery that you have caused them!

Think about it…you truly have nothing to lose!

Very Sincerely,


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  1. Michael Mock

    “Bruce, You Are the Most Selfish Person I Have Ever Met,” says the evangelical, who really must not get out much. I mean, we have restaurant owners who routinely rip off their own employees, whereas you… don’t think God exists, mainly because He won’t come right out and say hi. We have politicians who… never mind, that didn’t require elaboration. We have politicians. Whereas you have a blog where you tell people that life can be better, or at least okay, without trying to support a faith that many find unsustainable. We have cops who shoot people — kill them — because the color of their skin makes them Just That Threatening, but clearly Bruce’s Loss Of Faith completely trumps such petty little annoyances.

    Even taking into account the exaggeration inherent in all would-be moralists, that’s pretty fucking pathetic.

  2. Melissa Montana

    It always amazes me how some people never get the message that anger, insults, and threats don’t get people into church. Especially followed by the passive-aggressive “I’ll pray for you.” And then they wonder why church attendance is declining…

    1. Matilda

      I’ve made similar comments here, Melissa. Why would anyone be attracted to an organisation whose representatives directed rude, gratuitous insults at me? And then think they’ve done a great job? Businesses know to be nice to their customers/clients or they soon fail. I was in fundyland for years, and can’t think of a testimony ever by anyone who ‘got saved’ by having ill-informed, impertinent personal insults thrown at them!

  3. Cob

    Gee Mr Evangelical, aren’t you a ray of sunshine? You worship a made up god who you believe made the human race for the purpose of selecting a minority to kiss his ass for eternity because he isn’t torturing them for eternity, like the majority. If you look at what your god actually does instead of all the wonderful things he claims about himself, it’s obvious selfishness is his defining characteristic.
    It’s almost as if your sweet little missive your way of expressing admiration for Bruce, because if you weigh God’s supposed deeds and not his words you’ll see that narcissism is next to godliness.
    Oh that’s right two people ate some fruit a long time ago that god told them not to eat, it totally makes sense for him to torture every one of those people more than the combined suffering of everyone who has ever lived multiplied times every grain of sand on earth, times every star in the universe. After all, it makes perfect sense that the just punishment for one person’s
    sin is more suffering than the combined suffering caused by every sin ever committed times a trillion.
    A person would have to be an idiot not to see how good a god like that is

  4. Carmen

    All I can think about is that song, “They will know we are Christians by our love, by our love. They will know we are Christians by our love!”
    Can’t you just feel it oozing out of this guy? 😉

    1. Sarah

      Carmen, thanks! I needed the laugh. But, don’t you know that love=hatred of anyone who does not agree with you?
      Because a loving God should be all about hate, right?

  5. Zoe

    Dear Evangelical Zealot,

    May you finally find peace somewhere because it seems you still don’t have it.

    Very Sincerely,

    1. Melody

      🙂 It’s so weird, isn’t it?

      A whole email with nothing but insults and then Very Sincerely at the end…. Don’t they see how strange that looks themselves? Probably not.

      He definitely isn’t into serenity of the Spirit or the calmness of God.

      1. TLC

        I know, right?

        Last night I saw a story about the atheist lawyer who got a city in Florida to take its giant cross down from city property. So-called “christians” were posting on Facebook on how to take her down online. Many were calling her the c-word — and even worse. SMH….

  6. John Arthur

    Hi Fundamentalist,

    It is you who is a disgrace, not Bruce. You claim to be a Christian. “Now abides faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Cor. 13). Read the whole chapter and examine whether you fit what is said. I can’t see how you show any love. Your comments are abusive, arrogant and ignorant.

    You claim to know Bruce. Do you know him personally or by reading his blog? How much of his blog have you read?

    Why do you think that you are entitled to be abusive towards Bruce? How does your abusiveness, arrogance and ignorance reflect on Jesus of Nazareth who said that you are to love your “enemies” because God is kind (compassionate) towards those you consider to be “wicked”? Why vent your hatred upon atheists? Where does Jesus show any hatred towards atheists?

    Why do you bear false witness against Bruce? Don’t you believe in your God’s command not to bear false witness? You know that your not telling the truth, but lying about Bruce’s behaviour.

    I hope that you will grow up and listen to what others say instead of pontificating about your faith. Don’t you realise that your internet behaviour does not recommend your faith to others.


    John Arthur

    1. Sarah

      John, you are absolutely right. This guy’s behavior is shameful and he needs some remedial help with basic social skills. Apparently, only the “chosen” are worthy of basic human decency and civility.

  7. Sarah

    Whoever wrote that is just not an adult. That is one miserable human being. Name calling isnt acceptable for three year olds. Didn’t he ever hear:
    Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. (1 Corinthians 15:33, KJV)? Why are they so immature and rude? Bruce, you are anything but selfish. This guy needs Ms. Manners quick. From your story, you sacrificed yourself for years taking care of other people. This type of Christianity is so annoying because the goal seems to be to cause as much human suffering as possible. Jesus doesn’t seem to be like that. He didn’t condemn anyone except people who enjoyed condemning and taking advantage of everyone else. The most Christ like person I have ever known was my father in law. He fed the hungry, clothed the naked, and was a father to the fatherless, oppressed, and abused. He was an atheist and not only was he not allowed to die in peace but he was denied the right of burial because he was compelled to sign away his life insurance to a guy who stole everything from my orphan husband in the name of Christ. This man is the one who needs to repent. Whatever happened to people are people?

  8. diane

    I think this person came off their psych meds a little too soon before embracing the Jesus drug.

  9. anotherami

    I just wrote a comment on another post that left me with tears running down my face– what my faith tradition would call being moved by the Spirit. To feel that and then come read this???? If someone were to spout such bile then offer to pray for me, my heartfelt response is “Please don’t!!” Their god is not my God. I’m no fan of the whole demons and Satan thing, but if there is such thing, then these people have been duped by it!

  10. Trenton

    And now we have proof, proof I tell you that Jesus makes all of his followers better people(just kidding). That being said something on this blog probably touched a nerve with him. Also he seems to be a fundamentalist (by his telling bruce that he needs a fundamentalist church) and may have believed the dear evangelical page did not apply to him. We may need a dear fundie page as well 🙂

  11. ashley haworth-roberts

    “Very sincerely”. He seems to believe his bile.

  12. julie Barks

    Bless his little cotton socks. He is on fire for Jesus and its true nature shines through, hands up who world like to spend eternity with the likes of him.

  13. Bonnie Wykoff

    THIS makes me so angry! What a fool! First off – how dare he question whether you or anyone really checked the elusive and dubious standard of “being saved” for real? – now that we know it is nothing more than a feeling –
    “nothing more than feelings”, that means zilch and always has. But, as everything to a Christian, that is a illusion – just like the imaginary God that seems so real since it FEELS like God is out there somewhere! What a hate-filled bunch of bull – I just wonder what kind of church he really DOES attend – are the rest of the peeyoo-sitters hate-filled A$$holes, too? Jerk!

  14. przxqgl is located in baltimore. map coordinates are 39.289398, -76.638397 which is approximately here… apparently someone was using the “Star of Bethlehem/St. Luke’s United Church of Christ” computer system… what’ll you bet it was a staff member of the church? what’ll you bet it was the “pastor”? 😉

    1. Reverend Greg

      The United Church of Christ is about as far as you can get from fundamentalist. I doubt it was their pastor.

    2. Angiep

      Aren’t you clever! How did you obtain the coordinates? Just when you think you are anonymous…

      1. TLC

        There are several sites where you can enter someone’s IP address and find out where is the computer they used to contact you. This came in very handy a few years ago when a business colleague and I were tracking a con artist who was cyberstalking us.

  15. oldbroad1

    It’s the beer talking, but OH F-OFF you arrogant AHOLE! Ok – I feel better now. Jeezus, people can be assholes.

    1. Brian

      What oldbroad1 said! Twice!

  16. Ami

    “Give back the money that you stole”

    Yeah, you have money just falling out of your butt, don’t you?
    What a doofus.
    And because of his vitriol and charitable outlook, he’s lending credence to my feelings about ‘real’ Christians. Not that I needed any more proof.

  17. carol

    Well ain’t that loving? Jeez…

    When I read the title of the blog entry, I thought…”Gawd, these assholes…”

    Then when I read the email, I laughed out loud. It’s beyond ridiculous.

    Such a sad state in which to live. This “sincere” person needs to get a life…somewhere.

  18. Troy

    I think it is funny that he is complaining about Bruce being selfish, when he isn’t paying to use the blog nor subjected to the bane of advertisement. To paraphrase the nut from the gallery, “Bruce you’re so selfish for giving away rationality for FREE!”

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