A Note From Bruce

I have been sick with some sort of stomach flu since Sunday. I feel a bit better today, but it will likely be Thursday before I return to my regular writing schedule. I wanted to let readers know this just in case they took the lack of posts as a sign that Jesus had raptured me away or the judgment of God had finally fallen on my sinful, wretched soul.



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  1. Zoe

    Sorry to hear Bruce. Take your time and get well. <3

  2. anotherami

    Couldn’t have been the rapture; I live less than a mile away from both the mall and Walmart. If there’s a rapture, I’ll hear the wrecks. 😉 (If rapture theology is correct, I’m screwed too because I won’t have had the right doctrine and will be counted among the deceived.)

    Hope that stomach bug is gone soon.

  3. Michael Mock

    Take your time and feel better, my friend.

  4. Troy

    I’m hoping you’ll feel better soon.

  5. Becky Wiren

    Hope you feel better soon! We’ve passed the stomach bug around us. Funny how the germs jumped from Bryan to Ney. 🙂 <3

  6. Geoff

    Get well soon Bruce. I’ll be sure to make a sacrifice to Thor to make sure.

  7. julie Barks

    Get well soon Bruce I love reading your stuff. As an ex-Christian, it gives me hope after faith and no I am not Jerry Dewitt.

  8. Maloyo

    Feel better soon; you started out my day with a good laugh!

  9. Lydia

    I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the update.

  10. Michael Alioto

    Keep sinning!

  11. Sarah

    We love you Bruce, get better soon.

  12. exrelayman

    Blasphemy talking about the rupture (sic). Osirus will punish you for that.

  13. Charles

    Hey Bruce. Our family here in Tennessee has been stricken with this same malady that has befallen you—only it has been two different GI viruses instead of just one. My son appears to have gotten them serially—and has been out of school for nearly two weeks. If it seems to be lingering on longer than you think it should be, you may have gotten these same two serially as well. I have not vomited for about 30 years for any cause, partially because of some medications I take regularly that work against doing so, but this stuff ended my winning streak this past Saturday.

    I hope you feel better soon, and do not be afraid to see a doctor like most American males are these days. This nonfundie Christian friend in Tennessee wishes you a speedy recovery.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Thanks, Charles. I had several people remind me that the flu is hard on “old” people, and since I now fit that demographic and already have health problems, I shouldn’t ignore things like the flu. Fortunately, it passed quickly, leaving me with pulled chest and abdominal muscles. Much better today, so much so I was able to go to a high school football game tonight.

  14. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

    Thank you everyone for the support and kind words.



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