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Quote of the Day: We Are Living in a Post-Christian America by Jason Isbell

jason isbell

The Trump presidency has convinced me that we are living in a post-Christian America. I could see how a lot of conservative right-wing Christian Americans would vote for someone like Mitt Romney, who seems like a stand-up guy. But Trump is obviously not a good Christian person. I think the fact that so many people voted for him means that there aren’t that many good Christian people left in rural America. God is gone from those people.

Jason Isbell, Rolling Stone interview, Issue 1293, August 10, 2017


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    Well, he may have a point. There wasn’t any God in these people to begin with. And if there was one, who is to say it was a benign one?

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    The religious right unfortunately is going to get its money’s worth out of Trump. The Supreme Court could be right wing for a generation. Trump got a freeby nomination just for getting inaugurated, and could get 2 or 3 more. Many a fundamentalist Trump voter/fan will tell you that some of the prophets of the Bible were imperfect and God effectively used them.
    The Christian right in the U.S. is (and has been) more a product of conservative culture rather than the edicts of the Bible, and even less based on the Gospel account of Jesus’ morality. For example when is the last time you heard them complain about public prayer? Where did Bob Jones University get its ban on interracial dating? The list goes on and on for the many ways conservative culture doesn’t correspond (and is often at odds) with everything Biblical. There are also discrepancies in selecting what is emphasized. Homosexuality and consuming lobster are both “abominations”, yet I have yet to see a protest at a grocery for selling it.

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