Regular Writing Schedule Will Resume Tomorrow

im back

I took a month off from writing, and now it is time for me to resume my regular writing schedule. Thank you for hanging around until I returned. My mind is filled with blog posts ready to come to life. Now, if I wasn’t so damned tired from my month-long vacation.

Stay tuned.



  1. Ami

    Glad to ‘see’ you, Bruce. 🙂
    Looking forward to new posts.

    I just came back from Butthump, Oregon myself.

    Lots of blog fodder.

  2. Melissa Montana

    Glad to have you back! : )

  3. Lydia

    Woohoo! Welcome back.

  4. Scott

    Welcome back!

    The interim posts on “Looking for God’s True Church” are always fun. There is a stretch of highway the runs from Cambridge to Princeton Minnesota that has about 8 churches on 20 mile part of highway. I’m tempted to the same.

  5. Joyce

    My husband and I often say “Ugg! I need a vacation from my vacation!!!”

  6. Karen the rock whisperer

    I missed you, though you were still on FB.

  7. Ian for a long time

    Welcome back.

    Looking forward to what you have to say.

  8. TLC

    Glad you are back! I missed you!

    I have always believed that we need a vacation to recover from vacation.


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