Reader Poll: Do You Listen to Podcasts?


I have been asked to consider producing podcasts of some of my posts. I’ve also had readers ask me if I would consider doing a Question and Answer Podcast. I am interested in doing so if there is sufficient interest. Please use the polls below to express your infinite wisdom and opinion. If you have extended comments you would like to leave, please leave use the comment section to do so. You can also send me a private e-mail via the contact form.

This poll will remain open for two weeks.

Would You Be Interested in Listening to a Podcast Featuring Bruce Gerencser?

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What Do You Think is the Ideal Podcast Length?

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What Podcast Services Do You Use?

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  1. mikespeir

    No offense, Bruce. I’d listen to a podcast of you if I’d listen to any at all.

  2. Angela Murphy

    If it’s just you, then 30 min is sufficient. However, if you’re talking (interviewing) someone, then an hour is a great deration.

  3. Drew Costen

    I read faster than most people can talk and don’t have the patience to listen to podcasts.

  4. anotherami

    I listen to or watch several podcasts (2 have video, most don’t). I like them because I can listen and do something else yet not “miss something” because I’m not glued to a video screen.

    I see no reason to commit to a set length on a podcast. Since people usually listen to podcasts on demand, there is no set schedule that a podcast must meet in order to accommodate someone else. One I watch (it comes with video) is regularly 3 hours long. Most are at least 30 minutes with shorter episodes sometimes called “minicasts”. I agree that an hour-long interview seems a reasonable amount to ask someone to commit to, though I’m sure some discussions could easily hit that 3 hour mark, if other factors allowed.

    One last note: The podcasts I enjoy the most are unedited/mostly unedited (usually just a short intro/ads) and are unscripted outside of a few notes. Given your background, I think the medium would suit you.

  5. Becky Wiren

    I don’t usually listen to podcasts. I always prefer reading articles. But that is me.

  6. Brian

    I think I would listen to you for up to an hour at a time, Me. Gerencser. No need to rebroadcast existing logs but if you please to speak into a mic about something at some time, I would be listening.

  7. Troy

    I don’t listen to podcasts. If you decide to do one also put it up on Youtube (even if it is just audio) and I’d probably listen to it. I usually prefer a video like that to be no longer than 15 minutes so it is digestible.

  8. Ian for a long time

    Between 15 and 30 minutes is a good length, in my ideal world.

    I’ve listened to podcasts that were an hour of nothing, they just needed to fill time. I’ve also listened to podcasts where an hour sped by. It just all depends.

    Just do it for however long or short you feel it should be.

  9. Emma

    If you do start creating podcasts, please make transcripts available for Deaf/hard of hearing people! Without them, we’re locked out of an entire news medium.

  10. oldbroad1

    I like audio only, as i can then do fairly mindless tasks at work or household chores at home. I prefer 30 mins or less unless there is an interview with another person.


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