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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Raising White Christian Boys in a Culture That Hates Them

scott alan buss

You just don’t talk about white people, boys or not, as if they’re somehow deserving of equal consideration and treatment in America when we all know that every other gender (of which one is real), every other ethnicity, and every other religious perspective is totally deserving of “special consideration” above and beyond what “Christian white boys” in America ought to have or even expect.

You aren’t supposed to notice, and certainly not speak out against, the fact that American culture has been systematically programmed to embrace and promote an attitude of open hostility, discrimination, and disdain for several groups, with particular hostility acutely focused on Christian white boys, who literally embody the sin of being several problematic things all at once, namely: Christian, white, and male.

To be not only a male, but a young male in America, makes you the target of an anti-Christian educational system and a pagan pop-culture designed to feminize and castrate you by various means, including the mass prescription of mind altering drugs (and I mean literally mind altering – the brain is radically altered by these things) to compensate for and/or crush the more “annoying” aspects of maleness in youth.

To be a Christian – an actual Bible-believing Christian – in this culture makes you a fringe kook even in most “conservative Christian” churches. To actually believe in Jesus as Lord over everything in His creation for real is to be a relic of America’s Calvinistic past that it’s anti-Calvinistic/anti-Christian present can’t seem to ditch fast enough or impugn loudly enough.

I mean what kind of racist, sexist, homophopic, islamophobic, transphopic, global warming denying white devil do you have to be in America these days to dare to publically acknowledge that your children are, um, white, and that said whiteness is totally cool and good?


Yes, my children are white.

Really white.

Glow in the dark white.

They make Dracula look tanned and SPF 100 seem reasonable.

You get the picture.

The very white picture.

Now on to more important things…

Like open discrimination.

As in: If you’re a white boy or man in America, it is 100% A-Okay (and virtuous even) for you to be openly discriminated against through any number of “special considerations” given to everyone who is not like you.

Every other gender (of which one is real) gets preferential treatment.

Every other ethnicity (of which all are a part of one race – the human race) get’s preferential treatment.

Every other religious worldview gets preferential treatment.

As a Christian white boy and Christian white man in America, you are and will be uniquely targeted for attack, criticism, discrimination, and blame.

Scott Alan Buss, AKA Fire Breathing Christian, Raising Christian White Boys In A Culture Programmed To Hate Them, November 22, 2017


Buss is a Calvinist. He attends Christ the King Church in Centerville, Tennessee.


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    Karen the rock whisperer

    Hear the dirge I play on my invisible violin in support of this person. Not.

    Losing privilege is not the same as being discriminated against, but this is the sort of person who can’t understand the difference.

    • Avatar

      Exactly. I have too many men like this racist asshole in my own family, sadly. IMO, the problem is not that our culture “hates” white boys and men. The problem is that white men have held the levers of place, power and privilege in our society for so long, that the majority of white men have become–to be blunt–weak, selfish, soft, lazy, stupid, mentally immature, emotionally stunted little babies in fully grown male bodies. Traditionally, they have always been given the benefit of the doubt and have been handed positions of power, for no other reason than the fact that they have light skin and a penis. They have never had to develop maturity and intelligence, they have not had to work as hard as women, people of color, the LGBTQ, and others to achieve success and privilege, and as a result, many of them lack the mental toughness, intelligence, and flexibility needed to grow, adapt, evolve and change in a rapidly changing world. Other groups have, and those groups are now moving into positions of power and privilege, leaving many white men behind, unable to adapt. It’s kind of sad, really; there’s a good reason why the suicide rate among white men is going up, and why so many of them are falling into addiction and moving (dangerously) into facism and white supremacy movements. But we are not going backward, to the days when white men ruled all, and we are going to have to find ways to help white men evolve and adapt to a world where they are no longer in charge merely because white and male. And those that refuse…well, sucks to be them….

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    I help out singing at a synagogue during high holy days. Due to the numerous threats the rabbi and the community get year around, yes, year around, they have armed security whenever the temple is open. This is in America, people!

    A couple of weeks ago, I cantored at a local Catholic church. I was talking to some folks after mass and one older guy was going on and on about how “we Christians” were being prosecuted and soon “they” would try and shut down the churches. He didn’t believe me when I told him about the death threats at the synagogue. There is no talking with people like this. Sigh….

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    Um, dude, Christian white males have owned the table in Western culture for centuries. Trying to cry “persecution” when other voices rightfully are demanding their place at the table is absurd at best. Losing your place as the owner and sole voice at the table is NOT the same as persecution.

    Not a surprise to hear that in middle Tennessee the same arguments about the supposed persecution of Christian white males I heard growing up in the 80s are still being made today.

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