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Fundamentalist Pastor Greg Locke Justifies Divorce From His Wife

pastor greg locke

Greg Locke, famous for his insane sermon videos about everything from Starbucks’ cups to Target’s bathrooms, evidently has divorced from his wife and taken up with a new woman — his secretary. Locke, pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, took to the pulpit to defend (without mentioning it) his pending divorce:

Video Link

Locke is right about many things he says in this video. People shouldn’t stay married to abusers and the like just because some preacher (or the Bible) told them to do so. Life is too short to spend it mired in unhappy, loveless marriages. The problem, of course, is that Locke is a Bible-thumping Evangelical who supposedly believes the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God, and the Bible is clear: God hates divorce; Moses permitted male (not female) Israelites to divorce only because of the hardness of their hearts; Jesus gave only one grounds for divorce, adultery. And the Bible is also clear that Evangelicals who divorce are forbidden to marry again; and that remarrying is adultery, an act the Bible says damns a person to hell. It seems, then, that Locke is not such a big Bible believer after all, that the Spirit that leads him is his Holy Dick, not the Holy Spirit.

I have no idea about how Locke and his wife got along with each other. Maybe their divorce was justified. But, if a man is going to stand in the pulpit and say, THUS SAITH THE LORD, then he sure as heaven should believe every word of the Bible and practice it in his day-to-day life; and if he doesn’t he shouldn’t be surprised when he is called a skirt-chasing hypocrite.

According to Fundamentalist website Pulpit & Pen, Locke’s wife was the one who filed for divorce, and the good pastor just went along with it so he could get a quick dissolution of their marriage. On to new things — a new woman and a new car:

Indeed, it was Locke’s wife who filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”. However, court records clearly show that Locke responded in agreement. In arranging what could fairly be called a “quickie divorce” Locke filed documentation with the court stating that his marriage was “irretrievably broken”. There is nothing in Locke’s divorce papers that indicate he took action to fight the divorce proceedings or demand a trial. Locke signed a Marriage Dissolution Agreement. If that’s not taking action to “divorce his wife”, no matter who filed first, then what is?

A trail of witnesses from Mt. Juliet, to Mufreesboro, to the out-of-state women’s shelter in which Melissa now resides contend that Locke coerced his subservient and obedient wife into filing divorce in order to preserve for himself the claim that he was “abandoned”. These same witnesses contend that Locke basically ordered his wife out of the state of Tennessee. The traumatized woman is now isolated far away from her home and her family. Locke is still in close proximity to his church secretary, Tai McGee. The mandatory waiting period required by Tennessee law to make Locke’s divorce final has not elapsed.

Christians still following Greg Locke’s internet antics and attending his church should ask themselves if Locke is worthy of their time and generous donations. As an outspoken moralist, Locke’s actions towards his wife (and his secretary) are on display for the lost world to see and mock. Rather than condone his continuing pastorate, Locke’s familiars would do well to encourage him to repent and reconcile with his wife.

Indeed, those of us in the “lost” world are enjoying the spectacle, including Fundamentalists eating one of their own. It also seems, at least to me, that Locke’s ex-wife put his preaching into practice by divorcing his sorry ass. There will come a day — hopefully soon — when the former Mrs. Locke will be very glad that she jumped off Greg Locke’s crazy train and ran for her life.

As for Locke, he wants the world to know that his affair with his secretary is justified, as is his divorce from his wife. After all, his Ex is crazy:

She’s been in and out of mental health facilities but that is not where she is right now. She is at a place that helps ladies get on their feet again. The only reason why she is there is that the lady who runs it is like her grandmother, and so she’s there. She’s only there because of the comfort…It is a shelter there is no doubt. But it’s not something like a homeless shelter. She’s with the lady who runs the place.

Nice guy, right?

If you have the stomach for it, I encourage readers to read Pulpit & Pen’s latest article on Locke. Keep in mind the purveyors of Pulpit & Pen live for opportunities to expose sin and heresy among the faithful. In Locke’s case, this is a matter of believing the message regardless of the messenger. What matters is whether they are telling the truth, and it seems in this instance Pulpit & Pen is telling the truth about Locke, his wife, his girlfriend, and his recent divorce.


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    If this couple are miserable together, it’s better that they aren’t together. I am hope (against hope?) that this experience will soften his attitudes towards OTHER couples who divorce.

    His remarks about his wife’s mental health issues are nasty. If they are any sort of emasure of him, then she really is going to benefit from the end of the marriage.

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      I suspect he is the cause of his wife’s mental health issues, honestly. He sounds like a textbook malignant narcissist. He maybe not be physically abusive (though I would not be surprised at all if he was), but he is almost certainly mentally and emotionally abusive.

      Women don’t turn up and women’s shelters, just to “get back on their feet,” especially out-of-state ones. They go because they are in sick, abusive relationships, and because they are terrified of their partners. I spent some time volunteering at a shelter for abused women; we had plenty of physically abused women, but we had plenty of women who were beaten down mentally and emotionally as well. I also remember the woman who turned up at our shelter, 1,000 miles from where she lived; she said she didn’t dare go to a shelter in her home state, because her husband was a prominent law enforcement official there, and she knew he had the ability to track her down at any shelter in that state…and she was terrified of what he might do to her if he found her. This could well be a similar situation.

      My sympathies lie with this asshole’s wives, both his ex, and his new one. I have no doubt he will abuse the new wife exactly like he did his ex-wife. Guys like this don’t change their stripes, ever. And churches are full of them….

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    Wow. It’s like a soap opera with God as one of the characters. So, you have a difficult marriage, as many people do. But you’re in this religious world, so you can’t just try to figure out what to do like normal people-you have the religious stuff you’ve been taught all mixed in with it. Talk about confusion! What you usually hear within religion is that marriage is a good thing and there are all kinds of great reasons for not dissolving it-generally good, common sense advice.

    But here, you have this guy obviously tickled pink to be free of his marriage-it was holding him back, God didn’t like that-God had in fact been trying to tell him all along to move on-lol-I mean, wow. This is a new angle-those in the pews must be mighty confused by what the heck it is exactly that God wants for them.

    Also not classy for him to even imply publicly that there is anything wrong with his wife. And aside from the fact that he’s assured you that he’s got God’s stamp of approval on whatever he’s doing (lol)-if he wanted to say something publicly about it all, he could just say it in plain English-not all this vague stuff where you have to read between the lines.

    In addition, you’d have to be an idiot to go to him for counseling after hearing this sermon. Imagine if you’re one of those guys who went to talk with him re your marital problems-then he mocks you in a sermon. Plus if you’re one of those guys, wouldn’t you have assumed that your pastor would try to help you figure out how to improve your marriage and would commend you for patiently hanging in there? Now he’s telling the whole congregation that you’re actually an idiot and need to call her bluff and quit jumping thru hoops. Confusing, yes? I think people should use their own good judgement, talk with a wise older person, talk with a therapist, etc. AND to keep their sanity-leave out God as one of the characters in the soap opera. Don’t explain to the world that God approves of whatever you’re doing. Cause then you’re the one that looks like an idiot.

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    Oh, boy, I read the “Pulpit & Pen” article too – it sounds like a cross between an expose article and a gossip column….but in any case, if one strives to be prominent in a judgmental religion, one must live up to the standards of the religion or else face judgment.

    It is very sad how these people weave their religious strictures through human relationships, and how they choose to react and talk about their relationships using the religious terminology and “guidelines”. Human relationships are difficult enough without adding interpretations of books written 2000 years ago at a time when most were illiterate and uneducated and women were considered property. What a great basis upon which to form one’s relationships.

    I do feel sorry for the wife and children who are going through this. Locke wasted no time outing his wife’s legitimate struggles with mental illness. I guess that sends a message to his congregation that if they are married to someone with mental illness, no worries, just divorce the spouse and get a new model.

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      The video gave me flashbacks to years growing up in a Southern Baptist Church in Tennessee. As my mom would have said, Lordy Mercy!

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      Christina Rochelle Yates

      You are Not damned to hell if you divorce and remarry ..mercy sakes divorce is not the unpardonable sin.. This article is garbage

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        Bruce Gerencser

        What, exactly, is garbage? This article is about Greg Locke divorcing his wife. Are you justifying his divorce? Are you familiar with Locke and the reasons he gave for divorcing his wife? Are you okay with a preacher divorcing his wife so he can marry the woman he’s having an affair with? What does the Bible say about divorce? What did Jesus say about divorce? So many questions . . .

        For the record I’m an atheist. Evidently, I’m also a garbage producer.

        As far as divorce and hell, lots of sects, churches, and pastors believe divorce is akin to the unpardonable sin. You might want to read this article:

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    Becky Wiren

    A lying, hypocritical fundamentalist pastor? So it isn’t so! Seriously, this dude is a piece of, well, excrement. Smearing his wife all over the place? Lovely.

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    I don’t understand how people give any credit to this guy. He’s a kook. Why can’t he eat or sleep? Because of all the stuff god is “downloading” into his head? Looks to me like he’s high on coke or something. Seriously. And he did the unforgivable – spoke of himself in the third person. That’s a sign of a narcissist in my book. He talks way too much about himself. I’ve been out of the church for over 25 years now, and I did not realize this is what sermons sound like now. Still as nauseating as the old style, but I guess it resonates with the young people. You need that if you don’t want your church to die. I did find myself lol’ing when he said he’s seen too many marriages ruined by PORNOGRAPHY!!

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    What a sad situation for both this man and his wife. I sense underneath all of this, he is really hurting and confused.

    It is no easy thing to live with someone with serious mental illness. In our extended family, we experienced this around severe bi polar disorder. My nephew’s wife refused to continue with her medication. After seven years of counseling, both realized that they could not continue to do this anymore.

    And, in extreme cases, especially where there is abuse, I think divorce can be the lesser of the evils.

    Perhaps through this whole thing, Pastor Locke will grow into a more humble and compassionate person. Sometimes it is those who have experienced great brokenness that are most able to minister to those who in need.

    I think it is very sad when Christians of any stripe want to “eat their own” rather than to respond with compassion and understanding. This is not the same thing as justifying the behavior if it is indeed harmful to others or even self destructive.

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      Rebecca, the very tragic reality is that the ‘compassion’ the Christian shows can be a denial of simple, balanced reality. I listen to this character howl away on the stage and strut his shepherding in such a manner that it seems very clear to me that he is a bully. He rails on about people in relationships being held back by their spouse! Don’t you see the obvious narcissism at the very least and very possibly even a sociopathic attitude? Held back? Why choose such a phrasing as if somebody has tied him up and is keeping him a prisoner. And yet you talk of how he might become a more compassionate person through his brokenness… I don’ t agree,though I think brokenness can lead to more healthy living, sure. But his tiread makes him appear to be intent on going forward as he is! He will get rid of his problem to discover another problem that holds him back. This is not insight and the sick sick thing is how he uses his selfish needs to preach how we have to embrace our Jesus and get past our personal relationships. This is sick Christianity, entirely Biblical as he reads it. People love this stuff because it helps them hurt themselves and continue to live in denial. You talk of how it grieves you to see Christians cannabilize their own. It grieves me too and and it saddens me to hear you soften the reality of it. Can responding with compassion and understanding also be not accepting everything that comes your way but crying out in resistance and saying ‘No!”? I cannot tolerate this kind of manipulation and hatred called Christian love. It is so far from genuine human love that it makes me guffaw and get grumpy. We are indeed broken, my blog friend, all of us and Christianity says it is because we are born that way. I say bullshit. We are broken because of the failure of human love in our lives, because some of us have been told we are evil from birth and we have been set in second place by our parents so that they can give themselves to God Woo, to Woo Woo God. We are broken because we are harmed in human life, not by devil Satan before birth. If one believes that shit, then one can sit and actually listen to wack-brains talk about Starbucks cups and bathrooms and actually take it seriously. Very sad. Why do you support these people? Do you? Is it an effort to see good at any cost? Is it you saying that all life is precious in the same sense it was stated in The Walking Dead series? Do you believe the stuff about divorce being fundamentally wrong, a sin? I am just curious to go a bit into it if you care to but please nevermind if my thoughts are troubling to you. You seem a very caring person and you remind me of myself about forty years ago…

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        Hi, Brian, I’ll do my best to respond, although it is difficult to talk across these blogs. I find that a lot can get lost or misunderstood in the interchange.

        I certainly agree with you that this pastor appears to have some really deep problems and issues. I’m not trying to minimize that. However, I don’t think anyone is beyond God’s grace or healing. It is difficult to know if he will learn and grow from this sad situation in the long term, or will simply
        as you say, go forward as he is. I don’t know. I care about Pastor Locke as a brother in Christ. That doesn’t mean I support all of his actions, or feel that he should not be held accountable.

        However, the way I personally take hold of the Christian faith is very different from this brother. For instance, I’m not completely certain what he means, by running hard after God. I think God has already found us, and we can simply rest in that. I don’t see a division between the secular and the sacred. So, to me spending time and nurturing one’s own children is as important and as much a service to God, in a sense, as preaching sermons and leading Bible studies. If anything, it is more important, really.

        I also think I”m praising God, and enjoying Him when I’m out in nature as well. “It is in Him that we live and move and have our being.” It’s more in resting in Him, rather than in striving to please Him, if this makes sense.

        I think a failure of human love is one very good way to conceptualize sin..I also think sin is doing harm to ourselves and others. To me there is this paradox, that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made, ” a blessing, but flawed and broken at the same time. This doesn’t feel me with self loathing. It just means that there are areas in my life, in all of our lives that need restoration and healing. None of us can claim the perfect love of Christ in our lives. We are works in process.

        I don’t look for demons beyond every bush. It is easy to say “the devil made me do it,” when in reality we need to bear responsibility for our own actions.

        This concern about Starbuck’s cups and who should use the public restrooms is pretty much a non issue for me. Starbucks has great coffee. I don’t care what type of cups they want to use. Also, I wish we didn’t have public restrooms assigned by gender at all. Nothing is more irritating than to have to wait in a long line outside the woman’s bathroom when no one is using the men’s room at all. Just put doors down to the floor in all the stalls, and I’m good to go. Seriously. 🙂 So much of this is a “tempest in a teapot.” I have no difficulty at all if a trans gender person is sharing the restroom with me.

        I do think that God’s ideal will is not for people to divorce. I’m sure God would want marriages to flourish, and where they are broken to be healed and restored. But, we live in a fallen world, Brian. This is not always possible especially in cases relating to serious abuse. It takes both parties to want to work on a relationship. I, myself, am married to a man who had been divorced, and have three step children, so I know that even through divorce, God is faithful, and can bring blessing. People deserve another chance.

        I don’t know, Brian, if I’ve covered all of your questions and concerns. Perhaps the center of this is that fundamentalist Christians have a very different view and way of using Scripture than people who are more in the mainstream thought of the church. This doesn’t mean, though, that I don’t consider them my brothers or sisters in Christ, or feel that they have nothing positive to say at all. We should “eat the fish, and spit out the bones.”

        I think we should call out spiritual abuse where it’s found, but also care deeply about both the victims and the abusers.

        Thanks for responding. Hope we get to talk and share more in the future, Brian. It is always good for us to dialogue, and come to deeper understanding together.

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          Thanks Rebecca, I am in much agreement with you until you involve God but to my mind, that is a small matter. I am delighted to feel comfortable with belief providing it is used to help the self in terms of compassion and being aware of the neighbor. I do feel that it is used in wildly unhealthy manners when it is manipulated to cover numan weakness. We are not perfect but we are not flawed and fallen as Christianity teaches. We are harmed, each of us and have opportunities to remedy to osme extent that harm done. The advice, ‘first, do no harm’, makes very good sense to me but not to be like the fella you worship whose father was a absentee love…. or, if you insist (the father being the son and the son the father) then the father thought some sick stuff about letting himself essentially be murdered by dingdongs to save you and me! (Wait, I think that exclamation mark should be a question mark.) I find Christianity more and more odd as I grow older but it pleases me to no end that there are believers like you whe seem to take the harm in it (that I see as inherent) and reduce its viral possibilities by pragmatic, very human use among us. I used to believe very much as you do now but I am afraid the emperor still has no clothes, Rebecca. He’s as naked as the the day. When you suggest that all of us are worth something, even the worst of us (I’m paraphrasing), I agree, of course. Nevertheless, I wish men like the right reverend Copeland would take his Cirrus jet and try to fly it to the moon, believing he could be ther first there to evangelize. And I wish the wife of the pastor, Greg Locke, congratulations on having been dumped by Greg. She will see that being faithful to somebody as damaged as Greg, is not a cure and she will be stronger because of it, even more faithful in relationship to someone else who deserves it (preferrably a real human and not an imaginary one). That’s my take on the Locke story above and I realize that it involves some surmising. We don’t know anything about the wife here and how she held poor Greg back in his love of the saviour. Frankly, the way he expressed all this, completely turned me from him and made me want to protect those near him.
          Thanks for the response, Rebecca. I apologize if i have spoken of your belief in some snarky manner. I was brought up inside fundamentalism and will forever probably need to be somewhat harsh and sarcastic about it sometimes.

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            No worries, Brian, or need to apologize. I understand that you are speaking honestly from your heart, are concerned, and have the best of intentions.

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    Same thing pretty much happened to me after 24 years of marriage and three children, except my pastor husband was not as “big time” as Greg Locke. He committed adultery with a member of the church who also was my very best friend. I spent three days in a mental institution only to be told by each of the five doctors who evaluated me that I was not crazy and that I had just experienced one of the worst things a woman who had been married for 24 years could experience. He married this woman and still remains the pastor at “his” church, because he owns the building and handles all finances. God has been good to me – blessing me with a wonderful, loving husband who too suffered from a spouse of 21 years leaving him for another man. God has the final answer and everything that is done in secret will come out one day.

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        Years ago I remember a man sharing after leaving his wife of twenty some years for a much younger woman that God never actually married them anyway. Huh. Why not just tell the truth?

        Our marriages are precious and require ongoing maintenance and loving effort, never to be taken for granted.

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      Anonymous, you mentioned that you spent 3 days in a mental hospital after the separation from your ex-husband. Out of curosity, did your ex-husband have you involuntarily committed to that hospital against your will? Or did you admit yourself into the hospital?

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    I was just re-watching this and now it’s cracking me up. I’m imagining Bruce watching it and laughing too. Why? Because I think men would really quickly see thru all this guy’s bullshit about his situation. I mean he’s up there with a straight face explaining how it’s all about him having an extremely deep love for Jesus?! Give me a break. Now that he’s rid of an annoying wife, I’m hoping his girlfriend decides to dump him because she wouldn’t want to get between him and Jesus cause that might slow him down. Wouldn’t want that! In fact, shouldn’t he truly go all the way and take up the celibate life so he can have total devotion to Jesus?

    I bet even the guys sitting there nodding understand the real deal.

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    maura a hart

    2 things, there never was an emporer, he had not ever had clothes. there was some ignorant cave men and women who mythologized an “emporor and gave him mythical powers” of course since “empore” r was male it was clear from that to the ignorant cave people that men were dominant and it has ever been thus. what you see there in that video is the modern form of cave man exploiting “emperor” for all he wants. he;s done with first wife, time to denigrate everything he praised about her last week. time for a new vessel. his audience is transfix ed since they have been indoctrinated since birth and they all adore and agree with him. as far as they are concerned he is the embodiment of “emperor”. it happens like this all over” emperordom” thus people with dicks act like greedy powerul dicks they are and women bear the children, bruises and broken bones

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    Ian for a long time

    This was a new one for me. Justifying divorce because God was cutting away the dead wood. Your love for Jesus should mean everything else goes away.

    Too bad Jack Hyles didn’t think of this.

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    I believe Pastorious Greg got a younger model and decided to make himself look blameless
    blamed his wife. If he can throw her under the bus for mental illness then it takes the focus off him…sonhe thinks!
    Just own it! If you made a mistake, ask for forgiveness and go on but don’t try being the
    victim! Clearly you’re not,
    I believe it’s truly a blessing in disguise that he left her, I also believe he’s the reason for her mental issues!
    Last but not least….the thing that amazes me is how she was perfectly good enough and her illness apparently wasn’t a problem while he was “working his way up” but now that the church has grown it’s a problem! Years and four children later! How convenient for him.
    So,in the end….she’s the winner

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    Mark R

    Actually P&P has doubled down and has now established a GoFundMe account for Melissa (the link is on their website). P&P states that they will send a “polite card with a Scripture verse” to Greg for every donation.

    I think that every atheist/humanist/agnostic should send a donation, just so P&P can stick it to Greg that even unbelievers don’t like what he did.

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    OMG!!! what is the state of women in your country!! Abusive husband if freely roaming around with a new chick and ex wife looses her marbles. Family don’t question such atrocities? Society does not bother? What happens to their children? Such a sad situation!!!

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    I too got involved with a fundamental Baptist church for a short time after my first husband left me, so I know exactly what is going on here! Had it not been for that church I would not have married my second abusive husband, would not have spent so many nights in safe shelters, would not have had so many beautiful black eyes, would not be suffering so badly with tinnitus in my left ear after being slapped upside my head, and would not have lost custody of my son who now hates me. I also never would ever have thought to spank my children—thank goodness that didn’t take hold, and would never have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful counselors and say goodbye to that form of “religious” fanatics and crap forevermore in my life! I believe in a loving God, I believe in consequences for MY actions and not everyone elses, I believe in forgiveness and a forgiving God not a punishing God, and I believe there is nothing I did that earned me salvation except to believe Jesus is the Son of God and He died on that cross and by His bloodshed He has paid the price for my sins and nothing I do changes any of that. I also believe when a person is truly called by God to preach, teach or for evangelism, they are held to a much higher extreme than those who are their flock, therefore when they are not doing their job correctly, they fall down on their job, misuse their position, misquote the Bible or use it for their own gain, God is not going to allow that to continue and sooner or later you will see their demise! It’s happened with every cult leader, with every televangelist who got too greedy or too full of themselves, and every pastor who gave into lust. Believe me, this Greg Locke will be no different, he put himself out there, he supposedly works for God, and God being the “boss” is not going to put up with his insubordination forever! You watch, Locke has built his home on shaky ground, sinking sand, untruths and the walls will come tumbling down and then we will see who is mentally ill!!

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    John Arthur

    Pastor Locke claims to believe the biblical witness to Jesus, including Paul’s letters. If he has been abusive, then his wife needed to flee. No-one should live in an abusive relationship.

    Two people, who enter into a marriage relationship, need to be kind and considerate towards each others and listen to each others hopes, desires, dreams, aspirations and seek to help sole each others disagreements and conflicts together with kindness.

    Doesn’t Pastor Locke believe that he should love his wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her (Ephesians ch.5)? If his wife has mental problems what did Pastor Locke do to help his wife with the best psychiatric care?

    Why is this guy chasing another lady if he is a Christian and a pastor? Why is he trashing his wife who is supposed to be his beloved? By his actions, he should be dismissed from the pastorate. His wife will be better off without him, if she can get the help she needs.

    • Avatar
      John Arthur

      Corrections Bruce,

      (1) Para. 2 should read “… considerate towards each other and listen to each other’s hopes, …”

      (2) Para.2 should also read “… and seek to help solve each other’s disagreements …”

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    Brian Vanderlip

    I watched Crazy-Train’s ex, Melissa Locke’s video at another site:
    She has made a kind of first step in her life by trying to embrace her abandonment with Jesus-as-enough. (What other choice could there be at this point?) I felt a deep sadness in my heart while watching her little girls in the background involved in something else entirely.
    Pastor Crazy-Train will come off the rails in time. His mania is the runaway train type and it will crash. They always crash.
    As for Melissa and the children, in time, the boundary set through divorce will become a strong foundation for those young girls, a knowledge of personal strength and the right to be independent and not tied to a train wreck of a man.
    This is an example of how the tool of Christianity can be wielded by a preacher so that his narcissism increases exponentially along with his manic anxiety. Running after Jesus, indeed.

  17. Avatar
    Brian Vanderlip

    Oh, and Pastor Locke’s latest rant is a step closer to psychosis, I’d say. He’s seeing messages hidden in logo’s and Satan is of course, heavily involved.

    (Bruce, perhaps this video belongs in your way-out-there series, ‘Christians Say the Darndest Things’ but I wanted it to be available in this thread.)
    There is a cycle in the kind of mania Locke displays… and the mental illness in his family might actually be closer to home than his ex-wife! I’m not a doc and don’t diagnose but shucks, if this guy goes untreated, the family is safer at a distance!

    • Avatar
      Grammar Gramma

      It’s a STAR!!! And this gentlemen had to turn it on its side so that the arrow is pointing down to even fit his agenda. :-p

  18. Avatar

    No surprise. I have watched some of his videos, and I thought he was hateful. Modern day pastors are an antithesis to the leadership of the New Testament Assembly. The apostles, elders, deacons were servants first, NEVER absolute monarchs.

  19. Avatar
    Charles S. Oaxpatu

    For the most part, once a jailbird——always a jailbird. Jailbird is not just a noun or an adjective. It is a continual state of mind and state of being In the brains of most past jailbirds——my opinion, Preacher Locke chose Christian Fundamentalism as a path because it allows him to do what two-bit-punk jailbirds often like to do—–bully people and get away with it. The man is a disgrace to the Christian faith, and his wife is one of the luckiest women who ever lived in getting away from him. She should never go back and let him keep the children so she is not held back in life with the burden of single mother. She will be a lot happier—-and let’s face it—-the children will end up with deeply scarred psyches whether she is there in their lives or not. I would recommend that she just drop out of site, move somewhere far away, and never be heard from ever again.

  20. Avatar
    Michael Elliott

    Greg Locke is a disgrace as a man, Christian and human.I wish though that people whow call themselves Christians would read the bible. There is no hell. The Hebrew word translates to sleep. People who die sleep. God would not eternally punish anyone. Also there is no secret rapture of the saved All people living believers or otherwise will go thru the tribulation according to the bible.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Greg Locke not only has read the Bible numerous times, but also knows it quite well. Why should we accept your interpretation of the Bible over his, or mine, for that matter? Why should we accept your eschatological beliefs, and reject all others? It’s fine that you have come to certain conclusions about what the Bible says, but why should anyone accept your interpretations as authoritative — especially when most Bible scholars and pastors/priests disagree with you?

      You are right about one thing: Greg Locke is a piece of shit.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Bruce Gerencser, resident theologian and Bible scholar 🙂

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    Really Christian

    Locke..classic so-called loving Christian..really!!love how they quote the Bible as if Jesus wrote it & said those words..hey ignorant brain dead mindless followers..the Bible was written hundreds of years after Jesus died by the command of Roman Emporer Constantine to organize the various unorganized sects, each following one particular apostle’s supposed preaching. Several ‘bishops’ were invited to agree on what will be in it ..they ‘cherry picked’ leaving many Christian interpretations out..on top of that, they had to translate the Greek language of the different writings, which were long before, translated from the long extinct Aramaic language of Jesus’ time, to Latin. So indisputably by then, the writings in the Bible were not near the original words or meaning, & surely the original words of the Apostles were their bias version. Thats just the start of these narcissistic self serving narrow minded full of hate supposed pastors who absurdly attempt to play on their stooge sucker mindless confirmation bias sheep meritless fears, by tying Christianity with American patriotism ..which their is zero association. America came into being relatively close to 2,000 years after Jesus..& abortion no matter under what circumstances is no difference to these, just the opposite of what Jesus preached & did, brainless sickos, with a criminal thug murderer..really you idiots…so you would honestly look in your 14 year old innocent daughter’s eyes and/or your loving wife, & tell her point blank, you cannot abort “that brutal evil criminal psychopath torturous animal’ that raped, tortured, menance, beat to a pulp to the verge of death, over & over’s…fetus only & soley to that & force her to be reminded every day for ever that animal, with the kid likely looking like him & having the same evil support it..on & on…as opposed to abort a fetus that ‘is not yet biological a human’, as it could not possibly live outside the womb early on…o & adoption..really ..statistically adoption under those circumstances is slim to My & yours you dush bag taxes subsidize the State home where that kid goes for 18 years..just to surely be no doubt be just like his animal dad on release…o & funny how you hypocrites ‘preach all life is precious’, yet you & your so-called Christian pastors are the biggest proponents of the death penalty..& indisputably who are you all to decide ‘what philosophy, politics, no matter what the majority says, is the only right one…you know damn well, thats only the case when it fits you..but if Democrats or non practicing Christians were on the losing end or insurrections, you’d hang matter, we true Christians are going to heaven and you evil non-Christians haters to hell

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