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Is Saving a Horse by Riding a Cowboy a Sin?

save a horse ride a cowboy

Some Evangelicals believe that women should be submissive in every way, including during sex.  For these Neanderthals, the missionary position is the proper, God-approved way to engage in sexual intercourse. No oral sex, no anal sex, no trying out the Kama Sutra, and most certainly no woman on top sexual intercourse. Why? Because when the woman is on top she is in a position of dominance and control. Can’t have that.  Thus, to answer the question posed in the post title: it is indeed a sin to save a horse by riding a cowboy.

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    I would like to have horses saved at my expense…And no I dont believe sin would be involved , well maybe but I don’t care !

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    Seems like bible-approved sex is pretty boring. But as a woman I am not supposed to express an opinion, and any opinion I do have needs to be censored by my father or husband who god put in authority over me….so my opinion is probably a sin.

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Bruce Gerencser