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Immigration: President is Just Doing What Americans Asked Him to Do

trump's america
Cartoon by Steve Sack

U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions, while praising the Supreme Court’s favorable ruling on the Trump Administration’s Muslim ban, said he hoped that this latest ruling would put an end to courts impeding the President’s agenda. The President, and I quote, “is just doing what Americans asked him to do.” My response, was a very loud BULLSHIT!

Fact: U.S. population (2017) — 326 million

Fact: People who voted for Donald Trump — 63 million

Fact: 263 million Americans didn’t vote for Donald Trump

Fact: Donald Trump lost the popular vote

Fact: Forty-two percent of eligible voters did not vote

Fact: 226 million eligible voters

Fact: 131 million Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election

Fact: Of the 131 million who voted, less than half of them voted for Donald Trump

Fact: Less than thirty percent of eligible voters voted for Donald Trump

Fact: Less than twenty percent of Americans, out of 326 million, voted for Donald Trump

So, no President Trump is NOT doing what Americans asked him to do. He’s doing what a small percentage of Americans — mainly white, rural Christians — asked him to do. Let’s remember this come election day. There are more of us than there are of them, and if we VOTE we will run Trump’s enablers out of office. It starts with the Senate and the House of Representatives, and it will end when the President is evicted from office or impeached.

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  1. Avatar

    I am hoping the midterm elections will produce better voter turnout in response to Trump’s policies.

    Working in an industry tied to chemicals, we are seeing drastic price increases and tariffs directly tied to Trumps policies. Be aware that consumer goods prices will be rising in coming months. Manufacturers are seeing price increases and will start passing along incresses to consumers soon (though some manufacturers will lower quality of products 1st in response to retailer price demands, but that can only go so far).

    • Avatar

      I call it turkeys voting for Christmas. This relatively small proportion of the US population who saw in Trump a way of giving reality to their various bigoted views, be it abortion or gay marriage, were oblivious to the carnage that would be wreaked on the economy generally. Now reality is beginning to dawn as Europe and the rest of the world, not unreasonably, fights steel tariffs with selective tariffs on US goods, and workers in the motorcycle, drinks, and cosmetics industries begin to lose their jobs. Of course, televangelists are protected from the fallout, and can continue to preach how Obama and Clinton are really to blame, all the time raking in the dollars needed for their latest private jet, and their fawning minions buy it all.

      I’m confident that Trump has little chance of being re-elected, as the mass of decent people able to see through him, including surely many republicans, actually choose to cast a vote and so end the embarrassment. I suspect he may not even survive the republican nomination again, as the party starts to appreciate the danger he represents to their prospects.

  2. Avatar

    So you’re not a Trump fan, Bruce? 😀 😀 😀

    I don’t know where the whole ‘politics is good theater’ thing originated, and I’m too lazy to look it up, but it comes to mind frequently these days.

    Not that the plot is particularly good, and the critics hate it, but you can meet by the water cooler on Monday morning and have endless fodder for discussion. The story sticks with ya.

    I am so amazed at where we are in this country.

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Bruce Gerencser