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Man Faces Harsh Reality of Calvinism

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Comic by Dan Lietha

I found the following post on a public Calvinistic discussion forum. Many of us who used to be Evangelicals/Calvinists understand the psychological angst this man is going through as he takes Christianity/Calvinism to its logical conclusion. If God is sovereign, the first cause, the creator of every everything, and nothing happens apart from his purpose and plan, then it is reasonable to conclude that the Christian God created sin, created hell, and created billions of people he intended to torture in the Lake of Fire for eternity. Apologists for Calvinism go to great lengths to explain these conclusions, but I find their explanations to be little more than the ass-covering Sarah Huckabee Sanders gives Donald Trump — empty lies. If God is who and what Calvinists say he is, then Calvinists most own the aforementioned conclusions. Either that or write a 666-page book defending the Big Kahunah’s honor.

did god create hell


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    Appalachian Agnostic

    Somebody tell this man, “It’s all a crock of shit! That’s why your questions have no good answers!” It breaks my heart when I read stuff like this because half of my family is still trapped in this way of thinking, or rather, non-thinking. People who are otherwise kind but are ok with a God who is going to put people like me into a permanent volcano amaze me. They are obsessed with believing the RIGHT doctrine. They can’t seem to grasp that everyone thinks they believe the RIGHT doctrine. Gaaaarrrrrgggghhh!!!!!!!!!!

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    No, God did not create Hell.
    No, God did not create people who are predestined to go to Hell.
    No, God did not create people unable to turn from their sin.
    No God.

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    I feel sad for this person who is starting to realize that his sect’s version of a deity is a monster.

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    One of the worst Calvinists that I have ever encountered is Erwin Lutzer, the long-time pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago. He was a dyed-in-the-wool five-point Calvinist; he wasn’t the least concerned with the brutalities inherent in Calvinist theology. One Sunday he gave a sermon on Hell that had people gasping in horror. And at the end of the sermon, Lutzer very calmly and matter-of-factly said “…and the Bible says that the people who are going to Hell include the vast majority of the human race.” I didn’t dispute Lutzer at the time; I was an ardent fundamentalist back then. And yet even with my fundamentalist blinders on, I had to wonder about a religion in which people can proclaim such horrific doom without a trace of concern or compassion.

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    This article also makes me think of one of today’s most famous Calvinists, John Piper. Some once wrote a limerick that so well describes Piper and the hyper-Calvinism that he follows:

    Imagine a Calvinist-hyper,
    More compassion you’ll find in a viper,
    So full of elation
    At Hell and damnation,
    No need to imagine – it’s Piper!

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    That Other Jean

    Weird, isn’t it, that all the Calvinists I know believe, way deep inside, that they are part of the Elect, who will go to heaven. It’s too scary to consider the alternative, although they’re willing enough to consign other people to it. If they considered the matter, they might have to acknowledge that Calvin was wrong, or that their god is a monster. A god who would create beings to suffer eternally is not worthy of worship.

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Bruce Gerencser