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A Flat Tire and the Existence of God

existence of god

While attending our family’s Fourth of July picnic, son number three — a certified mechanic — noticed that one of our car tires had a nail in its sidewall. IN THE SIDEWALL? Yes, in the sidewall. Not right at where the sidewall meets the tread either. This nail was embedded halfway between the tread and rim. I spent more time than I should have pondering how a nail ended up in the tire’s sidewall. On the tread? Sure. But, the sidewall? I concluded that it was likely someone vandalized the tire. I texted my son, thanking him for getting a new tire for us and telling him that I believed someone vandalized the tire. He replied:

No problem. I do what I can do when I can do it.  Yeah, seems a li’l fishy to me. I mean it’s possible, but highly unlikely LOL.

I replied, that’s what I say about God “Yeah, seems a li’l fishy to me. I mean it’s possible, but highly unlikely LOL.”


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    If it had been something amazing that happened, religious folks would say, “OMG, it’s a miracle!” For something not so good, “God works in mysterious ways – he allowed you to see the nail before you had a flat tire while driving. Praise God.”

    My husband is a mathematician. He talks about how many unlikely things are possible, just not probable. The possibility of the nail being embedded in that location occurring during driving conditions exists in very specific circumstances, but it is very unlikely – very improbable. Just like the existence of the evangelical Christian god.

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