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Evangelical Pastor Dean Curry Fired Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

pastor dean curry

Dean Curry, pastor of Life Center Assembly of God in Tacoma, Washington, has been fired over sexual misconduct allegations. Curry denies the allegations leveled against him by a former church employee:

My relationship with Assembly of God has been fractured. This woman accused me of behavior that would have amounted to adultery if it were true.

I have been falsely and wrongly accused [adding that a continuing investigation of his conduct would show] no damaging phone logs, no compromising emails or text messages.

Pastors come and go, and this one is going, and you have to keep doing your Jesus thing. I’m not going to allow myself to be bitter toward my accuser. I’m 50 years old and I’ve got a lot of living to do.

The Northwest Ministry Network issued the following statement:

The Northwest Ministry Network was informed of allegations involving the conduct of Pastor Dean Curry, the Senior Pastor of Life Center Church in Tacoma, Washington. Pastor Curry is a credentialed ordained minister with the General Council of the Assemblies of God located in Springfield, MO and The Northwest Ministry Network in Snoqualmie, WA. The Northwest Ministry Network takes allegations of wrongdoing or violations of ministerial ethics seriously. We consider these issues to be ecclesiastical matters under our governance within our biblical purview.

After a thorough investigation of the allegations, the Northwest Ministry Network Executive Presbytery, having received the testimony of two or more witnesses and acting in their role as the Ministerial Relations Committee, has unanimously recommended dismissal of Pastor Curry to the General Council of the Assemblies of God. This recommendation requests that Pastor Curry’s credentials with the Assemblies of God be terminated for violating prescribed standards of ministerial conduct, and he be listed as a dismissed minister of the Assemblies of God. This recommendation is within the Northwest Ministry Network’s purview as per Article X of the Assemblies of God General Council bylaws.

Given the sensitive nature of the allegations, and because the process regarding Pastor Curry’s credentials is ongoing, the Northwest Ministry Network will not be discussing the details of the allegations publicly. As such, there will be no further comment at this time. The General Council of the Assemblies of God Executive Presbytery will decide what to do with our recommendation and the allegations regarding Pastor Curry and his status as a credentialed ordained Assemblies of God minister.

On July 2, 2018, The News Tribune reported:

The accusation that led to his dismissal wasn’t the first Curry has faced, according to multiple sources, including people with ties to local Life Center leadership.

Those individuals told The News Tribune that Curry had been accused of misconduct with female employees and other women in the past, and the church board had investigated the claims. Curry continued to lead the church after those inquiries, sources said, adding that some members disapproved of the board’s approach.

The News Tribune could not confirm those claims independently.

Curry hinted at past allegations during his Sunday speech. He offered no specifics.

“My integrity, character and reputation are everything,” he said. “And these last few months and even years before, all three of those things have been challenged, and I intend to continue to fight to maintain all three of those things.”

On July 1, 2018, the church released the following public statement:

Life Center church is governed by 15 board members; comprised of women and men who have been nominated and elected by our voting members. As such, we are responsible for the selection and oversight of the senior pastor, for church policy, administration of church finances and the general well-being of the church. We don’t manage the day-to-day operations but serve as your representatives to be the governing authority of the church. This is both a privilege and a responsibility we take very seriously and devote countless hours to.

As a church with membership in the Assemblies of God denomination we are subject to another governing authority structure—namely the NW Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God (sometimes referred to as the “NW District” office), and ultimately, the denominational headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. Of course, our highest allegiance is to God, whom we serve above all.

One role of the board is to consider accusations, which we have done in the past, which may come against a pastor in accordance with Scriptural teaching. Indeed, the biblical standards laid out for this board and pastors are quite high, and we have a responsibility to require adherence to them by our pastors and to carry out discipline when and where they are questioned.

Dean Curry has been Life Center’s pastor for 14 years. Under his leadership, Life Center has solidified its place in the 253 as a place of hope. Countless people in the region have encountered Jesus because of the ministry of Dean Curry and Life Center Church.

A few weeks ago, we learned about an accusation against Dean that was brought to the NW District office (not Life Center nor the church board) by a former employee who felt Dean had acted physically inappropriately toward her. The accuser presented her accusation directly to the NW District office, which in turn notified Dean. Dean immediately notified the Life Center board. Based on the allegations we as a board requested a thorough investigation or substantiation of claims brought to the District, but unfortunately we have not been presented with written details of the formal charge. We have only been told what was presented to the District office.

Then, on June 21st the NW District office presented the Life Center church board with their plan to recommend to the national office in Springfield that Dean be dismissed as an ordained Assemblies of God minister. This has immediate ramifications for Life Center because our bylaws require that our Senior Pastor be a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God denomination. Due to the nature of Life Center’s bylaws the board has dismissed Dean as our Senior Pastor. In this process we have no other choice then to adhere to the decision of the NW District in this matter at this time.

We have raised concerns about the thoroughness of the investigative process used by our denominational officers from the NW District. For an allegation as serious as this and the gravity of the potential outcomes (for all involved) the lack of extensive discovery, review, objectivity and transparency leads us to question the validity of the Northwest District office’s process. That being said we submit to their authority as our governing body.

While we may disagree with the NW District’s process, we do believe that all people (women and men) deserve to be heard. As a board we care deeply for each and every person that steps foot on a Life Center campus. The Life Center staff and board are here to listen, here to support and here to help those who are hurting and/or in need. The team has put in place clear policies and protections for employees who have experienced hurt in the workplace as everyone’s story matters. As a board we are here to help ensure that Life Center remains a place of HOPE in the 253.

Finally, we remain committed to Life Center Church and her mission in the city and greater community. Dean has always been careful to remind us this is not his church and it is not our church—it’s a Jesus church, and we reaffirm that. As a board with governance responsibility for this church, we are determined to guide us through this challenging season in the long history of Life Center. Specifically, that means we’ll be doing the following:

Praying for all involved. Praying for wisdom and God’s guidance as we navigate perhaps the most challenging season in our distinguished history.

Searching for an interim pastor.

Providing strategic support to all Life Center staff and campuses.

Reviewing our options to ensure our internal systems and policies and guidelines protect both pastors and staff and provide a healthy work environment in which men and women can function effectively in a way that honors and respects both. We updated such guidelines four years ago and will continue to conduct reviews to ensure they remain effective.

Developing a strategy and plan for Life Center Church’s future.

Communicating with you all in a more frequent way as we have more information.

Let’s be people of prayer and harmony and fidelity to God’s Word and trust Him to lead us in accordance with His plans. Thank you for listening and praying with us.

On July 2,2018 Curry released the following statement:

There is no witness to this accusation. None The NW district is using bureaucratic words to defend their rash judgment. Misleadingly, they have used a completely unrelated situation, dismissed years ago to justify their statement. I have appealed to the National office of the Assemblies of God and await their input. My optimism is high and I’m grateful for all the love and support.

I am sure there is much more to come in the days ahead about Curry’s alleged misconduct. As far as I currently know, Curry has not been accused of criminal behavior, so this story is not a Black Collar Crime story.

Here’s a taste of Curry’s preaching.Curry shares why he is a anti-LGBT, anti-same sex marriage. Let me translate: We love you, but unless you repent of your non-heterosexuality you will go straight to Hell. Now, Curry doesn’t say that, but he sure as Heaven believes it. Why? Cuz it is in the B-i-b-l-e.

Video Link

Several people have I objected to my characterization of Curry’s view on LGBT people and human sexuality. The following video should silence my critics. I hope regular readers will take the time to listen to Curry’s sermon. If you make it to the end of Curry’s sermon, you will hear him several times equate atheism to homosexuality. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Video Link


  1. Avatar

    I’m curious as to how his stance on gay marraige has anything to do with the accusations. And let me remind you, they are accusations

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      The video provides context for how Curry views human sexuality. If the allegations are true, this video will help show that Curry is just another Evangelical preacher who doesn’t practice what he preaches.

  2. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    Let me add word here about people who think they are “certain” Curry didn’t commit adultery (his word, not mine). You cannot be “certain” he is innocent. I get it, you think your pastor is a great guy who would never commit adultery. That’s what congregants thoughts about Bill Hybels, Ted Haggard, and a cast of thousands. Do yourself a favor and read the Black Collar Crime Series. Preacher can do bad things.

    You also might find this post helpful:

  3. Avatar

    Why not just stick to the facts?Dean does not believe people in the LGBTQ community are going to Hell. As for the accusations, we’ll see. For now they are just accusations.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Really? He says he believes what the Bible says on the matter (and, I assume, what the Assembly of God says on the matter). If you have evidence that shows that Curry doesn’t believe unrepentant LGBT people, along with atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, and all other non-Christians are headed for Hell, by all means provide it.

      Curry is an Evangelical. His denomination is Evangelical. His former church is Evangelical. What do Evangelicals believe about unrepentant sex? Can someone be a practicing homosexual and inherit the kingdom of God? Can a Christian man have an unrepentant, ongoing adulterous affair and still be saved and go to Heaven when he dies? Unless Curry is a Universalist or believes differently from the Assembly of God on human sexuality, you know the answers to the questions I have raised here.

      It remains to be seen if Curry is a hypocrite on matters of human sexuality.

  4. Avatar
    Jeanine Lantz

    As far as I know, as with gluttony, lying, and so many things we all do daily, he sees gay marriage as a sin…..we all sin everyday and not all going to Hell. It is believing Jesus is our Savior who died on cross to save us for our sins and rose again and thru the Holy Spirit is with us always that redeems us to go to Heaven. When Dean says Bible says it’s a sin, he is not neccesarily saying will go to Hell. People confuse that often. Though his views on gay marriage have nothing to do with this allegation…an allegation with, thus far, has no supporting evidence.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      His view on LGBT people and human sexuality helps readers understand his thinking. Curry, based on what I have read and listened to, is a Fundamentalist. He most certainly is saying that unsaved, unrepentant sinners — same-sex couples engaged in sexual intercourse, along with fornicators, and adulterers — will indeed go to Hell when they die. Curry wants to play the “see my heart/we love everyone” game while, at the same time, holding to classic Evangelical beliefs concerning human sexuality. It matters not if he preaches in love. The end result is the same — Hell. Curry wants to believe his church is a Jesus Church, and not an anti-gay church. Nice try. He point blank says homosexuality is a sin, and unless homosexuals repent they will face the just consequences of their sin.

      If, indeed, Curry is guilty as charged, he will, if he sticks to his Bible beliefs, have to say that he will not go to Heaven when he dies. Why? Because the Bible says that adulterers will not inherit the Kingdom of God. I am sure you know which verses I am speaking of.

    • Avatar

      Jeanine says

      “an allegation with, thus far, has no supporting evidence.”

      However prior to this she says

      “It is believing Jesus is our Savior who died on cross to save us for our sins and rose again and thru the Holy Spirit is with us always that redeems us to go to Heaven. ”

      What supporting evidence is there for this assertion?

  5. Avatar

    We can’t quote scripture on the comments yet you can consistently point out his view on the bible based on your opinion….but we can’t back it up with scripture. Sounds one sided….but Christians are close minded…..

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      The readership of this blog, along with its author, are quite literate when it comes to the Bible. I was a pastor for 25 years. I know the Bible inside and out, having taught verse-by-verse many of the books of the Bible. No need to regurgitate proof texts. Much like the church you attend not letting atheists stand behind the pulpit and share why the Christian God is a myth and the Bible isn’t what Evangelicals claim it is, so it is at the First Church of Bruce Almighty — God speaking here. Evangelicals are given one opportunity to say whatever it is they think God has laid upon their hearts. Since nothing I can say will permeate a closed mind, it’s a waste of time to get into laborious, meaningless debates/discussions/arguments with Evangelicals.

      Now, if you are truly interested in understanding why people are atheists and why I am no longer a Christian, I can point you to posts that will educate you.

      Blogs are not democracies. This particular blog is a benevolent dictatorship. (Regular readers are snickering at this point.) Hollywood even made a movie about me and I am one of the main characters on Finding Nemo.

  6. Avatar

    Are you serious? He agrees with what the Bible has to say about homesexuality . Hypothetically speaking, if you truly believe that it was wrong , would you say it out loud or keep it in? He speaks it out and is honest, yet he still respects the people that are homosexual. Would you rather have him be uninviting and hateful towards homosexual people? Like seriously, you people do not make sense to me. He’s actually being kind and caring! It’s sickening, how people always need something to tear others apart! Get over it ! You’re actually messing with someone else’s life ! It’s his belief and not something he spits at your face, but in fact kindly explains it. Even in this situation, he’s not hating towards this woman , which a normal person would have been over the top God forbids that’d happen to them. I respect dean and am confident that he is pure in this whole situation and am really sickened by the fact that it has actually come this far!!

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      His love and caring is a facade, one that presents a face of love, but behind it is the abominable teachings of the Bible concerning human sexuality. Stop with all the love bullshit, and just tell it like it is: God says to LGBT people, REPENT. Repentance requires forsaking, so for LGBT people that means forsaking their identity and sexuality. It means no longer loving whom you love, and having sex with them. You can paint this turd anyway you want, but it still stinks and is an affront to people who love and respect everyone and demand justice and equal protection under the law for all (regardless of whom they fuck when, where, why, and how).

      Your denomination thought the evidence was sufficient to remove him from office. Do you know more than they do on the matter? As Ken Ham loves to parrot, were you there?

      It could be that he is innocent. If he is, I will adjust this post accordingly. And if he’s not? Well, I suspect a lot of shit sandwiches will be served at the next church dinner.

  7. Avatar

    I hear what you’re saying but…
    evangelicalism is not a denomination but s a worldwide, crossdenominational movement within Christiananity.
    I’ve been Christian over 30 years, I’ve been in churches all over this country. I still use the word in Greek in your Hebrew, and blah blah blah. I have seen enough that I should be a stark raving atheist. I’ve seen the worst in people of many Denominations. People can be a file and just plain idiots. But I chose not to get bitter or at least to stay bitter, because there’s plenty to go around. Because your relationship with Jesus is what is important, screw everything else.
    And as you are well aware, if you believe the Bible, which it seems like you don’t anymore, you are well aware of what God thinks about human sexuality. These pastors and people talk about marriage and such there just echoing what the Bible says. If you don’t like it don’t get mad at them, get mad at the guy who made the whole thing.
    I find it not to make any sense that the liberal side of humanity and the LGBTQ community defends Islam, but those very people if they were to go to the places or countries of Islam would be put to death, What the hell.
    Thanks for your time

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      You missed my point about why I raised this issue. I want readers to understand Curry’s sexual ethic. That way, if and when his closet door is flung open, appropriate judgement can be rendered. If Curry is an adulterer then it is hypocritical of him to judge the sexual proclivities of others.

      Readers of this blog know what the Bible says about homosexuality. We reject its teachings, believing its commands/precepts/laws are anti-human and psychologically harmful (and at times physically harmful).

      It is humans who created God and religion. I choose to battle those who continue to enslave humanity with words from ancient religious texts. Religion is the problem, not the solution. Remove the Curry’s — with their Fundamentalist dogma — of the world from the discussion, and BOOM all the debate over same-sex marriage and human sexuality ends. All that matters is justice, freedom and fairness. That a pastor has to spend an hour stating his “position” on human sexuality is silly. As far as consenting adults are concerned, who they love, fuck, or marry is of no concern to anyone but them. Don’t want unrepentant LGBT people in your church? Fine, but don’t feign love. Curry’s love is bounded by the Evangelical box.

    • Avatar

      Well I’m sorry, but if the pastor of the church doesn’t agree with your view , he has every right to fire you if you are LEADING bible studies. If it was something else that you were doing, like maybe helping out set up and etc then it’s another story, but if he doesn’t agree with the views you have especially when it comes to his “job” ( which I would call a calling) that is all about teaching and instructing , then I’m sorry , but he had every right cuz who knows how different your bible studies could have been from what he thought was right…

      • Avatar
        Bruce Gerencser

        And I agree with you. However, Curry and the church need to be forthright about their beliefs concerning homosexuality and human sexuality. Refusing to answer questions about it except face-to-face tells me that Curry and church leaders want to put a shiny pateena of fool’s gold on their anti-human, anti-LGBT beliefs. Just tell the truth, straight from the Bible. Put a statement on the church’s website so there’s no misunderstanding about its beliefs concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

  8. Avatar
    Stephanie Sarah Fishman

    Was my comment about being transgender and being kicked out of Life Center Church led by Dean Curry inappropriate?????
    It looks like it got deleted.

  9. Avatar

    I don’t go to this church. I live in California. I just asked why his stance on gay marraige has anything to do with the accusations….and knowing the bible and understanding the bible are 2 different things. Even Satan knows the Bible.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      I know and understand the Bible, that is unless you think all the Bible knowledge I gained over 50 years miraculously disappeared the moment I stopped believing. I stated several times why I added the videos. Most of the people who frequent this den of iniquity don’t know who Curry is, myself included. The videos help us understand Curry’s hermeneutics and worldview, especially his view on human sexuality.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Satan is a mythical being, so he knows nothing. All we have are fallible humans saying what unknown authors intended their ancient writings to say. I think Curry accurately represents the majority opinion on what the Bible says about homosexuality. Of course, anything can be proved with the Bible.

    • Avatar

      Sarah, Anon, John et al, as Bruce says, many of us who deconverted did so not because we were ‘lukewarm x-tians’ but because we took the bible very very seriously, as Bruce did, over decades, studying it at great depth. But then, to our horror in many cases, we realised it made no sense. We dared to question its authority, its content and realised it was all myths and lies. Part of us would love to still have your certainty, and still be working our socks off for jesus, but that would be a hypocrisy we can’t live with. Oh, and we aren’t now atheists who are filled with hate as so many fundies love to say, we just get on with our lives. Must go, this violent hateful atheist has to go rehome a spider in the kitchen and probably a fly or two later in the day!
      May I respectfully recommend you continue to read this blog with an open mind and also ‘Godless in Dixie’ an excellent, very well-reasoned and well-written source of help and support towards seeing the light?

  10. Avatar
    Stephanie Sarah Fishman

    HYPOCRISY is Why
    He claimed to be Christ like, and teaches to love everybody.
    But kicks me out of church without talking to me. But he’s getting frisky with co workers. He’s married and committed adultery.

  11. Avatar

    He believes that whomever you are or what ever gender you associate with and you love jesus, you are on the right path….constant loving and living the jesus way will cure all imparities over time….that’s why he accepts all no matter what.

  12. Avatar

    Thinking about what a previous commenter posted , why is it that athiests and the left never bash or exhibit hatred or disdain for Islam. The only one I ever heard do such a thing was Christopher Hitchens. I think it’s because they know Christians are neutered and will not react , whereas if they said such blasphemy against Islam there would be the threat of violence against them. I’m not saying this to criticize you Bruce , but don’t you think it’s true?

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      I can only speak for myself. First, I don’t hate Christians, so there’s no need for me to show requisite hate for Muslims. I hate bad ideas that fuel bad behaviors. Second, my writing is focused on Evangelicalism, so I don’t spend time writing about Islam. I was an Evangelical for most of my life, so my expertise lies there. Third, Jerry Coyne and Sam Harris, along with Bill Maher all critique Islam. Fourth, the majority of Muslims are not violent, even though their prophet, Mohamed, advocated violence. I can and do say the same about Christianity. The God of the Christian Bible — Jesus included, read Revelation — is a violent deity, pouring out his wrath on unbelievers just as Allah does in the Quran. Fifth, much of the Islamic violence in the Middle East is due to sectarian war between Shiites and Sunnis. Sixth, A lot of the Islamic violence in the Middle East is driven by American war mongering and capitalistic — think oil — foreign policy. Religion, then, is not the primary problem, American interventionism and nation-building is.

      Now, having said all that, I think many of the talking heads on the left are willfully blind towards the violence committed by Muslims throughout the world. We need to call a spade a spade. The question, then, is what to do about the violence? The War on Terror — almost two decades in the making — is an abject failure and has only led to increased violence and death. I am not sure what the answer (s) is, but I do know that what we are currently doing is not working.

      I hope I adequately answered your question. I don’t want to have a protracted discussion on this subject on this post. Perhaps I can address this issue in more detail at a later date in a post of its own.

    • Avatar

      Geoff, I consistently rail on about extremist belief in all faiths. Let me spell it out for you: Islamic fundamentalists are whacko and Mohammed is a clown who works with Jesus in a stage show that travels the world over. They are cartoons, vile, violent cartoons.

  13. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    I added a News Tribune story to this post. It said, in part:

    The accusation that led to his dismissal wasn’t the first Curry has faced, according to multiple sources, including people with ties to local Life Center leadership.
Those individuals told The News Tribune that Curry had been accused of misconduct with female employees and other women in the past, and the church board had investigated the claims. Curry continued to lead the church after those inquiries, sources said, adding that some members disapproved of the board’s approach.

  14. Avatar

    Dean is a friend of mine. I have literally asked him if he thinks people in the LGTBQA community are going to Hell and he said “no” I’m not a part of his church. I’m actually an atheist. I don’t know if Dean cheated on his wife, but he is a good guy

  15. Avatar

    He doesn’t say differently in his sermon. And I have talked with him quite a bit about this. He believes homosexuality is a sin, like any other sin listed in the Bible. Like gluteny or jealousy. I’ve told him that he’s wrong. I’ve told him I think he will change his mind. He is open to having this dialog. To say he believes all LGBT people are going to Hell simply isn’t true.

  16. Avatar

    He doesn’t say differently in his sermon. And I have talked with him quite a bit about this. He believes homosexuality is a sin, like any other sin listed in the Bible. Like gluteny or jealousy. I’ve told him that he’s wrong. I’ve told him I think he will change his mind. He is open to having this dialog. To say he believes all LGBT people are going to Hell simply isn’t true.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Sorry, Darren, he does. You just don’t want to hear it. He appeals to Romans 1 where it says homosexuals are reprobates — people beyond the grace of God. He also says he adheres to the historic position of the church on homosexuality. Curry’s view is clear: any sinner who doesn’t repent of his sin and follow Jesus goes to hell when he dies. Thus, any LGBT person who doesn’t repent of their sin — having non-heterosexual sex — and follow Jesus — by forsaking their sexual identity — goes to Hell when he dies. This, by way, is the official position of the Assemblies of God.

      I won’t argue this with you. If you have publicly available evidence that shows I am misrepresenting his position, please provide it. If not, then I stand by what I have written.

  17. Avatar

    The guy comes over as a very articulate speaker (well he is a pastor) and actually likeable, provided you ignore the fact that he is really speaking total nonsense.

    I only managed part way through his sermon, so I don’t know if he got stuck into LGBT more thoroughly than he did when, quite early on, he discusses the morality of sex. He asks if there are limits? However, like all such preachers, he places his margins in the wrong place. He refers to seventeen year old girls having sex with a forty two year old guy, asking is that okay (note, not the other way round. At seventeen I’d have jumped at the chance….). I absolutely think there are limits to what sex is acceptable, but I could save him loads of time by using one word; consent. Of course, consent is sometimes very hard to determine, but it certainly renders certain relationships unacceptable, such as sex with children, animals, fiduciary relationship, and so on. As for adultery; well provided there’s consent then the act itself isn’t ‘off limits’ though I think all parties must ask themselves whether there are wider issues to be addressed. In the case of a pastor, preaching morality, I think he has a grave problem, and is in gross dereliction of his duty.

  18. Avatar

    There was obviously something that the AofG found out for them to strip him. I believe in the bible and it’s teachings but I feel too many pastors are so focussed on the LGBTQ community that they forget that they too have a past. No one is free from sin. We do it everyday. Calling out the gay community to advance your idea of the gospel is absurd. Calling them sinners because it’s what you believe goes against the true gospel. I’m not here to bible thump. I understand all your views but unfortunately pride comes before the fall and in this case, that man’s pride has finally reached its falling point. And I know people who have blown the whistle on this guy and they were suddenly fired and kicked out when they did. This isn’t just one person speaking out 3 weeks ago; this is years of people speaking out and it being swept under the carpet.

  19. Avatar
    Stephanie Sarah Fishman

    The reason it was hypocrisy is:
    Dean claimed to live a Christ like lifestyle. He claimed a set of Doctrinal beliefs were to be up held and followed. To be a member of this church.
    A class must be taken to join.
    I led bible study and discipleship as a VOLUNTEER and card carrying member of the Church. I never got paid a dime. This is about doctrinal beliefs, and the facade they set up.
    I could debate why their doctrinal beliefs do not prevent a transsexual or LGBT person to be a follower of Jesus or belong in their church.
    The church claims to be all about Jesus. Love everyone is the number one thing Jesus taught. Even your enemy’s Jesus taught.
    I was asked to not attend life Center anymore because I am transsexual.
    I heard their sermons of Love everybody for years.
    If you read the bible daily, you actually start to understand the big picture. Via the holy spirit.
    I hadn’t even been with a man, and they accused me of being a homosexual.
    So, when Pastor Dean is committing adultery, and saying I can’t attend church because I am a transsexual.
    He is being a hypocrite.
    For his song is no less or greater than mine.

  20. Avatar
    Ray Griffith

    “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”

    The Scripture doesn’t say when – but neither did all the other hundreds of prophetic utterances that have come to pass. So, I’m just saying, those who feel tough today in their utterance abhorrence of what the Bible (a collection of Spirit inspired writings) indicates will happen, might not feel so tough when they actually, not by desire but by design, will actually fall down before God at the Judgment and declare…”My God — You are real —- and I missed it!”

  21. Avatar

    Today there are more revelations in The News Tribune about ex-pastor Dean Curry’s behavior. There were major red flags that were ignored! This quote was particularly striking:

    “Dilley’s complaint cites other examples of Curry’s behavior that troubled her. They included isolating female employees and church members and spending time alone with them on numerous occasions, and promoting an outreach ministry that featured one-on-one counseling of prostitutes and women known to be victims of sex trafficking.”

    Read more here:

  22. Avatar

    You all don’t even know the half of it. How that man solidified his pastoralship at that church is sickening. He threatened families, single mothers, parents of kids who went to that school, parents of athletes and so on. He’s a manipulative person who destroys the face of Christianity. And the ones who are standing behind him should be ashamed of themselves. They know all to well he’s a sick man. 1.2 million for a house on the waterfront??? He’s good….real good. But pride comes before the fall and his fall is coming rather quickly.

  23. Avatar
    maura a hart

    he says “y’all gotta keep doing your jesus thing”. what is that? a dance? a board game? clearly in any case, his zombie jeebus rules were different from his flock of steeple sheeple

  24. Avatar

    You are worse than most atheists I interact with. You are an ex-christian bully. You may “think” you know the bible but not allowing people to post scripture is just childish. You know it is their epistemology , and yet you bully them on your blog. At least you consistent. Without God there is no reason to be moral or fair. You are living consistently, if that is any consolation. Your Jeffrey Dahmer ethic is really sad though. Without a moral standard, you have no way to call pastor Dean wrong even if he is guilty. Stalin…not a bad guy, in your worldview. We are just bags of matter doing things to other bags of matter and the universe doesn’t care. It begs the question why you do a blog at all. Why waste the precious few years you have left arguing about a God you don’t believe in, when in a few years you will just be dust and none of this will matter.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      I don’t “think” I know the Bible, I actually do KNOW the Bible. What would you like to talk about, Eric? Let’s play the Bible game. Let’s see who has the bigger theological dick.

      So, Eric, the only reason you are not a murder or rapist or thief is because you believe in the existence of the Christian God? He’s the only keeping you from being Jeffrey Dahmer? Do you REALLY believe this? What about the billions of people who live decent, moral, ethical lives, all without believing in your God? Atheists, humanists, agnostics, pagans, and countless other non-believers live good and honorable lives, all without believing in your God or your Holy Book. In fact, as in the case of Dean Curry, some of the most morally/ethically deficient humans I know call themselves Christians. One need only to read the Black Collar Crime series for proof of what I am saying. Good people do good things, and bad people do bad things. There are good atheists and bad atheists, just as there are good Christians and bad Christians.

      I have many things that are important to me: my wife, children, and grandchildren; the future of the planet, the eradication of violence, war, and hunger, and the Cincinnati Reds. I hope for a better tomorrow and a World Series pennant. I may soon die, but my family and friends will live on. I deeply care for them and hope they will live peaceful, prosperous, happy lives. There are some religions — not all — that stand in the way of accomplishing these things. so that’s why I continue to write. It will be a good day when Evangelicalism has been marginalized and left to die along a dusty road. It is a religion that is anti-progress, anti-human, and stands in the way of a better tomorrow. So, I hope you’ll forgive me for my continued work in helping to strangle the life out of Fundamentalist Christianity.

      It’s evident you have not seriously engaged atheists/agnostics/humanists on these matters. I encourage you to make a sincere effort to understand how the humanist ideal is the best way forward for the human race. If you really want to talk about these things, please feel free to contact me via email.


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      As you point your finger at Bruce, stand in front of a mirror Eric. Then get on your knees and ask God to forgive you for bullying Bruce. And you think you have the higher moral standard? Repent Eric.

    • Avatar
      Michael Mock

      “You may think you know the bible but not allowing people to post scripture is just childish.”

      Really? Why? What is it, exactly, that scripture can say that you cannot? More to the point, what exactly is it that scripture has to say that you think the rest of us haven’t heard before?

      “Without God there is no reason to be moral or fair.”

      Isn’t there? I can think of several, right off the top of my head. They all boil down to the fact that human beings generally have to live with other human beings, and that’s a lot easier if we’re all trying to be decent about it. (We may disagree about what exactly constitutes moral behavior, but that’s a different argument — and a lot less of a straw man than what you posted here.) More to the point, based just on behavior I don’t see that people with are any more moral or fair than those of us without God.

      I suspect that Bruce has already banned you after your one allotted Preachy Comment, so I’m not expecting a response to this. But if you drop back by and read this, well… think about it, okay? Unbelievers are not what you think we are. Ex-Christians are not what you think we are.

    • Avatar

      Eric, not only are you wrong about morality coming from God, I think that the very principle actually puts you in an inferior moral position. If I do the right thing then I hope I’m doing it because I’ve considered my action, and its effects, and so acted in a way that is consistent with overall wellbeing. You, however, seem to think that you cannot think for yourself, but need to be told what is right and wrong. That is morally disgraceful.

      Of course, in reality, you don’t really believe this. You act in the way you do (I’m assuming you aren’t a budding serial killer) because you inherently know what’s right, not because of what it says in some book. In fact, it’s the reverse of what you think you do, in that you simply look to the bible to justify the moral positions you hold and not the other way round. Even if you were to look to the bible for moral inspiration the fact is that you would still have to choose whether any given imperative was one you might want to follow. In short, God sourced morality is incoherent.

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