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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Stephen Hawking Was a Fool by Jeff Maples

steven hawking says controlled by demons

Stephen Hawking, one of the world’s most renowned scientists who was known for his contributions to the world of theoretical physics, sadly passed away on March 14, 2018. Not only was Hawking a champion of scientific knowledge who made great contributions that will benefit society as long as God allows society to continue (God does use evil people to serve his purposes too), but he was also a strong advocate for atheism.


While we can appreciate his accomplishments for mankind, as Christians, we must mourn for him and those like him who are in rebellion against their creator and ultimately die in that state. You see, Hawking knew there is a God–he was not an ignorant man. The bible is very clear that Hawking knew he had a creator and knew that he was ultimately accountable to him. But Hawking, like every other human being in this world, suppressed this truth.


While Hawking used modern machinery, medicine, and scientific-technological advancement to prolong his physical life for a number of years which would have been impossible many years ago, his knowledge was no match for the wrath of God who decreed the wages of sin–death.

Stephen Hawking denied God. Stephen Hawking rejected Christ. Stephen Hawking was a fool.

You see, Stephen Hawking knew God existed, but suppressed this truth with illogical arguments. “Time did not exist before the big bang, so there is no time for God to make the universe,” he says. But his own scientific knowledge defeats this argument. He knows that something, even time, cannot be created from nothing from a scientific vantage point. He knows that all creation(s) need a creator. Yet, because of his natural rebellion against God, he spent his entire life fighting, suppressing, and rejecting God, yet could not escape Him.

— Jeff Maples, Reformation Charlotte, Stephen Hawking’s Atheistic Delusion, March 16, 2018


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    It fascinates me that so many Christians think that atheists believe in a god but reject/are in rebellion against god. No, the concept of atheism by definition is that an atheist doesnt believe that gods exist. The definition is not someone who believes gods exist and reject them – in fact, I don’t know of a word for that. This man needs to look up the definition of atheism on

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    “He knows that something, even time, cannot be created from nothing from a scientific vantage point. He knows that all creation(s) need a creator.”

    This a mixture of assertion and false premise. Saying that something can’t be created from nothing is a bald assertion that, whilst seeming to appeal to common sense, is actually something we can’t possibly know for certain. More importantly, however, I’m back to a favourite soapbox statement; can you provide evidence that there is such a state as ‘nothing’? The answer of course is no, and I’d suggest that there has never been a ‘nothing’ from which all things had to be created.

    There’s also the issue that there’s no evidence that the universe was created. It began, or so the evidence suggests, but that’s different to being ‘created’. If it wasn’t created then no creator needed.

    All of these evangelical types who attempt to reason their way to god through these types of argument invariably, and without fail, succeed only in having their asses handed back to them on a plate. You cannot reason to god.

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    Does this member of the ignorant tight ass club have a degree in astronomy, cosmology, or physics. If he doesnt he shouldn’t comment. Hawking did more for helping our understanding of the universe then the fool with jeebus shaped glasses projecting onto everyone he disagrees with.

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    Wow. The utter truth laid bare: Hawking was a fool.
    It will always and forever shake me to the core that peoplewho have given up basic reasoning are so bold and so ready to display how far they have sunk. “The Bible is very clear that Hawking…” And yes, I think we all remember the Book of Jeff in the Babble, don’t we? He knows that he knows because the Bible tells him so.
    Boy that Hawking guy really had me fooled till I read the Book of Jeff.

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