Christians Say the Darnedest Things: We Exist to Prop Up Jesus’ Self-Esteem


The Holy Spirit is inspiring Paul to polemicize this idolatrous practice by making something abundantly clear: Christ is the Creator and Lord of the angels. They exist for Him. He is by right of being the Creator more worthy of worship. It is Christ who created the archangel Michael, it is Christ who created Satan. They exist to glorify Him. Paul ends this section by making it clear, no matter how high and wonderful any created thing might be it only exists to serve the Son. Thus all thing made by Him are made for His pleasure.


We are not the center of our own lives, that position belongs to Christ. If mighty angels exist at the whim of Christ to serve him and bring him glory what do you think of your life? Are you more holy, beautiful, or powerful than the angels? Are you of a purer heart? If they are able to stand before God what is your life? We are not even worthy to see God because of our sin! Do we think we exist for any greater purpose? Every other purpose we make for ourselves fail in comparison to bringing Christ praise.

Do not have lofty thoughts of yourself, you exist to glorify Christ and for nothing else. You will inevitably glorify Christ. You will either bring Him glory by displaying His grace poured out on repentant sinners or you make know the glory of His righteous wrath poured out on the wicked in the eternal fires of hell.

— Robert Nelsen, Reformation Charlotte, You Exist to Glorify Christ, July 20, 2018


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  1. ObstacleChick

    That type of belief is a lot to put on a person and is one of the reasons I started leaving fundamentalist evangelical Christianity. It is ironic to being up children, teaching them to become independent, autonomous, responsible adults while at the same time teaching them that they exist for no other purpose than to glorify, worship, and serve a deity to whom they are subject for all eternity.

    And of course bringing up this topic automatically makes me, to a Christian, deceived and led by Satan, an apostate, damned to eternity in hell.


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