Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Satan’s Hidden Signature in Evolution

satan evolution

The Big Bang Theory says that before the universe with stars and galaxies existed, there was a very hot and dense superforce. This superforce is called “interactions” which consist of gravity, electromagnetism, the weak force, and the strong force.

Personally, it sounds like they got their theory from George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars “the force is with you” which the movie taught that through meditation, one can tap into that force and achieve the impossible.

According to the science community consisting of atheists, creation started from a “superforce” components which came from nowhere and from no one.

This “superforce” components is Satan’s signature and reveals that he wants to put himself in the seat of The Creator.


The community of Evolution and Atheism has made up a belief that came directly from Satan himself. Its true meaning is to make people abandon God completely and worship him. How are they worshipping the devil you may ask? Good question…the more I read about evolution, the more it sounds like New Age philosophy and the occult.

To worship Satan, one is not required to acknowledge him or even join a Satanic Temple, The Occult, or even any type of spiritualism. What we must understand is that Satan doesn’t care if you believe in him or not because regardless of what you may think of him, he will use you for his demonic purposes. Anyone devoid of the Holy Spirit is in Satan’s hands.


When a person is not worshipping the true living God, Satan uses them for the sole purpose to attack the Bible to make people doubt it so that they cannot get saved.

— Spaniard VIII, Spiritual Minefield, Satan’s Hidden Signature In Evolution (Part 1), August 30, 2018


  1. GeoffT

    “Good question…the more I read about evolution, the more it sounds like New Age philosophy and the occult.”

    Of course, what she really means is that she never reads anything about evolution. If she did she’d understand it and accept it.

    The problem with this type of thinking is that from an educational point of view it is very damaging to children. Theories like evolution and Big Bang aren’t contrivances that have been dreamt up just to annoy believers, they are the result of the accumulated evidence from observation and reason, and represent the best explanations of the evidence. It’s possible that both theories are wrong (the word theory is used in its scientific context, with both being accepted as factually true) but they are entirely consistent with the evidence, and represent the best explanation presently available. It’s possible, as most Christians believe, that God guides these things, though it’s difficult to see that he can reasonably have done more than cast the first seed and see what happens. Encouraging children to see the discussion as being the evangelical god versus science muddles with their heads when they are most susceptible, and disadvantages them for the rest of their lives.

  2. Neil

    I’ve had dealings with this Spaniard guy before. He’s besotted with Satan as much as with his ‘Lord Jesus Christ’. Unfortunately, he’s not the brightest button in the box; most of his ‘arguments’ are straw men, as more intelligent commenters on his site frequently try, in vain, to tell him.

  3. Neil

    I assumed in my earlier comment that Spaniard VIII is male (probably because of the level of aggression in some of ‘his’ posts and comments) while GeoffT seems to know she’s female. Sorry, though my comment still stands.

  4. ObstacleChick

    In my experience, whenever someone cites Satan, demons, or spirits of some sort, any chance for a rational discussion has flown completely out the window. It is difficult to discuss evidence when someone’s thoughts are completely tied up in believing invisible spirits.

    Heck, maybe I am controlled by Satan, but it really isn’t bothering me so I will leave that alone.

    1. GeoffT

      Give me Satan any day over that other guy!


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