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Want to Share Your Thoughts on Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, or #metoo?

your story matters

Are you angry over how Donald Trump treats women and how he denigrates them publicly? Do you have passionate opinions about the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump or Brett Kavanaugh? Do you support the #metoo movement? Do you have a personal story to share about being sexually abused, raped, or sexually harassed? Are you appalled by Evangelical support for President Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, and the idea that what happened in high school — even sexual assault — shouldn’t disqualify a man from public office? Are you sickened by how Evangelicals abandoned any sense of moral authority, choosing instead to be shills for the Republican Party? If so, I want to hear from you.

If you are a woman and have something you want or need to say on these matters, I want to extend to you an invitation to write a guest post (or multiple posts) for this site. I think it is important for readers to hear from women on these issues. Guest posts can be any length, and can either be written anonymously or under your own name. If you are interested in writing a post but fear your writing/English skills are lacking, please don’t let that hinder your participation.  I have a first-rate editor who will edit your post, making sure the grammar and structure is correct. Your point of view will not be changed in any way. My editor is a progressive woman, so you can rest assure that she will do all she can to help you.  You may have noticed frequent guest posts by ObstacleChick.  OC is also a woman. Her recent letter to Evangelical women was posted as written with only a few minor grammatical corrections. She will tell you that I don’t alter content. It’s your story, and I want to provide a forum for you to tell it. You don’t have to be an atheist or agree with me to write a guest post.

Interested? Please email me expressing your interest via the Contact Form. I will then provide you with my private email address to which you can send me your post. All correspondence between us will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Thank you!



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    Correct, Bruce and his editor do not change content, meaning, or any aspect pertinent to your story. Also, Bruce respects your privacy if you are not ready to write under your own name, like I am not ready yet. Thank you again, Bruce, for your kindness in hosting my posts.

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    i am a survivor. i am 69 years old. and for over a year all the sex assault, cosby , weinstein, woody allen, kevin spacey and many many others have kept me so on edge it is difficult to tolerate. i am accustomed to never feeling safe but it’s constant, it’s a lot. then add the doofuses like the incels. the catholic church scandals won’t cease until every country investigates. and as you show, christian churches are the same. however, we must listen. things can change. it is our duty our obligation to change things for our daughters and nieces and aunts and sisters and mothers. for all women

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    I may have to draft something. I have about reached the end of my rope. I’ve known too many women that have been assaulted. I knew they would move forward with this Kavanaugh shit. Oh and not to mention the Catholic church. Ugh. Almost at the point of having to block conservative, Christian male relative on my facebook again for their victim blaming bullshit.

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    I’m a Christian who is conservative in my theology but not so much in my politics, if that makes sense. I did not vote for Trump because of these moral issues. I ended up not voting. My state did not have a 3rd party option I was comfortable with.

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    I come from a patriarchal Conservative background. Watching the Kavanaugh hearings threw me into a deep depression. I’ve escaped abuse in the church only to find the GOP has been feeding the monster. No place feels safe.

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      I’ve had a tough time Jen. I couldn’t watch it on t.v. but did follow on Twitter. I shouldn’t have. I can’t stand the bits and bites I hear now when it’s on the news. I have to get up and walk out of the room. It’s the same way with the man in the White House. Triggered.

      I can’t say I’m in a deep depression but I was affected psychologically.

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    I reasoned my way out of Christianity and all religion years ago. The hypocrisy and Machiavellian attitude of evangelicals has only reinforced my position. One of the biggest arguments for religion has always been the assertion that it provides morals and makes you a better person. The fact that 80% of evangelicals continue to support the most vile and immoral person ever to inhabit the oval office certainly contradicts this argument. I look at evangelical women who are so brainwashed that they support an extreme misogynist. I wonder how many of these women have themselves been victimized but blame themselves in some way because of their religion.

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    The left mirrors the crazy evangelical zealots in their zeal and hatred against anything opposed to their worldview. There is no difference between them except their extreme views are on the opposite side of the fence. There was no evidence of anything against Kavanaugh. She lied. The only thing he is guilty of is not believing what the left believes. Just like you lambaste the Christians for not believing what you believe.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      *sigh* Regardless of whether Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Ford (and I think he did), he lied about his high school/college years, his drinking habits, and his overall moral character. Further, his opening statement was partisan, combative, and argumentative, showing that he is a Republican hack who can’t be counted on to judge impartially. (and then there’s the fucking hypocrisy of Republicans refusing Merrick Garland’s appointment in 2016 and then being outraged over Democrats objecting to Kavanaugh.) I resigned myself to Trump appointing a conservative judge. He had plenty to choose from. His choice of Kavanaugh was a poor one.

      As far as my Evangelical focused writing, if you see it as nothing more than me lambasting Christians…I am at a loss for words. *sigh*

      I see things as they are, Geoff. I try to be as objective as possible. You might want to try doing the same.

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      Of course, like everyone (except for those involved) I have no idea what the facts are regarding the various allegations that have been made against Kavanaugh. Therefore judgement is based on what I see, hear, and am able to infer.

      I am puzzled as to why you say there is no evidence against Kavanaugh. Now it may be that there isn’t sufficient to mount a prosecution (were it possible now) but to say there is ‘no evidence’ is absurd. There’s the testimony of Ford, there are allegations of a similar nature from others, there’s evidence from at least one of his classmates, and there’s the very strong point that Ford discussed the attack with her therapist long before the nomination was made.

      Notwithstanding these points, however, like most who don’t like what Ford had to say, you underestimate how difficult it must be for a woman to make these accusations. Ford will have been aware of the grave personal consequences that speaking out would mean, including I’m sure the possibility of the death threats she actually received. She holds a very important position and is successful in her career; there is no way she would risk the possibility of prosecution for perjury, and all the etceteras, just to nail this one guy, knowing that there are hundreds of other conservative judges waiting in the wings. Combine that with her generally honest performance (if she was lying, she’d have had a much better rehearsed and remembered story), as against the performance of Kavanaugh, who managed to avoid most of the questions.

      You still think Ford was lying?

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        No, I believe Ford. Kavanaugh was lying. Ford came there at great risk. Kavanaugh behaved like a frat boy caught with his hand the booze cabinet. This man is a bad option for the court.

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    I didn’t intend to come of as combative. But people hate others who don’t believe as they do…at least not openly. It’s human nature.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Maybe for you it is, but as a humanist (and a decent, thoughtful human being) I try to think critically and objectively. I’m sure I fail, but I do my best to give people I differ with an honest hearing. Perhaps, you are projecting your own view of those you differ with on others. Hate? Really?

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      Sorry Geoff, you are coming off as combative and dismissive. I listen and read stuff from the a variety of points of view every day. What I see from conservatives is an immediate dismissal of women, gays, people of color whenever they point out bad policy, discrimination and the just plain stupidity of conservative views on things. Trump and Fox News believe that the protestors against Kavanaugh are only doing because they are being paid! I’m not sure who’s supposed to be paying them. Using issues like this says that that Trump and his supporters at the Fox News are more interested in propaganda and dehumanizing their opposition than they are in serious policy debates. Kavanaugh lied to Congress about a number of things. Using the useless term “The Left” shows you’re not actually interested in a discussion of the issues.

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