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Halloween: Ten Reasons Why People Should Never, Ever Carve Pumpkins or Wear Costumes

evil pumpkin

The following video is produced by woke AWAKEN LA church (affiliated with the Foursquare Gospel sect) in North Hollywood, California. It has a much higher production value than C.H. Fisher’s video, Halloween Helliween, so Fisher might want to take note of how to preach nonsense with pzazz. Bullshit goes down easier with a cool sound tract and flashy graphics.

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The video narrator gives ten reasons why people should never celebrate Halloween:

  • Halloween is the Devil’s holiday.
  • There are curses that are unleashed when people carve pumpkins. If you put the carved pumpkin on your porch, it brings demons into your house on Halloween.
  • Christians bring a four to five generation curse on their families when they celebrate Halloween.
  • Harvest parties are not a suitable substitution for Halloween. Substituting harvest parties for Halloween brings curses upon children and churches.
  • Wearing costumes changes identities. When Christians put on costumes of something they are not, they open themselves up to demonic attack.
  • Halloween is the opposite of Resurrection Sunday. It is the celebration of death.
  • November 1 is not about the saints. All Saints’ Day is a demonic holiday.
  • Celebrating Halloween is a betrayal to God.
  • Curses become active when Halloween begins.
  • Halloween is a trap set up by the Devil.

Here’s the money quote:

The whole picture of Halloween is to bow down to the Devil. The biggest witchcraft is done on Halloween.


Halloween is an abomination to God.


Halloween is a poison to believers and non-believers alike. Many people get killed,shot, and go missing on Halloween. Don’t play with fire. If you play with fire, you’ll burn your whole house down. The Devil has a mastermind strategy on how to deceive people. Remember, he is the father of lies. The Devil kills, steals, and destroys through these type of holidays and culturally encouraged traditions. It’s a trap set up. The enemy’s purpose is to keep you away from the cross. The lies and deceptions may appear harmless, good, or cool, [but] these deceptions are the Devil’s way to send you to a place called Hell.

Sadly, Awaken LA’s website features pictures of teenagers and young adults. (Facebook page) I can’t help but think, so many bright, hopeful lives ruined at such a young age. The church is pastored by Alexander Prokopchik.


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    I guess the candy is still safe as long as we don’t change our identities by wearing a Ninja Turtle costume and releasing demonic curses from gourds while using sharp knives. What about bobbing for apples- does biting an apple while submerged in a tub of water release demons into the atmosphere?

    There aren’t enough words to describe the childish stupidity of these people. Their God is a real buzzkill.

    • Avatar

      And they are deemed worthy of a tax-free status! Just prove you are sufficiently damaged to actually say stuff like the post shares and voila, no more taxes!

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    Michael Mock

    But I carved a pumpkin just last night! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Though actually we put pumpkins out last year, too, and we didn’t have any demons come into our house. Batman, two ghosts, a couple of Power Rangers, Wonder Woman, and a zombie punk rocker, but no actual demons. And most of them just stood on the sidewalk and accepted some candy.

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    I’m seeing/hearing a lot of Halloween fear mongering this year, as well as some satanic this-and-that. I thought a lot of it had faded out since the satanic panic of the 80s. Is this a resurgence of it, or have I just not noticed it in recent years? And if it’s a resurgence, why do you think it is happening at this particular time? Is it because churches are losing people, and they’re trying to use fear tactics to keep people?

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    Funny the foursquare church I went to for a few years had a harvest carnival every year when I was a kid. Times have changed indeed.

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