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On the Road Looking for God’s True Church

road trip

As Polly and I travel the roads of Northwest Ohio, Southern Michigan, and Southeast Indiana, we are always on the lookout for God’s True Church®. Here are a few of the churches we stumbled upon during our travels.

The Gathering Place, Defiance, Ohio, Richard Buttermore, pastor According to its website, the church’s mission is:

To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that turns non-Christians into converts, converts into disciples, and disciples into mature, fruitful leaders, who will in turn go into the world and reach others for Christ

This church wants passersby to know what exactly? As I read their message, I thought of a light bulb that has been dropped and shattered. How “bright”  is this bulb’s light? Just saying… Life teaches us that people can be crushed and harmed in such a way that there is no hope of their “light” shining brightly again. War, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence. and a host of other light-dimming acts of violence we humans afflict on each other — often in the name of God — often cause irreparable harm. And despite what Evangelicals say, Jesus isn’t very good at gathering up the pieces of shattered bulbs, re-affixing their elements, thus allowing them to shine brightly again. As a humanist, my hope is that we work to end violence against not only each other, but that which we commit against our planet and other animals.

the gathering place defiance ohio 2018 (2)

The Gathering Place, Defiance, Ohio, Richard Buttermore, pastor

My only thought was this: not if you wear a condom.

signs rt 49 south of edgerton ohio 2018 (1)signs rt 49 south of edgerton ohio 2018 (2)

These signs are from a residential yard just south of Edgerton, Ohio on State Route 49.

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    2 thoughts: it seems more and more churches are rebranding their names to sound less churchy and traditional, but when you look at the websites, they still teach hell, sin, substitutionary atonement, the same old same old. Second, I find it hilarious that roadsign makes who want to evangelize typically go to scare tactics to sell their products. Like, someone is driving by and reads the sign and realizes, oh no, I am totally going to hell, I need to pull over this car and talk to that guy right now!

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      I live in the northeast so I don’t really get the ‘pleasure’ of seeng these signs. Loved it in the south, though. Still swear I know every conservative in Vermont, though lol.

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    My nearby town has a university and a church there has a sign saying ‘Enjoy life to the full with Jesus’ which I guess is aimed at all the new students. Life to the full is the last thing I associate with x-tian belief now. As the post ‘the wasted years’ says…we did that for far too long and life is a whole lot fuller without it!

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