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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Democratic Party is Godless Says Pastor Ed Young

ed young

That ladies and gentlemen is what we’re up against. It’s no longer a party. It’s some kind of religion that is basically God-less and as long as America, and this is represented by every Democrat I know, does not believe in the sacredness of the life in the mother’s womb God will not bless America or make us a great nation. [is it my imagination, or does every Evangelical political argument begin and end with abortion?]

— Ed Young, pastor of of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, KHOU-11


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    I am godless but am not registered with any political party so does that make me a default Democrat?

    Evangelicals have been extremely well trained to care about one issue to the exclusion of all others. Too bad they act like they don’t give a f%$# about people outside the womb. If they focused 1/4 of the energy on already born people that they focus on the unborn, they could really help people, but also, no.

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    Karen the rock whisperer

    These kinds of arguments irritate me:

    Evangelicals: Abortion is murder! You don’t care about the innocent baybeez!

    Democrats: Let’s reduce the abortion rate. Let’s make contraception free and easily available.

    E: No.

    D: Let’s support parents so they can afford to raise an extra child.

    E: No.

    D: Let’s have free or affordable child care so mothers can work or go to school.

    E: No.

    D: You’re not really interested in finding real solutions, are you?

    E: Abortion is murder! Baybeez!

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