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My wife, Polly, was hospitalized at Community Hospital and Wellness Center in Bryan, Ohio yesterday due to problems with her bowels. A CT scan revealed several serious problems, and her bloodwork shows problems with liver function. Currently, they are trying to hydrate her and battle the bacterial infection in her bowel. On Friday, the surgeon plans to do an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. As of today, he says her symptoms remain a mystery, and he hopes these tests will give him a better picture of exactly what is going on.

I am having my own problems pain-wise, but the focus is on Polly for now. Polly has worked for 20 years at Sauder Woodworking. She will miss her first day ever this week once her vacation days (4) are used up. Polly will be in the hospital at least until Monday, and longer if surgery is required.

I’ve said all that to say, I may not get much writing done over the next few days. I hope you’ll understand.



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  1. Zoe

    Yes we understand. Polly, you, your family first Bruce. <3

  2. Lydia

    You and Polly are in my thoughts.

  3. That Other Jean

    All good wishes to Polly, and to the rest of your family. You do what you need to do to take care of her, and yourself. Please keep us posted when you can.

  4. Zoe

    We understand. Polly first, you too Bruce. <3

  5. DagoodS

    Thoughts are with you and your family, my friend.

  6. Bob Felton

    Best wishes to both of you, and for a happy resolution …

  7. Troy

    Hoping for a positive outcome.

  8. Ami

    Hugs to all of you. I hope they can figure out what’s going on and that it’s an easy treatment.

  9. Brian

    Dammit! So sorry to hear of Polly’s sickness. She truly has an amzing work record and it will not be easy for her to be absent from it but illness takes precedence and I trust she does not need long in care. Take good care of yourself, dear Bruce. Please tell Polly that she is being sent the strength of good wishes from all over the world!

  10. przxqgl

    my best to polly, and to you. get well soon, both of you! 👍🏽

    1. przxqgl

      remeber, if they say it’s “idiopathic” that means that they don’t know what it is. 😉

  11. Scott

    So sorry to hear about this. Best wishes for her care.

  12. Sheila

    I’m sorry she is ailing. Please be sure and take care of yourself, so you can care for your loving wife.

  13. GeoffT

    All the very best wishes for Polly.

  14. mary g

    all the best to Polly and you. hope they can figure this out and resolve for her. take care. so many of us out here are pulling for you guys.

  15. Carmen

    Oh dear, Bruce. Poor Polly. I hope they find out what’s going on soon. . .and that she begins the road to recovery. I’ll be sending positive vibes. . Xx

  16. Neil

    Course we do, Bruce. Very best wishes to Polly, and to you too.

  17. Byroniac

    Best wishes to you and Polly.

  18. Karen the rock whisperer

    (((HUGS))) to both of you and your family. They’ll figure it out.

  19. Angiep

    Sending best wishes and all my positive energy your way.

  20. Mike

    Best wishes to both you and Polly – thank you for your service and we look forward to having you back.

  21. Melissa Montana

    Best wishes to you and Polly. Take as long as you need, we will be here for you.

  22. ObstacleChick

    Wishing you both the best!

  23. Maloyo

    Sending good thoughts your way.

  24. Darcy

    Best wishes to you both, and to skilled medical personnel.

  25. CarolK

    Best wishes to you and Polly!

  26. Elaine

    I’m so sorry and hope the medical people figure out what’s going on quickly.

  27. Appalachian Agnostic

    I hope all goes well!

  28. BeckyW

    So sorry to hear this! Sending good energy her way. ((HUGS))

  29. Yurena

    The US has some of the best doctors, she is in very good hands! Sending lots of positive vibes both your way so that your wife Polly gets well really soon and this is just a health scare, nothing else.

  30. Jade

    Dear Bruce and Polly,
    I’m crossing my fingers and sending you plenty of well wishes. Hope this will pass sooner rather than later. Hang in there!

    Kind regards from Belgium (not that that changes anything, but well, that way you know people from all over are with you in their thoughts!)

  31. Kathy Hughes

    Thinking of you and Polly, and hoping for the best for you both.

  32. Carol

    Oh Bruce…so sorry to read this. Sending good thoughts for Polly and you and the family.
    ((( <3 )))

  33. sgl

    best wishes to you both.

  34. Stuart

    I hope it works out for her and you! By your descriptions, she’s one special lady.

  35. Autumn

    Best wishes and hope that Polly gets well soon.

  36. TLC

    Keeping both of you in my thoughts. Please keep us posted as best you can. Don’t worry about writing.

  37. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

    Thank you everyone for your kind and thoughtful words.

  38. JulieBarks

    My daughter and my mother went through the same thing I lost my mum when she was 63 through undiagnosed celiacs disease leading to inflammatory bowel disease. My daughter was diagnosed at 25 and has it under controlled. They both had bowel problems for years and other health issues that go with celiacs /inflammatory bowel disease. They were both told it was I.B.S. and were dismissed by doctors. I would urge anyone with long term I.B.S symptoms to ask for a blood test for celiacs. And also it does run in families. Best wishes to you both.


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