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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Shush, Evil Spirits Might be Listening


Familiar spirits and generational spirits target our families and situations that are familiar to us. These spirits have been assigned to our genealogy and know our families’ past mistakes and weaknesses. We also need to be aware of the word curses and generational curses in our family members’ lives so that we don’t repeat the past and bring what is dead, buried, and gone into the future. We need to make sure that we are speaking life and freedom and not cursing and bondage. By the words we speak, we can replant and build what the enemy has stolen of our past.

What curses are you putting on yourself? What generational curses are you putting on your children? Statements such as the following should not be spoken:

  • “She can’t read.”
  • “She sings off key.”
  • “He always drops something.”
  • “My kids are loud and obnoxious.”
  • “Her middle name is Troublemaker.”

Don’t curse your children and spouse with your words. If it doesn’t edify, encourage, or exhort, don’t say it. Find a way to speak about a condition or happening that is not going to speak against anyone. Better yet, don’t speak it at all if you aren’t trying to find a solution to the problem.

How many times do we speak over ourselves and aren’t even aware of it?

  • Never say, “That makes me sick,” when someone tells you something. It can open a doorway to sickness. You are speaking or claiming that something makes you sick!
  • Never say, “She’s driving me crazy” or “I can’t take it anymore.” Such statements can lead to emotional doors being opened. Do you really want to lose your mind and go crazy? How many times have you spoken that out over the years? Remember the law of sowing and reaping.
  • Never say, “My daughter has the flu, and I’ll catch it next.” We are redeemed! We don’t have to get the flu or a virus. Don’t claim that it’s going to attack you. Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles. Expect not to get sick; don’t expect to get sick!
  • Never say, “I can’t afford to tithe!” Change your poverty mentality; you can’t afford not to tithe.
  • Never say, “Over my dead body,” “I’m going to kill you for that,” or “You’re going to kill me for this.” Such statements open a door for spirits of death to come in.
  • Never say, “They irritate me.” That statement leads to a spirit of irritation. When you say that you are irritated or frustrated, you can’t get rid of it in a few days because you opened the door to those spirits by speaking it. Now you need to cast out a spirit of irritation or frustration.
  • — Kathy DeGraw, Charisma News, Are You Cursing Your Family With Generational Spirits Without Realizing It, February 2, 2019

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      It must be exhausting to see signs and portents in everything that you say, everything someone else says, everything that happens around you or to you or to those you love.

      To be afraid all the time of saying the wrong thing or moving wrong or thinking in a non-deity approved manner.

      All of the most fearful people I’ve ever known are Christians.

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      mary g

      wow, this sounds absolutely exhausting. I believe we should think about what we say so that we don’t hurt the people around us, but this is a huge guilt trip for women. I grew up around this fear and guilt in the Pentecostal movement. it sure attracted people w/issues and mental illness. but they blamed it all on demons. scary. I have family members who are now in therapy because of the Pentecostal cult and these very beliefs. hope they will be able to be happy and normal again. so tired of the damage done by these false beliefs.

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      Karen the rock whisperer

      There are gems of wisdom in all that dreck, but her good advice depends on the wrong reasons. Cultivating positivity in life can be a real challenge, but it often does lead to better outcomes. I’m not talking about always saying positive things, or expecting everything to work out, but the kind of attitude that assumes life problems can either be solved or made better by your own effort. Not always true of course, but more likely with a self-supportive attitude. The alternative really is to cultivate a “negativity demon” in your own mind that can hold a person back from their goals in life.

      I also think its generally not a good idea to say generic bad things about people like, “She drives me crazy!”, even if the person so described never hears that. It’s an expression of frustration, sure, but not helpful, in that it helps you convince yourself that you can’t do anything about the situation. That might be true, but it might not be. You all can see where I’m going with this.

      But when I fail to take these approaches, one thing I don’t worry about is demons sneaking in and messing up my life!

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      Positive thoughts and mindset can be very useful in life, but not because there are spirits all over the place who care about what we do. I feel like this type of mindset – focusing on good and evil spirits around us that want to influence us – is entirely arrogant. And as others mentioned, it must take up a lot of energy examining EVERY ASPECT IN LIFE to make sure there aren’t evil spirits involved.

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      I am not even remotely religious, and nobody who knows me would ever associate me with ‘positive thinking’ but I have learned that constant negativity in life is very destructive. I don’t mean fake happiness or being blind to reality, but I don’t disagree with everything DeGraw says. Forget the tithe stuff (I don’t go to church) and frankly if you’re exposed to a virus or something whether or not get sick depends on a number of things; demons are not among them. However, if your kid knocks over a glass of milk, I firmly believe it is better to say, “the milk spilled…” rather than “you spilled the milk…” The kid knows he/she spilled the milk, you don’t have to make them feel worse and it doesn’t solve anything.

      I heard that example decades ago and it did nothing for me at the time, but I’ve learned that this is the better way to approach many human interactions. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t help you if you walk around in a constant, never ending state of ill-temper–about everything–all the time. Believe me, that was me, LOL! I don’t know how/even my life would have been different (meaning better) had I not been so angry about what happened to me and why I found even ordinary things (like life) so hard, but I do know that I would have been happier if I had been able to see that my attitude was making it all worse.

      IMO, you don’t need the Christian god or any other one for that but you do have to find it within yourself.

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        Maloyo, there’s a great book on discipline “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish that uses that very example. You simply state or describe the problem “The milk spilled” and not “David, you spilled the milk. The first is more likely to get a cooperative child.

        All this generational curse BS, though, is though is a good way to silence those not in power.

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      Christianity is designed to change your life and it does indeed successfully change the lives of those who seriously undertake to do God’s Will. One must understand that the self is evil and fallen and give up all hope of helping yourself. Let go and let God! Jesus wants you to understand that the kind of love he demands is beyond any you have ever known. First hate your evil body and hate your very family too. Your parents must be abandoned as must this evil world. Desert all the fallen concepts of love that have fooled you and follow Christ etc. ad nauseum.
      When I finally realized I was free of Christianity, I became eternally astounded at what rubbish I had somehow digested from birth onward. Like so many others express here, it is with huge relief and peace that I realized my freedom to simply live without all the Baptist excess.

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      my impression is that words have meaning. it doesn’t have anything to do with “christianity”, it has to do with semantics.

      instead of saying “you’re so stupid, let me do it” to my kid, i say “what happens if you do it this way, instead?” saying “you’re so stupid” encourages the kid to think of himself as stupid, but saying “what happens if you do it this way” encourages the kid to use his imagination to figure out novel solutions to problems.

      as i said, it doesn’t have anything to do with “christianity”, it’s a more humane way of speaking.

    8. Avatar

      I would bet anything that Kathy’s been accused or accused others of “opening the door to emotionalism” or of having a “spirit of irritation.” Those are new ones to me and I grew up in this hot mess. It’s cracking me up.

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