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Evangelical Pastor Dean Curry Starts New Church After Being Fired Over Sexual Misconduct

dean curry

Last July, Dean Curry, pastor of Life Center Assembly of God in Tacoma, Washington, was fired over sexual misconduct allegations. You can read my posts on Curry’s firing here, here, and here.  After sixth months on the disgraced pastors shelf, Curry has resurrected himself and started a new church in Tacoma, Washington. Called OURCHURCH, Curry’s new gig purports to be an inclusive congregation:

CHURCH. It’s a word with some baggage. Almost always defined by or linked with a term Jesus never used: “religion.” OURCHURCH isn’t about religion. We’re about Jesus. And Jesus is about truth, love, grace, peace, and life to the full. For everyone.

OUR: belonging to or connected with us; the possessive form of we

By definition, OUR is inclusive. You, me, us, we. OURCHURCH is simply a community of people learning to love Jesus and love people well together. Sound like something you’d like to be part of? Welcome to OUR.

I wonder if “inclusive” means accepting LGBTQ as they are and admitting them into the membership? I doubt. OUR CHURCH’s doctrinal statement is quite Evangelical, so I suspect that Curry will continue to preach against homosexuality, premarital sex, and same-sex marriage. The church’s doctrinal statement doesn’t mention Hell, though I suspect, again, Curry believes such a place exists and all non-Christians will end up there after they die.

Curry in an expert at hiding his real beliefs behind cutesy, evasive words, but make no mistake about it, Dean Curry is a card-Carrying Evangelical; an Evangelical pastor with sexual misconduct allegations in his past. Not that that has ever stopped a disgraced Evangelical preacher from starting a new church. You see, men such as Dean Curry (and Bruce Gerencser) are addicted to the ministry. They love the power, attention, and adulation. The ministry gives them meaning, purpose, and direction. The sum of their life is the ministry.  It is for these reasons, and others, disgraced preachers rarely leave the ministry altogether. Once a preacher, always a preacher, the thinking goes. And if men such as Curry believe God has “called” them, they even have Biblical justification for their continuation in the ministry despite their crimes and/or misconduct:

For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. (Romans 11:29)

I have no doubt Curry believes he is “called” by Jesus to start OURCHURCH and be its senior pastor. When someone believes God talks to them personally, there’s little anyone can do to change their minds. It will be interesting to see how many people join with Curry at his new gig. Something tells me, he will draw more than a few people from his former church; people who believe the accusations against Curry are false or they believe he is sufficiently repentant for his past ill behavior.

The current leaders of the church are as follows: Dean Curry, Senior Pastor, Brandon Perritte, Lead Pastor, Melanie Grassi Wood, Executive Pastor, and Tait Stocking, Pastor to Kids and Families

OURCHURCH’s Facebook page.


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      Bruce Gerencser

      I’m no brother, and I’m not the one with the proverbial “plank” in my eyes. My vision is quite clear. I see Curry for who and what he is. That you can’t see these things suggests to me that the “plank” you are seeing is in your own eyes.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Mr. Dent uses a stick, a Christ-stick to whack Bruce with some deeeep scripture. Why indeed! And the same why goes for every damned thing one wants to observe and discuss: Wanna criticize the president. PLANK PLANK! Wanna talk about climate change? PLANK! Want to talk about equality among the sexes? PLANK!
    The church and its minions use the sick template of Christianity to harm themselves and all of us in the bargain. This is normal, everyday life with belief in Delusion instead of common sense.

  2. Avatar

    He has not preached against the things you mention and he is against the idea of a “super sin.” He really does walk the talk. He was found “guilty” by a church and not a court of law. They did not want to deal with the potential negative attention. Its too bad it did not go to court because I think this would have looked different.

    I guess only you have free reign to be presumptuous and judgmental about someone who you think is presumptuous and judgmental. Classy.

  3. Avatar

    Bruce- might sound odd coming from an attendee of that church and a regular church going guy, but you’re doing good work. But the failure is his. And he’s 100% guilty. But you’re indicting Christianity. Man, like we’ve done with everything else, like the planet (as you point out), screwed it up. Christianity, as it’s supposed to be, is the opposite of subversive and oppressive to ANYONE. Don’t blame God for what is an all too human problem. Regardless, very accurate write up and appreciate you getting the truth out there.

  4. Avatar

    A church is a place for the broken,I thought! I’m a survivor of the worse kind of abuse. I was hurting and when I went to that church they are not there for the hurting! They tell the people what they want to hear so they can get the big bucks! Karma came around!

  5. Avatar

    First, anytime they leave “the accuser & witness” names out, there is something wrong with that picture.
    Just saying.

    Anyone notice that the author of this articles BIO says this:

    Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist. Bruce don’t even live here! Bruce Gerencser, 62, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 41 years. Bruce could be very well “one” of those behind removing Dean Curry as Pastor.

    Reminds me of the “out of state” group that sued Gig Harbor for having a manger scene up at the local park Christmas display. They ended up having to remove it. Good grief, what is this world coming to???

    I bet this post gets conveniently removed… for telling the truth.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      That’s quite a conspiracy you are floating there , Jack. What’s next? I work for CIA — church infiltration agency, funded by George Soros. My bio is my cover story. I don’t really live in Ohio or have a wife. I am a gay man who lives with my lover of 29 years in San Fran. Now you know my backstory. All praise be to Allah.

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    Dale Garcia

    I am new to believing in God. I want to forgive you. I realize now How much I need to be forgiven. Lord Jesus Thank You for covering me with Your precious blood of forgiveness. DALE GARCIA

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser


      Why do you need to forgive me? What have I done that needs forgiveness? What have I done that would require me to take a blood bath? You do know how icky that sounds, right?

      I am all for personal forgiveness, both in giving and receiving. However, religion complicates matters. Religion bypasses personal forgiveness and makes it all about God — getting his absolution. No thanks.


  7. Avatar

    Dale, blood is a known contaminant that taints rather than cleanses. Being covered in the blood of anything is simply disgusting.

    You do not need a long-dead (or totally mythical) rabbi to forgive you for anything. The only people who may want to forgive are any real, live people whom you have actually harmed. Even if they never forgive you, you are still under the obligation to apologize and make restitution in coin of their choice, rather than declaring the spiritual obligation of a Chapter 11 and walking away from those debts.

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Bruce Gerencser