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According to Many Evangelicals, Donald Trump is a Modern-Day King Cyrus

bill maher

In the video below, comedian Bill Maher  ridicules and dismantles the Evangelical notion that President Donald Trump is some sort of modern-day reincarnation of Persian ruler King Cyrus (also known as King Cyrus the Great). If you are not up on old King Cy, please read Isaiah 45. OMG, did you see that? Isaiah 45? Trump is the 45th president! Thank you, Jesus, we now know the pussy-grabber-in chief is your anointed one!


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    Maher makes a good point that evangelicals work backwards to find a verse to support whatever the f$%# they want to support.

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    Maher makes many good points. He points out it is likely Trump believes in so much of his garbage is because religious leaders always tell it to him. After all to many people if you cannot trust religious leaders on religious issues who should you trust? So once again Evangelicals are making things worse, not better.

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    I will have to agree with the evangarblers on this one. If God is indeed in control, then he would choose Trump to greatly harm the nation and would derive great pleasure from the fact. His preachers will say how lucky America is that God didn’t decide instead to rip the country to pieces with war and flood and famine. God is a merciful God and Trump is his choice. Where did I put that hairshirt??

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    Recently, Trump signed some bibles for some kids in Alabama, like he’d authored it or something. Would that not be considered blasphemous? After all, Trump did not write the Bible. In fact he seems to have little familiarity with the book. You know that if Obama had singed a kid’s bible, the reich-wing would have had a conniption.

    That’s not the same as a parent inscribing the bible “For Johnny on his eighth birthday” or the pastor inscribing it “For Martha, on her confirmation”

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