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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Birth Control Paved the Way for All Sorts of Evil Says Rusty Thomas

rusty thomas

Once the church was seduced by Margaret Sanger, the angel of death and founder of Planned Parenthood, to embrace birth control, which separated sex from procreation, it paved the way for the world to embrace abortion on demand and all its adjacent evils (homosexuality, child molestation, the rape culture, and other deviant immoralities).

Sex with no commitment produces a people who treat their spouses or sinful partners (sex outside of marriage) as mere sex objects. Most, in this compromised state, refuse to muster the responsibility necessary to raise children.

Perhaps, it is past time for Christians to put the ax of God’s truth to the root of this bloody idolatrous tree. The church must first repent of the anti-child mentality inspired by the Devil himself, who came to kill, steal, and destroy.

The same reason why the world murders their offspring is the same reason why some Christians do the same or falsely believe that a barren womb is now the blessing and a fruitful womb is now the curse.

The American church, for the most part, rejects the Biblical truth that children are gifts, blessings, and God’s reward to faithful parents (Psalms 127:3-5). No, they believe children are burdens that interrupt our hectic American lifestyles that seeks personal fulfillment without being encumbered by the sacrificial love necessary to advance God’s Kingdom in the earth.

— Rusty Thomas, The Transformed Wife, PLEASE, Repent of the Anti-Child Mentality!, April 27, 2019

Thomas is the national director of Operation Save America, an anti-abortion “ministry.” He also operates Elijah Ministries


Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    What utter rubbish! Factually, a large %-age of the world now lives in cities where space is at a premium so folk have to live in tiny homes/apartments where 1-2 babies are a squeeze. In large countries, like the USA, you can live off the grid, throw up a shack and pop out a dozen babies and live at poverty-level cos jesus. But that’s not possible in other places. Planning rules are strict in the UK. Even if you own the land, you can’t just inhabit a hovel you’ve thrown up, you’d soon be taken to court and ordered to remove it. Basic housing costs are huge in many countries, so folk wisely only have as many children as they can afford to give a reasonable life to.
    I guess Thomas has in mind 1) Have a quiverful and trust the lord and rely on the charity of your church to prevent them from starving, barefoot and cold. 2) Have lots of x-tian babies to outbreed those heathens, especially those muslim heathens who are such a big threat to us all.
    I recently read this quote by Augustine: ‘The world is a book and those who don’t travel, read only one page.’ Thomas hasn’t even read the first line!

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    There are many benefits to birth control. The health of a woman – there are women whose bodies cannot handle having a lot of children, and birth control allows them to maintain a sexual relationship with their partner without fear of, well, DYING if they have another child. Women with PCOS need birth control to maintain a regular menstrual cycle, and it’s important for women’s health to maintain a regular cycle.

    Frankly, if my husband and I don’t want to have a lot of kids that’s our business, a decision we have made based on what we believe is best for our family.

    Seriously, what is the obsession with fundamentalist religions and having a whole bunch of kids? Is it to increase the population of their brand of religion to gain dominance? It’s not just quiverfull Christians – it’s fundamentalist Muslims, Orthodox Jews, conservative Catholics…..and many of these groups live in poverty or on government assistance and it’s difficult for the children of those huge, poor families to get out of the cycle of poverty they were born into.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Rusty Thomas seems to think that anything popping into his head is logical history. This happens when people eat only scripture instead of allowing themselves a balanced diet. While Margaret Sanger could be part of Rusty’s cure, the virus in a cowboy hat refuses the medicine. Instead, he goes on about devils and axes.
    Sad that he has so many children to harm.

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    Why am I not surprised to see that this came from The Transformed Wife/Lori Alexander?

    It’s not like Margaret Sanger invented contraception and abortion. They’ve existed since time immemorial. There was a Jewish woman scholar who wrote a few years ago about the contraceptive and abortifacient herbs in the bible. The “sins” (some which are indeed sins) that Rusty Thomas lists have are also not modern inventions.

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    Why are men like this so threatened by a woman’s freedom to procreate or not? Why are they threatened by women at all?


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    This fool presumes much and spews so many lies it’s tough to know where to start. He is dangerous because people actually listen to him.

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    I read somewhere, I can’t remember, that whoever has the control who gets to have sex has the power. The Evangelism knows it’s dying and it’s grasping for whatever – in this case, power. That’s why the Evangelism sided with Trump. That’s why they’re obsessed about homosexuality and birth control.

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Bruce Gerencser