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Quote of the Day: Why Atheists Refuse to Respect Christian Beliefs

david mercerSomeone might ask me, “Why make things so unpleasant by arguing? Why not go on with your life and let people believe as they do?  Why can’t we all have mutual respect for each other?”

Mutual respect sounds pretty good to me, and it would be a great starting place.  We could all be quiet and let everyone have their own thoughts.

So how about this:

I’ll get quiet when the Evangelical Christians do.  When they stop their global campaign, I’ll stop writing and talking.  I’ll stop speaking up when they stop trying to condition the minds of little children with songs, stories, and threats.  When they quit trying to force the schools and the government to carry their message for them, I’ll stop protesting.

Many Christians accuse atheists of having a hidden agenda, which I think takes a special blend of nerve and insanity, considering that their highest priority is to convert the entire world.

By the way, there’s nothing secret about the atheist agenda.  Simply stated, we won’t be forced to believe in God.

— David Mercer, Deep Calls, Atheism Versus the Easter Bunny, May 25, 2019


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    Becky Wiren

    Theocrats feel like they are being persecuted when they are kept from forcing the rest of us to live by their creed. All the whining and crying! Seriously, in day to day life the theocrats are obnoxious, while atheists usually go with live and let live. Which is why I prefer atheists to theocrats.

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    Theocrats: I don’t want you to force your anti-science, bigoted, legalistic beliefs on my life. I am not persecuting you by trying to prevent your perverted agenda from being enacted into law. Think how you would feel if the Muslims were trying to do what you are doing – you are literally no different from what you claim they are.

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    When Christians stop trying to change laws that affect women, the poor, the disabled, etc. I’ll stop criticizing.
    Also: Stop knocking on my door trying to sell me something I didn’t order unless you want me to come to your house uninvited to share my beliefs. That kind of proselytizing is especially annoying and rude.

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