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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Libraries Are Dangerous Places, Says Creationist Ken Ham


Increasingly (sadly) so, but public libraries are becoming dangerous places for kids (of all ages). And sadly, the majority of kids from church homes have already had their hearts & minds captured by the enemy through public schools, TV etc. Christian…

parents need to be reminded:  “You shall teach them [God’s Word] diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise” (Deuteronomy 6:7)

— Ken Ham, Twitter, June 23, 2019


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    Ken Ham is right, libraries are dangerous to ignorance. I cannot Express how thankful I am to researchers and writers of books, to those who started libraries to increase access to ideas, to taxpayers who fund libraries, and to teachers who teach us to read and encourage us to seek knowledge.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Ken Ham well represents late-stage Christian disease. He is a fast-talker and full of dirty bunts and weak line-drives.
    As for libraries, wow are they dangerous! They offer a world of human knowledge and experience, delight and misery: Read everything! Devour books of all kinds and follow your heart’s desire in learning, in being.
    Imagine a world where churches all became respositories of books! Out with pews! In with bookcases!

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    my mom loved reading so we were never deterred from the library. we just never advertised it at church. we would check out dozens of books at a time and read all summer long. I am grateful for that. perhaps this is why I was able to think my way out of Pentecostalism. mom has curtailed her reading to echo chambers on the internet and her bible. so sad when I think of how smart she was as a young person and what she could have been. her emotional needs overtook the intellectual and this is how the poison ruined her life. Brian I love the idea of churches becoming repositories for books! how much better off would mankind be?

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    Libraries are dangerous places for Fundamentalist children? Absolutely! All that accumulated wisdom might rub off on some of them, and then where would they be? They might actually begin to doubt what they were told ! We can’t have that!

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    Good Godfrey! Thank goodness for those wholesome, dangerous places! Libraries are perhaps one of the last bastions against these fundamentalists, eh? Librarians are fierce and libraries are the cure for sky-daddy syndrome!

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    My daughter is a librarian. She started out at a branch library of her county public library and now works at a university library. One of the people killed in the massacre at Mother Emanuel AME Church was a librarian and a friend of my daughter’s boss at the branch library.

    People worried about Drag Queen Story Hours might want to remember that these tots are being taken to the library by their parents. No three year old is going to walk him/serself to the library. The little kids certainly don’t think that a man dressed as a woman is reading them a story. They only see that a lovely princess is reading them a story.

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      Kids love dress-up and make-believe and having interesting stories read to them. It’s the up-tight, ultra-religious adults who are upset about who is doing the dressing up and the story reading. It’s a shame that they’re allowed to deprive the children of a bit of make-believe and fun.

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    I’ll always be grateful to my Mamaw, who walked me to the library every Monday when I was a small child. She was a very religious Baptist, but would have stared Ken Ham under the floor boards for that comment.

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    Of course, books are the bane of ignorance and fundamentalism. That’s how I got delivered and found my salvation out of my fundamental upbringing. It all started when I picked my a copy of Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus.

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    I’m amazed by the comments at how many ex-fundamentalists were influenced by reading, myself included. Libraries were a huge presence in my life from a young age, and I’m so grateful my parents took us there frequently. Their importance to society simply can’t be overstated. I only hope people won’t become so used to the internet that they forget how to check out a book and read about subjects in-depth.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    Libraries are too important in so many ways,to be shut down by nutjobs ! They have computers, fax machines and scanning services, stamps and envelopes- no way will average citizens tolerate a bunch of wackos coming against the libraries. Because of their many services,not just books, the atmosphere is very relaxing. Shutting down libraries will backfire in major ways.

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