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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Flat Earthers Celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing Hoax

flat earth

Yes, it has been exactly 50 years ago since the Moon landing hoax. I thought I would put up some videos of documentaries showing this but when I did a search on YouTube I didn’t find any. This is not surprising in that the social media giants have banned free speech. So, I went to to see what I could find. All I found was some short stupid videos including those by Walt Disney. I even went to another flat earth blog and didn’t find what I was looking for.

The video I was looking for was is called, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon,” but I could not find that. There used to be a website with that name as the URL.

All of this is not surprising as the social media giants already scrubbed a lot about the flat earth. If these videos are still up there, you can not find them by typing in the key words. With that in mind there is a substitute video you can watch here.

One thing that this tells us, is that what we have been saying is true, otherwise why hide it. If, what we believed was a lie, the tech giants would make available information like the fake Moon landing, as it would be easy for the globe earth believers to dispute it and make us look like fools, which is what they really would like to do. But they know they can’t defend their position, so the only thing for them to do is silence us. This shows they are liars!

Now, the next step, when the Communists come in full power it to put us in gulag camps. This is what had been done historically. After all, the anti-Christ Communists can’t allow people who live in society to tell others what’s wrong their system. So they put them in prison/work camps where many died there and those who did live through their sentence their health was broken.


As I was posting this article I had two videos that I embedded, as I’ve done many times before. Then I published it. When I went to the live page I did not see my videos there! So, I did it again, thinking that I made a mistake, and sure enough, my videos did not show up. This prove that the Satanic powers do not want the truth out. I’m sure they know that people like me would be posting something about the fake Moon landing as it’s the big 50th anniversary.


Anyhow, I guess we can say “thanks” to the evil people for proving that they can’t answer our questions concerning the hoax Moon landing (as well as a 1,001 other questions we have for them, and showing the world what liars they are.

— Revealed4You, Christian Flat Earth Ministry, 50th Anniversary Of The Moon Landing Hoax, July 20, 2019


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    The christian world is trying to take us into the Dark Ages, spitting on all the advancement of Enlightenment. Once that happens humanity will almost assure it’s own extinction. I got too much into the conspiracy stuff. With the “we never been to the moon” stuff I remained uncommitted but read those websites too. Christians have to deny space itself to defend a 2,000 year old book, that is disproven by basic science.

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    Every single conspiracy theory fails for the same underlying reason; given the thousands of people who must be party to them is it really conceivable that nobody has spoken out, exposing the supposed fraud? And that’s ignoring the very good substantive reasons that these conspiracies couldn’t have happened. Of course, now that search engines and web hosts such as YouTube have made accessing these ludicrous theories much harder, now they claim yet more conspiracy!

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    Jesus. These people VOTE.

    And many of them reproduce.

    I can’t decide which is worse, them voting or having babies who will undoubtedly grow up stupid and perpetuate the idiocy.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Yet tens of millions of Christians believe Ken Ham and his fellow young-earth creationists are right; that the universe is 6,024 years old. To me, it is just a matter of degree. A billion-plus Christians believe a virgin was impregnated by God and gave birth to Jesus. Is that any less absurd than believing the earth is flat? In all these instances, their final authority is the Bible. Perhaps, the bigger issue here is the Bible . . .

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        The issue is how some people INTERPRET the Bible. And I couldn’t believe the “proofs” I saw on this flat earth website that a simple google search for the diameter of the earth and a few calculations would have shown to be not “proof”. Are people that scared of math?

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