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Black Collar Crime: Evangelical Professor David DeHaven Accused of Unlawful Photography

david dehaven

Dr. David DeHaven, an adjunct professor at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, stand accused of filming and photographing minors in a state of undress.

The Richmond Times-Telegraph reports:

DeHaven, 49, taught for Liberty University Online as an adjunct instructor of business. Scott Lamb, senior vice president of communications at Liberty University, said DeHaven has been suspended pending the outcome of the charges. DeHaven also operates D3 Coaching, an executive coaching and strategy consulting business.

DeHaven is a former president of the Parent Teacher Student Association at James River High School, Principal Jamie Talbott said.

DeHaven’s Linkedin profile makes no mention of his work at Liberty University.

DeHaven’s business, D3 Coaching.


  1. Avatar
    Brunetto Latini

    Not surprised at anything that happens at Liberty U. Jr supports that model of biblical virtue, Donald Trump. And I read in The Washington Post about the football coach he hired. Stellar Christians, all around.

  2. Avatar
    Brian Vanderlip

    First-rate believer all the way! There is a misunderstanding here! I’m sure the man was just documenting the progress of his charges so that he could make them better business people and stronger athletes. How can you judge things like muscle growth and so forth without pictures of them undressed so you can see! People just don’t understand the depth of caring shown by this employee of the university dedicated to Liberty and the American Way…. He looks so pleased in his mug-shot in the link to the newspaper. Don’t worry David. Jesus has your back. You’ll be forgiven for your dedication, your excessive involvement….

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