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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Jack Graham Tells More Lies About Socialism


Let’s define our terms. Socialism is a political and economic system in which there is government ownership of the means of production and the primary focus of providing equality. Socialism favors large government and governmental control of social services and much more. In socialism, the government is all important and is involved in every aspect of the lives of those whom it rules. 

Contrast this with capitalism. Ours is an economic system in which there is private ownership, private property, and private possession of goods. In capitalism, there is a limited role for the presence and force of government in individual lives. Economically and philosophically, capitalism and socialism are two forms of government between which we need to differentiate. 

Americans have historically favored capitalism and the freedom it provides. Surprisingly, however, a shift appears to be occurring in public opinion, especially among the young. 

A recent USA Today report said that 4 in 10 Americans embrace some form of socialism. A recent poll of millennials found that a majority, 58 percent, would rather live in a socialist nation than a capitalist nation. Some young people perceive capitalism and corporate America as being greedy and without compassion or concern for others. Yes, there is greed in this country, but there is greed whether it is in a socialistic system or a capitalistic system. It is in the heart of every human being.

What accounts for the changing attitudes among the young? Those under 30 years of age have not seen the devastating effects of Soviet-style repressive governments under socialism. It is the big bad brother, communism. We’re past the Cold War now, and a generation has arisen that either hasn’t been taught history, doesn’t read or understand it, or doesn’t care. They are listening to their liberal teachers, professors and politicians; and what they have been told sounds good. It appears compassionate and loving. But is it? I can say emphatically that it is not!

Socialism is fundamentally at odds with the Christian worldview because it seeks to suppress all people according to the dictates of the state. No one serious about their Christian faith can accept socialism, and here’s why. Socialism is totally secular and is predicated on atheism. That is a fact. Our faith in Jesus Christ is built on the Word of God, the revelation of Scripture, and the belief that God exists. We believe in the coming resurrection of Christ, and with that faith comes freedom to live an abundant life that is founded on liberty.

Contrast that with Karl Marx, the father of socialism. He considered religion of all types, specifically Christianity, to be what he called “an opiate of the people.” In other words, belief in God is a drug to be used to pacify the public. Marx was the originator of the horribly repressive Soviet style of government. He was also greatly influenced by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. It purports to explain the existence of life on earth. Human beings, he said, are nothing more than advanced animals. If that is true, any one of us can be disposed of at the whim of the state.

— Jack Graham, What the Bible Teaches About Socialism and Capitalism, August 5, 2019


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    At the risk of disagreeing with this erstwhile gentleman, of clearly supreme intellect, I might suggest to him that bits of Jesus (the bits that didn’t have you hating your parents, or plucking out right eyes) are supportive of socialism. Jesus seemed to identify himself with the poor, hungry, and sick, he ordered loving your neighbour as yourself, and referred to blessed are the poor. (Personally, I liked his ‘blessed are the cheese makers, but Life of Brian was just too accurate for many!).

    He deplored capitalism but that seems now to be somewhat overlooked.

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    Socialism is a political and economic system in which there is government ownership of the means of production

    No, that’s communism. Anybody who claims socialism and communism are the same is too stupid to argue with — or is deliberately trying to confuse the issue, as if providing universal health care and functional infrastructure were exactly the same as the Gulag.

    The USSR was communist. China was communist before it became fascist. Germany and France and Denmark and the Netherlands are socialist. They’re completely different things.

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      Not only that, socialism is not a discrete proposition, it exists on a continuum. The United States has always had some socialist aspects. Free public education for example.

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    I would like for these Christians who are anti-socialism without fully understanding what it means to take out the Jesus v secular aspect and tell us what’s the worst that can happen under socialism. That everyone has basic needs met, like universal basic income, education, health care? That’s bad? Jesus would be against st that? Then why would I want to follow a Jesus that’s ok with people starving and sick because they don’t have resources? Churches sure aren’t helping everyone, and Jesus seems deaf and blind to the plight of many.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Many of these anti-socialism authors are older. They wrongly equate Soviet-style communism with modern democratic socialism. As soon as they bring up the name Stalin, I know they are full of shit. These fear mongers remind me of the McCarthy era in the 1950s — a red under every bed, better off dead than red.

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Bruce Gerencser