Does the Holy Spirit Fart?

According to Jennifer LeClaire, Charismatic prophetess extraordinaire, Christians have the ability to “smell” in the spirit.  LeClaire, a huckster always looking for another way to make a buck, is peddling a course titled “Smelling in the Spirit.” Costing $59, the class aims to:

From the fragrance of God to the fragrance of demons and beyond, we do have the ability to smell in the spirit. Many don’t undertand this aspect of the gift of discerning of Spirits. Jennifer LeClaire teachers [sic] you in the School of the Seers.

According to LeClaire, God has a fragrance, and so do demons. This got me wondering about the Holy Spirit’s smell. What if the Holy Spirit farted? How would LeClaire and other sniffers “discern” God’s message from the gaseous mixture of Taco Bell gorditas and burritos emanating from their asses? Surely, this is a very important question, don’t you think?

If you are a Christian, the next time you are in church or in a crowded elevator and you smell a fart — maybe your own — just remember you might be smelling the Holy Spirit.  If you are an atheist, it’s not the Holy Spirit you are smelling, it’s Lucifer or one of his demons. What a minute, Bruce, are you saying Holy Spirit and Lucifer farts smell the same? Yep! Consider the ramifications of that thought, if you dare!

Please share your smelly thoughts about LeClaire’s “Smelling in the Spirit” class in the comment section.


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  1. Karen the rock whisperer

    For almost 10 months, after a partial colectomy and some gut re-plumbing, I had a stoma in my midsection and wore a colostomy bag to catch the output. I guarantee you, after those months of emptying and changing that bag, I must know what evil spirits smell like. Nothing I ever produced from my rectum ever smelled anywhere near as bad. Gah.

    (Had successful surgery a few weeks ago to fix the gut plumbing, and now I’m back to dumping using the original equipment. Much, much better situation, even from the smell point of view.)

    1. kittybrat

      Glad you got it sorted out! No longer holy enough to smell the spirit, though… (pun intended, of course!)

      1. Karen the rock whisperer

        🙂 I like your pun.

  2. ObstacleChick

    I work in the fragrance industry, so maybe I should contact Ms. LeClaire and have our perfumers work with her to create Eau de Holy Spirit fragrance to sell to True Christians. Maybe we could come up with The Trinity boxed gift set, with Eau de Father, Eau de Son, and Eau de Holy Spirit. Then for holiday season maybe a line of Eau de Angels, for spring, Eau de Risen Savior or Eau de Lamb of God. If the line takes off, we could do a fragrance for each Apostle and maybe throw in Mary and Mary Magdalene to capture the more feminine fragrance notes. I think maybe she’s on to something here. Why let the Catholics own the market of religious candles too – candles would make a good line extension, a long with body wash, shampoo, reed diffusers for the home, household cleaning products, laundry care, and car wash products. True Christians could have their entire household Smelling in the Spirit!

  3. maryg

    more charismatic crazy. they seem to want to believe the most whacked out,stupid things. yet they reject proven science and logic. go figure.

  4. Becky Wiren

    It’s a clever grift. She has to be raking in the dough from the gullible.

  5. Skyler

    I think in the middle ages this method was used to sniff out witches. Lol

  6. John Arthur

    Does the Holy Spirit fart? Well, Jennifer farts, so maybe when she farts she teaches her students that she can smell the Holy Spirt. When anyone else farts, that’s her signal to allege demonic activity. This lunatic has a lucrative business venture going when she can con so many gullible people into attending her courses. Then, it’s easy to imagine because Pentecostals and Charismatics attract so many crackpots like bees around a honeypot.


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