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Ohio Representative Candice Keller Blames Recent Shootings on Ignoring God

Candice Keller


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    Brian Vanderlip

    One very real danger in our world is indeed the horrid breakdown of the loving family. Probably the biggest lump of this demise falls squarely in lap of the Church with its long history of teaching self-harm and harm to others via evangelical fundamentalism. Candice Keller, rage on for American Jesus: You rage on and make America great again with baby Christian!

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    Brunetto Latini

    I can believe it’s the result of evangelicals ignoring the Bible. When I was an evangelical, I never would have believed conservative Christians would support someone MORE ungodly than Bill Clinton.

    But of course, it’s always the fault of homosexuals.

    Evangelicals have destroyed themselves with Donald Trump. They just don’t know it yet, and it may be the only service Trump ever rendered to this country.

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    Western Europe has gay marriage, video games, and far more atheists per capita than the US, but it rarely has mass killings and its overall murder rate is lower than the US. The theory that those issues are a cause of mass shootings is not supported by the data.

    Keller’s post is basically just a listing of everything she doesn’t like. She give no reasons to believe that any of it is linked to mass shootings, because no such reasons exist.

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      Charles Johnson

      Conservatives in America have created an echo chamber so that they can hear the news and the opinions that they prefer to hear.
      They and Trump keep on drifting further and further from reality because of the echo chamber.

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    Infidel753 is spot on.

    I kept seeing a meme that fundies oast posted blaming the shootings on taking God out of schools, etc, and my thought was, you folks cling to your 2nd amendment like there’s no tomorrow but can’t understand the concept of separation of church and state. Fundies are the best-trained cherry-pickers I know.

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    We can criticize this woman’s views endlessly…and yet somehow she is an elected official. It really frightens me to think that people like this have wormed their way into government and are forcing their views on the populace. I truly worry about their extremist positions spreading.

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