Update on Polly

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Polly was transferred to Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne earlier this week. When this ordeal is finally past, you can count on me doing some writing about our experiences — good and bad. As things stand today, Polly will have surgery on Thursday. Yesterday, she had a tube inserted to drain an abscess in her bladder. Polly is also being treated for a potassium deficiency. The colorectal surgeon wants her in the best shape possible before the surgery. There is a small chance that she might escape without a permanent colostomy bag. The surgeon said that he won’t know for sure until he begins removing the fistula. We hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Thank you for your continued support. Your words of encouragement and donations are greatly appreciated.



  1. Byroniac

    Best wishes!

  2. przxqgl

    i hope she pulls through. it sounds like the doctors know what they’re up against. my best wishes for everyone.

  3. Rand Valentine

    Hey, Bruce. So sorry to hear this about Polly. Life is always a challenge. Thank goodness she’s got your strong spirit on her side. May your love for each other grow even stronger through this, and may she thrive.

  4. Dale

    I’ll be keeping you and Polly in my thoughts, buddy.

  5. Becky Wiren

    Polly strikes me as having a strong spirit. It will help her get through this, plus your love.

  6. ObstacleChick

    Wishing all the best for Polly and you. It sounds like she has a good medical team.

  7. Lydia

    Thank you for the update. Good luck to Polly!

  8. Scott

    Good to have the update. Best wishes on the procedures.

  9. Brian Vanderlip

    Wishing you continued clarity and strength, Bruce.

  10. khughes1963

    Rooting for Polly and you both. I hope for the best possible outcome.

  11. Carolk

    Wishing you both the best and hoping for successful treatment and an uneventful recovery.

  12. thatotherjean

    Every good wish for successful surgery, and Polly’s restoration to good health. Take care of yourself, too, please.

  13. Kathleen

    Wishing a very speedy recovery for Polly. Hope you are doing well yourself Bruce.

  14. Michael Mock

    Here’s hoping for the best possible outcome. So very sorry you guys are going through this.

  15. Caroline

    That is a beautiful picture of your wife. She looks like a strong, confident person, and I’m hoping she and your whole family are out of the woods soon and looking forward to more normalcy in your lives. Times of such stress are exhausting, so take care of yourself too.

  16. maryg

    best of luck to you and Polly. we will hope she gets thru this with the least amount of discomfort possible and that she will soon be back home.

  17. Mark Rahill

    Hope things go well, Bruce. Thank you for your blog.


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