Bruce, You are a Bitter, Hateful, Empty Headed Idiot Who is Mad at God

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An Evangelical Christian who called himself Leslie sent me the following:

I ran across your profile and found it to be interesting.

Interesting enough to be complete bullshit. You are a bitter man full of hate because you are mad a God for not coming through. Oh yeah any idiot that decides to comment on Jennifer Leclaire’s “Smelling in the spirit class” and asking if the Holy Spirit farts must be empty headed. You know you are wrong and scared to death you will die in your sin. Stop taking people to hell with you. You are responsible for the lives of these people listening to your bullshit. I hope and pray this website gets shut down.

Time to start a betting pool: Will Leslie’s God hear his prayer and shut down The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser? My money is on the bullshit keeps flowing. Countless Evangelicals have begged God to put an end to my blasphemy. Yet, here I am still spewing bullshit and leading people to Hell. Maybe, just maybe, these prayers go unanswered because — drumroll, please, there is no God.


  1. Matilda

    Dear Leslie, Apparently, the fruits of (your fictitious) holy sprit in Gal 5:22 include gratuitous rudeness and personal insults. If I re-convert, will I have to send nasty messages to anyone who isn’t of your exact doctrine too? And sorry, but I think all of us here, if there were a heaven and a hell, would far prefer the latter, no contest, an eternity spent with you and your ilk is a horrible, hideous and obnoxious thought!

  2. ObstacleChick

    Bruce, don’t worry, you aren’t responsible for leading me straight to hell. I am perfectly capable of finding hell, if such a place exists, on my own.

    Ot amazes me that people who believe in a God just cannot even fathom the concept of those of us who do not believe in deities. They pull out this “you are mad at god” nonsense. No, believer, I am not mad at a concept I do not believe in. I am mad at real live humans who try to force their religious-based beliefs onto others. There is a HUGE difference.

  3. Brian Vanderlip

    By golly, Bruce is so transparent! Leslie might make a great fundamentalist social worker; you know, the cognitive coach who drills the sinner into shape. We’ll get that negative bullshit Gerencser to take the pulpit again and ‘save’ those sinners!
    Or maybe he’d be a good sargeant in a Christian tough-love camp for teens! Yeah, that’s where gentle Jesus could really use Leslie’s penetrating insights. Bitter, hateful, empty headed idiot, ha!
    Thank-you dear Jesus for your love made perfect in Leslie!

  4. Amie Bee

    LOL sorry Leslie, it was Christians like YOU and your support for Bush that drove me away from your fictional God. And if Bush hadn’t done the job, Trump would have! But thank you for your hateful missive, which confirms to me that Christianity is bunk.

  5. Karen the rock whisperer

    Pray, Leslie, please. Pray diligently. Pray frequently. Take lots of time to do it. If you’re praying, you’re not spreading hate in the world.

    Bruce, as you know, I don’t pray, but I certainly HOPE that your blog stays active for a very long time. You’ve contributed greatly to my personal comfort with my own atheist and Humanist beliefs, helping to exorcise the religious demons in the darkest corners of my mind. I sometimes feel sorry for them, because we grew up together, those demons and I, and while I grew big eating human food, they grew big on the Christian teachings about what a crappy piece of excrement I, as a human, couldn’t help but be. But I’ve spent several years now getting rid of them, and they’re small and usually can’t get a word in any more (though my Depression Dragon learned a lot from them, and SHE is only napping.)

    And yes, the previous paragraph is written in a frivolous manner–though there is, metaphorically, a currently-snoozing Depression Dragon in my brain–but even the fact that I can write about this stuff in that tone is partly because of people like Bruce.

    Bruce and Polly, keep on keeping on.

  6. thatotherjean

    They will know we are Christians by our love. . .which we only have for our own kind, not for the rest of you hell-bound sinners, and we will tell you what we think you are at every opportunity, whether we know you from Adam or not. Leslie had best hope that God is more forgiving than he is, assuming God exists.

  7. Darcy

    “You know you are wrong and scared to death you will die in your sin. ” Leslie is self-centered, cannot think outside of the box. Cannot grasp that others don’t think that there even IS any kind of god to be mad at. Gotta wonder if it is really Leslie who is scared to death that maybe there is no god, and he is projecting his fear on Bruce.

  8. Matilda

    Bruce, I can’t help wondering what super-duper-x-tian Leslie is thinking if he reads these comments!. I guess it just confirms his deluded belief that you are some sort of atheist Pied Piper and we, your readers, are just a lot of ignorant children/sheeple being led by you straight into hell unless he enlightens you and us. In passing yesterday, on a TV drama, a character said of a man wanting to date a woman who had no interest in him…’He has deluded expectation syndrome’…that made me laugh…that sums up Leslie I’m sure, that we will all abandon you and he will be our saviour because we will all be so impressed by his jesusing here!

  9. Goyo

    Typical xtian threats…my god will blah, blah…
    Not really, Leslie!
    I’ve often said, if your god’s so angry with me, why doesn’t he do something? Why is my life just like everyone else’s?
    But I bet you’d like to do something to me, right Leslie? Would you execute me if you could, Leslie? In the name of Jesus?
    You’re a xtian coward!

  10. Melissa A Montana

    When I encounter foul-mouthed Christians on Twitter, I usually ask them “When you get to heaven, do you plan to kiss Jesus with that foul mouth?” I never hear from them again.


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