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Quote of the Day: How Embracing Evolution Erodes Evangelical Beliefs

Acid is an appropriate metaphor for the erosion of my fundamentalism, as I slowly lost confidence in the Genesis story of creation and the scientific creationism that placed this ancient story within the framework of modern science….[Darwin’s] acid dissolved Adam and Eve; it ate through the Garden of Eden; it destroyed the historicity of the events of creation week. It etched holes in those parts of Christianity connected to the stories—the fall, “Christ as the second Adam,” the origins of sin, and nearly everything else that I counted sacred.

— Physicist Karl Giberson, Saving Darwin: How to be a Christian and Believe in Evolution


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    There are so many articles regarding archaeological finds and DNA studies to explore how different species are related, and none of them support a 6 day creation story of 6,000 years ago. I suppose fundamentalists cling to this story because their soteriology depends on a literal Adam and Eve and the Fall of Man story. Sad.

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    Brunetto Latini

    I agree with his premise, but I don’t think you can, with any degree of logic or cohesion, “be a Christian and believe in evolution”. So I don’t understand the website title in the reference. A Christian evolutionist is like a Christian homosexual. The Bible doesn’t allow for either.

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