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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Meghan Markle Polluted the Royal Bloodline

dave daubenmire

How is the royal bloodline of the [British] crown being poisoned? Is there something special about this commoner who has married into the royalty?

She’s half black. When [Harry and Meghan] step back, what is going to be at the heart of why she did it? What are they going to say? Come on. Wake up here. What are they going to say? … Racism! She never felt comfortable. She felt like she was below everybody else.

The royal family is the seat of Christianity. We cannot deny the impact the royal family has had on the WASP-y culture; the White Anglo Saxon Protestant culture is a result of what has happened within the crown. And the crown has now, for the first time, been infiltrated with a bloodline … oh my goodness, that sounds racist, doesn’t it?

Don’s miss what’s going on. This infiltrator comes in, proud of her infiltration, proud of her multiculturalism. And what is that demon doing? Destroying and upsetting everything, every tradition in that royal family.

— Dave Daubenmire, Right Wing Watch, Dave Daubenmire: Meghan Markle ‘Infiltrated’ and ‘Poisoned” the Royal Bloodline, January 14, 2020


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    I would guess that Harry and Meghan got married because they live each other. And 100 years ago the monarchy had to rebrand itself as the House of Windsor because they were German which wasn’t too popular at the time (the king was cousin of the German Kaiser and the Russian Tsar).

    Daubenmire is an ignorant racist.

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    I’m not a royalist brit, i didn’t feel personal grief at Diana’s sad death. But I did cry when I saw 12yo Harry walking behind his mother’s coffin, knowing this was being broadcast all over the world. And his father had cheated on his beloved mother for years, he was deeply traumatised and still blames her death on the media. Little wonder he wants to protect his wife and child from a repeat performance. His wife is a Holywood star, she’s used to intrusive press, but coverage and lies about her were too much even for someone used to it. i applaud what Harry’s done and fully understand he is still dealing with childhood loss.

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      Brian Vanderlip

      Well and truly said, Matilda… There is no escape from the media anymore but I applaud their efforts to give it a go… Paparazzi are reptilian, heartless creatures serving only their greed for cash. Like those scum who kidnap children to sell to pedophiles, paparazzi blame the public for being voraciously hungry for dirt… They take no personal responsibility for their actions.
      There is an equivalent among Christians too, the ignorant believers who condemn others and say, It’s not me condemning but God! Slimy, slippery…. not personally responsible.

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    Considering the press coverage of Prince William’s wife Kate and Meghan and how Kate can do something and be lauded for it while Meghan could do the exact same thing and be criticized, it’s hard to see that as anything other than racism.

    Daubenmire is wrong about British royalty being lily white prior to Harry marrying Meghan. Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz is reputed to have a black ancestor and the Royal Historian accepts this as settled fact. Btw, there is no way to do a DNA test for this as Charlotte’s black ancestor was way back in the 13th century. DNA tests don’t measure ancestry back that far.

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      I meant to add that Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was the wife of King George III (yep, that King George) and thus the grandfather of Queen Victoria and a direct ancestor to the Queen, Charles, William and Harry.

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    “Coach” Dave demonstrates, once again, that he is a bigoted, racist, idiot. Meghan Markle is a beautiful, talented, intelligent, successful woman in her own right, with whom Prince Harry had the good sense to fall in love, marry, and father a son. Too much of the British press seems to agree with Dave, which is more than enough reason for the couple to step down from royal duties and decamp to Canada with their baby boy. I wish them much happiness, and hope that Canada appreciates having the best of the royal family.

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    Troy Heck

    “Coach Dave” should look up something called “the Habsburg jaw”. The royal families of Europe have a problem with inbreeding not outbreeding. My genetics professor made the following comment about Queen Victoria–she’s a mutant! And indeed she was, and was a carrier for the hemophilia allele on one of her X chromosomes. Does inbreeding cause communism? Possibly if the czar didn’t have the additional burden of a child with hemophilia he would have noticed the Bolsheviks knocking on the door.

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    Karen the rock whisperer

    I’m USian, and I don’t follow the lives of rich people living on the public dole abroad; we have too many of them here in the US, though the dole is disguised as outrageous tax laws. But as CarolK points out, the racists HAVE been out to get Markle, and that has penetrated even my usually royal-free range of attention.

    People can only put up with so much of this and keep their mental health intact, and now there is a child to consider. I wish these particular royals healthy and happy lives out of the media spotlight.

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