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‘Nobody Knows More’ Than Donald Trump About Anything

donald trump

Need proof that Donald is the smartest, most knowledgeable man to have ever lived on Earth? Here’s your proof, straight from the horse’s mouth.


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    Brian Vanderlip

    Trump-dumb is just about as narcissistic-stupified as they come. He reminds me so much of evangelizers loose in the community claiming the Bible is the true word of God because the Bible says so! Trump knows it all because Trump says so but even a cursory assessment of his knowledge makes the assessor roar with laughter. Then, you realize he was elected by us and you feel afraid, very afraid.

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    When my son was about 11, he started making statements with confidence. I thought, wow, this kid knows a lot more than I thought he did. Then I started fact checking. Half of the time he was wrong, but his confidence had us duped for a bit.

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      Once every few weeks a friend who lives in Spain texts me about the latest stupidity of Trump. I apologize every time because I am one of the decent ones. I’m getting tired of apologizing though.

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    I can’t listen, the transcripts of things he’s said are so embarrassing. One small way I retain sanity is to avoid hearing him actually speak.

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    There’s one wrong word in the headline. It should read “Nobody Knows LESS ” Than Donald Trump About Anything. He may be a “stable genius,” but so was Mr. Ed.

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    Toni Humber

    This guy is………
    The president…….
    Of the most powerful nation on earth…….
    Which we live……
    God bless America……

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    Toni Humber

    I had a friend in Germany…. to them we are very stupid…..and our government is laughable… so says Europe about America and America Politics.

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    My british friend’s late husband was turkish and she still has a home there. Recently she sat in a shuttle bus at Istanbul airport waiting to be taken to her gate for the flight to her remote turkish town. As usual, she was the only english-speaker on board the bus. An american couple then came up the bus steps and, though no one said a word to them, got to the top and said hastily ‘We’re not Trump supporters.’ She wondered how much opprobium they’d had on their tour of Europe!

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    I remember being in Europe when Ronald Reagan was scare-mongering about terrorists and urging people not to fly. We went anyway, behaved (well) like tourists, and had a great time. The one time someone asked if we were Americans, and I admitted that we were, she responded, “Oh, I thought you were Canadian.” That was one of the better compliments I’ve ever received.

    I’m not sure I’d admit to being an American, today.

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    Joe Hill

    What gets to me is the mindless tribalism. Over the past three years I have lost every friend I had. They just would not accept that I didn’t ‘like’ him. I would try to talk about other things but no; it all would come back to this big oaf. This is a cult; it is destroying us.

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