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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: The Paranoia of Bill Muehlenberg and His Fellow Evangelicals


If you are a Christian or a conservative, your days are numbered.

It is no longer business as usual. Gone are the days when Christians and conservatives who publicly affirm their beliefs and values are left alone, or tolerated. Now they are being hunted down. It is as if they are all walking around with large targets affixed to their backs.

It is now open season on anyone who dares to identify as a conservative or a Christian. And if you identify as both in any sort of public fashion, that is especially going to result in you being targeted by the secular left. Every day things are getting worse in this regard.

It is not full-blown persecution – yet. But it certainly is moving in that direction.


As I said, if you are a conservative or a Christian in today’s West, your days are numbered. They ARE after you. And they will not stop until all of us are finally and forever silenced.

— Bill Muehlenberg, Open Season on Christians and Conservatives, January 31, 2020


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    Let’s see, Trump was just acquitted by the Senate on pretty much a party line vote. Rush Limbaugh has been awarded the Medal of Freedom and there is still a 8 to 1 ratio of Christian and conservative leaning radio stations in my market. There is one “progressive/liberal” leaning station. Just who is going hunting after these guys?

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    Laine Noe

    Just this morning I was flipping through Facebook and a FB friend (who used to be a Democrat) posted that someone had sent her a message asking how she could be a Christian and support Trump. She posted a tirade about how Christians are under attack, the DemocRATs are trying to take away their rights, and pretty soon they wouldn’t even be allowed to pray. How do you even begin to argue against such illogic? I live in a very small town in rural Alabama. Literally a church on every corner. A town of 2000 and I can name 7 churches without thinking hard. If I include the ones outside the town limits, they would probably number close to 20. A prayer is said before every high school sporting event. The Christian flag flying at the Baptist church in the middle of town is easily the size of a car dealership’s American flag. Everybody wears t-shirts emblazoned with bible verses in pretty script. Trump won around 90% of the vote in this county. But they are the ones under attack?

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