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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Bill Muehlenberg’s Ignorant View of Socialism

Massive shortages of basic food items and everyday necessities like toilet paper. Lengthy lines of irritable shoppers outside of shops – at least the ones that are still open. Heavy rationing and constant government meddling with how we live. I can be talking about one of two things here: life under the corona crisis, or business as usual in socialist countries.

We are now all coming to terms with government lockdowns, rationing, shortages, and panic buying. That is pretty much a new experience for most of us in the West. But for those doomed to live in socialist paradises, this is just what life is like on a daily basis – and it has been for decades now.


So if that is what you are keen on, then keep foolishly championing politicians in the West like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or Jeremy Corbyn. Keep denouncing capitalism while you enjoy all of its many benefits. Keep railing against the free market as you use its products to do so: smart phones, laptops, the internet, etc.

— Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch, If You Like the Corona Crisis, You’ll Love Communism, March 23, 2020


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    dale M

    Still can’t get onto his site to place a question. Yes. Bill, true socialism in the raw. Censor anyone who disagree’s with your views. Not fooling anyone.

    I do have an interesting question to ask you Bruce.

    What do U think of Joel Osteen ? the motivational speaker.

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    Karen the rock whisperer

    I am going to swear momentarily. Bruce, fellow readers, please cut me some slack here.


    I am sooo tired of these “patriots” deliberately conflating social democracies with communist dictatorships. I have relatives in Norway. There are no normal shortages or lines. Most Western European countries are social democracies. The average quality of life in these countries is far higher than that in the US, and the quality of life of the most poor and vulnerable is far, far higher than in the US. Any damn fool with half and hour and Google can figure this out.

    FUCKING ANTI-PATRIOT ASSHOLES DESTROYING AMERICAN LIVES. That’s what people like this really are.

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    In the US, we live in a country in which many things are the fruits of “socialism.” Roads, schools, parks, some types of medical care, and on and on and on. We just can’t call it that, because of the rants of ignoramuses like Muehlenberg. We’d be a better place to live for average people if we had a good deal more of the system he’s so against.

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    It is amazing how ignorant some people are about what socialism is, what communism is, what different variants there are of each, and what is happening in a variety of countries. Right now, we have shortages of certain items in stores because people are panic buying and hoarding, not because of the government. And it’s the stores themselves that are limiting purchases of some items to one or two per item of certain goods. However, when it comes down to protecting the health of the general population, government should step in and set mandatory restrictions. What’s becoming apparent now in the US is how close many in our country are to not being able to afford food, shelter, medical care, etc, and there are scant social safety services in place.

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    I have relatives in Britain, Germany, and Canada. Their quality of life was always much better than my family in the U.S. I was telling people this for decades, and always I got shot down by idiots screaming “But they have no freedom! People die waiting for medical care! Shortages!” My elderly relatives in those nations were never denied medicine or care, and they didn’t have to go into debt to get it. My one aunt even had hospice care (by the government) so she could die at home in familiar surroundings.
    But, America will continue to march off the cliff into death to the sounds of the fife and drum. If this is the best the Greatest Country in the World can do, then I don’t want it.

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Bruce Gerencser