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My Final Response to “Dr.” David Tee

dr david tee

“Dr.” David Tee/Theologyarcheology, aliases for Evangelical preacher David Thiessen, first commented on this blog on October 30, 2020. Tee responded to a post I published in 2016 about his anti-science views. In addition, I posted some of his comments from another site where he refused to say where he got his doctorate. He responded:

I do not expect unbelievers to understand or handle anything God says or what I say properly and with the way they would like to be treated. Also, I do not remember saying those things or even posting here. As far as I am concerned unless there is verifiable evidence that I wrote those words, I am sure someone else wrote them

If I did write them then I am sorry they sounded so brash BUT I do not respond to people who demand that I must jump through their hopes in order to be heard. You do not like my words on MY website that is your choice but at least be honest, open minded, and have a little bit of character when you address them.

And so it began.

Over the past year, Tee has posted numerous inflammatory, hostile, and ugly comments, some of which I have deleted. He has called me weak, a quitter, and a liar. He has gone out of his way to disparage me, attack my character, and inflict emotional pain. After pleas from my wife and other readers to ban Tee, I finally did so. Tee knows he is banned, yet he continues to comment, knowing I will have to read his comments before deleting or editing them to make him look like the asshole he is. Usually, I can block such people at the server level to prevent them from accessing this site. Unfortunately, Tee either uses a VPN or other software that gives him a new IP address every time he visits this site. This renders any block on my end impossible.

My friend Ben Berwick, who blogs at Meerkat Musings, has had numerous run-ins when Tee. Ben is much more patient and longsuffering than I am. Tee is known for defending sexual predators such as Ravi Zacharias and Bill Cosby, even attacking their victims. Several days ago, Tee wrote a post titled, Does Age Make a Difference? In this post, Tee, a supposed follower of a God-man who said “suffer the little children to come unto me,” says that children who have been raped and subsequently become pregnant MUST be forced to carry their zygote/fetus/baby to term. Tee categorically rejects any grounds for abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.

In a post titled Pregnancy and Abortion, Ben took Tee to task for his views on children, rape, and abortion. In typical fashion, Tee posted this comment:

I am not rebutting. I do not need to , your false information is exposed very clearly. Plus, you forget, I do not post according to your rules or regulations. I post according to God’s.

You have no real authority nor do you have any real support for your views. They are all on you and very subjective. Also, I am not going to be drawn into an internet fight. You have said your piece, I have said mine and that is where it will end.

Typical Tee. I even gave this so-called man of God an opportunity to write a post for this site:

By all means, David, make a rational defense of the inerrancy and preservation of the Bible (they go together) — not by quoting Bible verses, but by making sound intellectual arguments. Shit, David, I’ll even post your defense on this site.

Of course, I know you won’t take me up on my generous offer. The inerrancy and inspiration of the Bible can’t be rationally defended.

Tee immediately accepted my offer, saying:

Okay. It will have to wait till next week though as I am noy [sic] home. Had to travel for my father-in-laws [sic] funeral

Eighteen days later, no post from Tee.

I have written about Tee several times:

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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: The Bible Records the “Exact” Words of Jesus

NO COMMENT: When Science and the Bible Conflict, Bible Right, Science Wrong

Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Secular Scientists are Con Men

It is clear, at least to me, that my writing gets under Tee’s skin. He has written several posts about me:

They Think They Have the Truth

We Call Them Quitters

General Comments

Applying Scripture

Inside the Mind of an Atheist

Don’t be a Young Peter

Yesterday, Tee wrote another post featuring yours truly, complaining about how I and other people on this site have treated him. So here’s a guy who personally attacks me (and others on this site) and shits on my doorstep, and he whines about how he’s treated. Really? Here’s what Tee had to say (note that he refuses to spell out my name):

What BG has done in this post provides evidence that those who turn away from Christ or have never believed, have nothing better to offer anyone than what Christ offers.

We use our website name a lot when posting on other people’s forums simply because it is the one that comes up when we make our comments. We do not think anything of it as people can come here and talk to us if they want to get more information. But here is the post as it is short and provides an example of how believers are treated by those who claim to have a better way:

Thank you for reading and commenting on this blog. Today, we reached 35,000 comments. I planned to make a big deal over who left comment number 35,000. Unfortunately, that commenter was “Dr.” David Tee/David Thiessen/Theologyarcheology. Dammit, bad karma or God sending me a message, right? 😂Tee is banned from this site, but I do edit his comments and show them as deleted. Hopefully, he will have stopped commenting before we reach 40,000.

We italicized the keywords. If BG was better than Christians and had a better way to live, he certainly does not show it in this special event for him. It wouldn’t matter who made the 35,000 post, he would celebrate the person and his achievement as planned.

But since it was us, he scrapped those plans and instead did some terrible things to our posts in that and other articles we commented on. Here are a couple of examples:

Nah, nah baby. When will you respect others and play by the rules? You know, like you demand with the Bible. Had to get the plunger for this comment, but it’s gone.


“Dr.” David Tee/David Thiessen/TheologyArcheology, demand a dick measuring contest between me and Bruce Gerencser, the John Holmes of atheism. I know this is a fight between a brad and railroad spike, but I want to be “nailed.” just like the dead Jesus.

Obviously, that person has a lot of hatred for us and Christ. He doesn’t operate out of any other emotion or feeling. Oh, and he has said we are banned from his website. All we did was tell him that he quit and he had no right to criticize believers who were still running the race.

It is amazing to see how quitters think they are better than those who are still trying to do what Jesus said and leave this earth with their faith intact. They are the ones missing out, not those who struggle against the temptations, the abuse, the criticism, and other roadblocks placed in their way.

Those of us who do continue, do not feel superior to those that quit or do not believe. That is something the latter two groups read into the attitude of those who believe.

We do not understand why BG is so upset. It was not like he advertised the fact that he was getting close to this milestone. Nor did we do anything to beat anyone else out of receiving that nice honor. We did not even know anything about it.

So why be so upset that he has to treat someone in this sinful manner. We do not care if he likes us or not but BG needs to stop saying his way and his decision is better than those who humble themselves and decided to follow Christ and his teaching.

He has proven that it is not. Leaving your faith is not a smart move to make. Especially with everything you are giving up. You may win temporal peace and no attacks from evil but those are minor when it is compared to what God can do to you.

This kind of treatment is par for the course for us over the years. It has not just come from unbelievers and those who have turned away from being a Christian. We get it from Christians as well. We are still wondering why we got banned from Worthy forums.


We do not hate BG and are saddened by two things: #1. he walked away from the faith and #2. he is very ill. He could have been used greatly by God but he took his eyes off of Jesus and was destroyed by evil.


Note that Tee feigns care for me, about my declining health. Yet, one of his comments I edited (which he quoted above) originally said:

So do I win a prize? How about $1 for every comment preceding mine 🙂 At least you read the comments. When will your last day on earth be?

Tee has subtly made death threats before, couching them in Bible verbiage. Why didn’t he quote his original comments? Simple. They would paint him in an unflattering light. Why doesn’t he follow this site’s commenting policy? Did he miss the Bible lessons on respecting others?

I make no apologies for my responses to David Tee. (Please see I Make No Apologies for Being a Curmudgeon.) He’s an asshole for Jesus, a hateful man who relishes attacking my character and inflicting emotional pain. I will continue to delete and/or humorously and profanely edit every comment Tee tries to post to this site. When people search for Theology Archeology, TheologyArcheology, and “Dr.” David Tee, Google returns results for this site and Ben Berwick’s. Thoughtful, caring, kind, compassionate Christians will then know exactly what kind of man former Christian Missionary Alliance preacher David Thiessen really is. As a pastor, if I had a congregant who behaved as Tee behaves on the Internet, we would have disciplined him and excommunicated him from the church. Such people give Christianity a bad name. In my book, anyone who defends sexual predators is no Christian at all. (Tee believes in decisional regeneration. Say the right words, believe the right things, and you are saved — good works optional.) Tee may have mouthed the sinner’s prayer long ago in an Evangelical church, but somewhere along the way, he lost what Christianity is all about: loving God and loving your fellow man.


David Tee’s response to this post. Please see the comments below for excerpts from his post and my brief response.

What do you think about “Dr.” David Tee’s latest post? Please leave your pithy thoughts in the comment section.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    Having met many sanctimonious windbags during the eternity I was forced to be with people who called themselves Christians, I really have nothing to say about or to this guy.
    Except T can stand for twatwaffle, too.

  2. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    Dear David,

    Before you comment:

    Synonyms for banned:

    barred, forbidden, impermissible, interdicted, outlawed, prohibited, proscribed, taboo (also tabu), verboten

    Words Related to banned:

    intolerable, unacceptable, unbearable, unendurable
    illegal, illegitimate, illicit, improper, inappropriate, unauthorized, unlawful, unlicensed
    ineffable, unmentionable
    unseemly, unsuitable
    disallowed, disapproved, discouraged
    refused, rejected, revoked, unsanctioned, vetoed
    repressed, suppressed
    precluded, prevented, stopped
    excluded, ruled out, shut out
    blocked, hindered, impeded, obstructed

    No comment of yours will be approved — ever. I will turn every last one of them into a comedy bit. And trust me, I have a wicked sense of humor. 😂😂

    Tee thinks, “see, see, see, BG just admitted he’s wicked.” 😂

    Bruce Almighty

    • Avatar
      Ann Lo

      Looks like you’ve been dealing with a malignant narcissist. I read the stuff he’s accusing you of and it’s stuff he does. With a narcissist, every accusation is a confession. You might be interested in some of the videos on YouTube about narcissism, specifically the terms “narcissistic supply” and “going gray rock.” Those videos will confirm that you’ve done exactly right in cutting this man off.

  3. Avatar

    I am going to ignore the commenting policy on this site because I’m an asshole for Jesus. The only person I listen to is my perverted conception of the Bible God. Me and Jesus are best buds. Wink, wink, ya know what I mean? 🌈

    How dare you say I don’t care. Sure, I have called you names, attacked your character, and tried to inflict psychological harm on a dying man. But, I really care. Just like Jeffrey Dahmer “cared” for his victims just before he carved them up and ate them.

    • Avatar

      T, Here’s a saying that rings you’d do well to ponder. ‘Courtesy costs nothing and conveys much.’ In my 5 decades of fundyism and as an evangelist, I don’t recall ever knowing of anyone who converted cos a x-tian disapproved of them and was incredibly rude to them. As Bruce said recently, coming after the sheep who’ve gone astray with a butcher’s knife while shouting loud rude ephitets at us, is pretty unlikely to get us back into the fold. And who returns to a shop, or a service provider whose employee has been rude to them? We go back to where we received polite good service don’t we? Not gratuitous incivility.

  4. Avatar

    DDT perfectly exemplifies the “I never knew ye” of the Gospels. His forced-birther and rape apologist stance makes me wonder what kind of skeletons are hiding in his closet. Maybe one day he’ll show up on the Black Collar Crime blotter, although I fervently hope not — where there’s a crime there are victims.

    And if I knew with 100% certainty that DDT was going to be fatally hit by a truck unless I warned him, the only reason I’d do so is so that the truck driver wouldn’t get traumatized.

    • Avatar

      If DT was drowning, how long would it take you to make a sandwich? (No, don’t believe in violence but DT has shown he isn’t educated, and he isn’t any kind of loving person.)

      • Avatar

        How long to make a sandwich? I think I’d opt for banh mi and start by pickling some carrots and daikon, then take a leisurely walk over to the closest Oriental grocery store for the rest of the ingredients. 😀

  5. Avatar
    Michael Mock

    I really don’t have anything to say to him or about him; and in any case, based on earlier comment threads it’s clear that he doesn’t answer me anyway. He doesn’t deserve any of our attention, and his needy, passive-obsessive demands for your attention tell their own story. I’d honestly recommend that you have someone else delete his comments, so you don’t even see them before they’re gone. Nobody this toxic is worth any kind of effort.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      I will consider your advice. I think you are right, but I’m not sure I can pull it off, moderated post notification-wise. One thing is for certain, I need to stop engaging Tee at any level.

      Thanks. ❤️❤️

  6. Avatar
    Ben Berwick

    It appears he very swiftly responded to your post with one of his own. I’m tempted to reply to his errant remarks but it’s increasingly clear that nothing good from come from it. If facts, evidence and logic will not sway him, there is little that can.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Yeah, he churned out that post quickly. He must have had a “word from the Lord.” His stuff about children, incest, rape, and abortion is downright awful. You tried to show him how awful his words sounded. Instead, he double downed. 😢😢

      • Avatar
        Ben Berwick

        That’s the thing. Children should not be forced into having children. They deserve to have a childhood and there’s a good set of reasons for why we moved on from older worldly models around child labour and stuff like that. I’m not sure David appreciates that.

  7. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    David Tee responded to this post:

    Let me share several excerpts from his post:

    “Of course, we refuse to say where we got our education on the internet. We know what people like BG do when they get the information. As for being anti-science, we are anti-secular science and any science that disagrees with God.“

    “ You ought to hear what he calls us and other evangelicals. he shouldn’t be dishing it out if he can’t take it. He is all those three things as he distorts our views to make his own sinful point against us and other believers.

    Then, again, he should not call anything hostile, ugly, or inflammatory especially when you read the comments he makes about us. As for emotional pain, we thought he was a big, tough unbeliever who is not afraid of God nor man.

    He lashes out at others for no real reason and does not consider their emotional pain when he does. But when someone calls him on his behavior and point of view he turns into a marshmallow and whines.

    We knew he was a narcissist because he has to keep mentioning his preacher background in almost every post he makes. We didn’t think he was this bad as he tries to claim victimhood when he does a lot worse to those he hates.”

    “Yes, he did give us the invitation [to write a post] and we did say that but as we were thinking about what to say, God reminded us about casting pearls before swine. So we wrote a short comment in response to that invitation and left it at that.

    Why waste time preparing all the information to have it trashed by those who will not be returning to the faith? We will take the blame for not following through but we would rather listen to God than BG.”

    “ Actually, we are not faking any care for him. He is a human being and we are sorry that he has so many health issues. But then BG has so much hatred and distrust for others he cannot distinguish real caring from fake caring”

    “ Then in comparison, his accusations against us are not as bad as what is really done by people like him, like the democrats, the BLM, and Antifa people do to those who disagree with them.”

    “In BG’s comment about loving their fellow man, sexual predators need that same love as do girls who are raped. His concept of love does not go far enough and is only conditional.“

  8. Avatar

    I don’t understand Tee. Why does he attempt to interact? It’s clear that his mindset is entirely different to that of most people that come to this site, never mind his beliefs. I don’t accept that he’s academically qualified in archaeology, as it’s universally accepted that the archaeological evidence renders the OT pretty well untrue in its entirety. There are groups within which he can exchange his views freely and without challenge. I really don’t know why he’s here.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      I suspect his advanced “degrees” are from unaccredited overseas institutions of a Fundamentalist persuasion.

      He genuinely believes non-Christians are incapable of knowing “truth.” Tee is a presuppositionalist on steroids. He’s a Bible literalist and a young earth creationist. His positions on rape, sexual assault, and abortion are far beyond anything I’ve ever seen in Evangelicalism.

      Someone pointed out to me tonight his use of the words we and us instead of I. Either he has multiple personality disorder, poor grammar skills, or he literally thinks he speaks for God and True Christianity. I suspect it’s the latter.

  9. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    Tee is right about one thing, I didn’t treat him very well. As an unbeliever, I no longer have to play nice with assholes like Tee. I spent decades feigning love towards hateful, judgmental, hurtful people. I don’t have to do that any more. My mistake was responding to him. I should have given him one comment like I do with other Evangelical zealots. Instead, I thought his comments would provide insight into the ugly, vicious underbelly of Evangelical Christianity. I was wrong. I should have known better, having dealt with numerous David Tees over the years.

    Lesson learned. I’ve deleted his site from my RSS reader. I’ll leave it to God to tell me if Tee has written something I should read. God has been silent for 2,000 years, so I don’t expect that I will hear from him. And I most certainly won’t be hearing from Tee. I think I have figured out how to keep his comments from reaching my eyes. Thanks, Michael Mock, for provoking me to good works. 😂

    And Charles, Polly, and Carolyn, you were right. 😵‍💫

  10. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    Let me add one further comment from a July 2021 post I was just made aware of:

    “One main question has come to our mind as we thought about writing this article. Why did Mr. BG. limit his search to only 100 IBF churches? Then other questions follow- Why didn’t he expand his search to 1000? Or why didn’t he look outside of his denomination to find what he was looking for?“

    Tee is lying. And he knows it. He knows the churches I attended from 2002-2008 were ALL non-IFB churches (except two). Why in the hell would I EVER attend an IFB church? The IFB is a full blown cult. I haven’t done so since the late 1990s. In fact, I documented the names of the churches I (we) attended:

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Tee responded to my comment, denying he’s a liar. He then spins a story about my “secretary” writing a post — another lie.

      Tee stated:

      “This is something we need to correct. We are not lying but we may have mis-read the post his secretary wrote. The post was very specific and we could have made a mistake in reading her content and drawn the wrong conclusion.

      However, with that said, he posts a link to churches he was supposed to have attended at that time. The problem is, that link went to an article we never read nor contained any words from his secretary. We are not the ones doing the lying or mis-representing what was said.

      We did find the quote we used and did mis-read her intent as she just said churches, not IBF. Our bad there. The charge of our lying was far too quickly but that is how unbelievers work. They will leap to the worst possible option and then try to ruin people’s reputations by claiming they lied. We didn’t lie, we just drew the wrong conclusion from her words.”

      I will give Tee $100 if he can find one post written by my “secretary.” I’ll never have to pay because I’ve NEVER HAD A FUCKING SECRETARY.

      • Avatar

        Bruce, I skimmed some of his blog but I decided not to post anything. DT has a tightly constructed box that he lives in, and anything outside of it needs to be attacked by him. He takes snarky comments we commenters make as completely serious. And yet, he blunders around and around. Oh, and I noticed how he loves to threaten us with hell while claiming that’s not what he wants. He still comes across as smug and judgmental but my opinion won’t change his mind, as he figures we are all evil and doomed anyway.

      • Avatar

        And he’s still referring to IFB as IBF. Apparently accuracy is not that important Mr. Bruce Geren…ehrmmm…BG. Let’s call you BG, okay.

  11. Avatar

    Why does the good dr always use first person plural? Are “we” royalty. Stop giving press time. He obviously is ignorant. Sad.

  12. Avatar

    Dear Bruce, I’m sorry you have to deal with the “Reverend Doctor’s” comments. The one asking you about the day of your departure was awful. I thought even God doesn’t rejoice in the death of the wicked (since you’re wicked in Tee’s eyes). I used to call him Doctor out of courtesy, but it doesn’t seem that he deserves the title. I’ll call him by his name from now on.

    I think some people are just incapable of questioning their own beliefs. For them, they are the most righteous person on earth and everyone else can go to hell. Tee can’t even entertain the possibility that his version of Christianity might not have all the truth. You’re right, he’s absolutely certain of the direct channel he has to the Heavenly Throne Room.

    And feigned concern is the worst, and Tee gave you exactly that. I tried responding to him but he never replied to my comments either. Probably I’m not worth his time, I don’t know. I just wished he could dial down his air of superiority and absolute certainty. But nothing worked.

    David Tee, if you read this, you’re turning me away from your faith by your behaviours. Yes, I know you’d say it’s my mistake if I become disillusioned, but in your brand of Christianity – I’m assuming you’re an Arminian – my blood is partly in your hands too. If indeed I will have to face (your version of the Christian) God in the judgement day, before I leave to be escorted to (your version of the Christian) Hell, I’ll tell my story. Probably God will listen and severely downgrade the size of your mansion and reduce the carat of the crown on your brow.

  13. Avatar

    DT is incapable of showing empathy of any kind. And apparently, he can’t obey what is in the Bible about people like us, who he is supposed to stop engaging since it’s a lost cause. He certainly isn’t interested in loving his neighbor as himself, as I can’t imagine he would ever treat himself so callously. No, he exhibits narcissistic personality tendencies and he is the only real person in his world. If he’s married with kids, I shudder to think of how awful a husband and dad he would be.

  14. Avatar

    Bruce, “Dr.” Tee is clearly bad for your continued health, not to mention your blood pressure. Why do you bother? You don’t need to read or edit his comments, even if he continues to write them. See his name and delete them. Problem solved.

  15. Avatar
    amy b

    If I knew how to crash his website, I would do it. If you can find a picture of him, I’ll sew a voodoo doll that resembles him and stick lots of pins in it ….

  16. Avatar

    What a putz. If he were actually making interesting arguments in favor of his religious beliefs then I could see why leaving his comments here could be enlightening for those of us who don’t “get” the Christian mindset… But he’s not that bright, judging from his writing, and his comments run the gamut between unkind and utterly baffling. Sorry you can’t block him in a more lasting way, Bruce, you shouldn’t have to spend even 5 seconds of your day dealing with this jackass.

  17. Avatar

    I like your edits to his comments, I am sorry you have to deal with him but hopefully he will go to ignoring this community if his future comments are ignored or edited to show what true chistians™️ behave like. That being said his comment about being against any science that is anti god is utterly ignorant as he has already drawn a conclusion and tries to force data to it which automatically makes his “science” not science.

  18. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    Tee responded to some of your comments here:

    Have fun. 😂😂 Don’t waste your time commenting on his site. He’s not approving comments from people associated with this site.

    I’ve sworn off his comments, but his website keeps showing up in my referrals in my stats (Clicky Pro). Tee will eventually tire of pursuing me, knowing I will never, ever let him ravage me with his “love.”😂 But, don’t worry, a David Tee clone, Steve Ransom, has started emailing me again. It — and you know what “it” is — never ends. As long as this site is live and I’m still alive, the David Tees of the world are going to shit on my doorstep. It’s up to me to learn how to handle them.

    Give Tee’s latest a read. Some of you are prominently featured. ❤️😂

  19. Avatar
    Ann Lo

    Bruce, you like hard questions and I’m going to ask you one. You don’t need to answer me directly, but I hope you’ll consider this question as one humbly offered for your reflection. What I’m wondering is this: What was it in you that held on to David for so long, responding to his comments long after it was clear (to me at least) that he was acting in bad faith and wanted only to cause pain to you and your commenters? Please don’t read that as any kind of accusation. It’s the type of question I have been asked in the past by a caring friend, when I kept a connection to someone that I really needed to let go of. Sunk cost fallacy, perhaps?

  20. Avatar

    Dang,this got interesting! I guess by their fruits we shall know them. I read Dr T’s post on his site and was so distracted by the way he referred to himself in the 1st person plural – does he think he is a British monarch, or Gollum from Lord of the Rings……?

    Anyway, it’s apparent that if he follows “what would Jesus do” what his version of Jesus is like…..

    • Avatar
      Michael Mock

      Now I’m picturing Gollum with an internet connection, ranting away. “Why would anyone want to be rid of the One Ring? Who do you think you are, hobbitses? Oh, we’ll get you, yes we will! You keep saying you were the ringbearer, but the truth is you never owned the ring at all! Fake hobbitses! You stole my precious and now you tell everyone it’s evil? Lying hobbitses! The Precious is good! We knows it! Oh, yes, we knows it! The Precious is best of all! Stop saying those things! Stop lying about the Precious!”

      Meanwhile Frodo’s looking at his phone with an expression of disgust as he tries to block all these spoofed IP addresses while he’s trying to follow Strider to Rivendell.

  21. Avatar

    @Michael Mock, I am laughing so much at this! Fake hobbitses indeed!!!!! My Precious! (Wasn’t there an evangelical hymn literally talking about precious Jesus – it’s been so long I probably am not remembering hymn lyrics very well lol)

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