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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Socialism Is Evil and Jesus was a Capitalist

jesus was a socialist

Socialism is a cancer that ultimately destroys every society where it’s allowed to fully matasticize [sic]. It’s appalling to see so many young people fooled by its thinly-veiled deceptions. And one of the biggest reasons why Socialism is evil is because it’s immoral. And it’s especially evil in this regard because it’s so deceptive.

Socialism’s ideologues prey on people’s sense of fairness and compassion when it’s quite the opposite in practice. Here are just a few of the many reasons why Socialism is immoral.

Socialism is a false anti-Christ religion. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating here: Socialism is an anti-Christ religion that replaces dependence upon God with dependence upon the State. And this was the intent of its founders.


This anti-Christ aspect of Socialism has been proven in history, as Christianity and other religions are suppressed, or outlawed, wherever Socialist regimes are allowed to flourish.

Socialism advocates theft.  Under the pretense of being “fair,” Socialism says its okay to redistribute wealth. But it’s fundamentally immoral to steal from people, even if you voted to steal from people (Democratic Socialism).


By preaching equal outcome instead of equal opportunity, Socialism justifies stealing from the wealthy under the pretense that some rich people exploit the poor.


While we all have equal value to God, and are loved equally by Him, we were not created equal in abilities, gifts, or outcomes.


Socialism is prejudicial. For instance, Socialists condemn wealthy people for being rich because they assume that they got rich by exploiting the poor (one of Karl Marx’s main arguments). With the Postmodern Neo-Marxist Social Justice movement, they’ve just switched class with race or gender. So, now, people are no longer judged by the content of their character but by the color of their skin.  This is not only racist, it’s definitive prejudice, which is immoral.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care for the poor or marginalized, we just don’t do so by stealing from other people. That would be immoral in any world.

Socialism advocates coveting your neighbors goods. This sin is similar to the last one. Socialism says it’s good to covet your neighbor’s possessions simply because it’s unfair that they have more than you. But God calls this idolatry.

Socialism forces compliance rather than incentivising doing the right thing. Forcing people to do the “right thing” is the opposite of the teaching of Christ who told us to serve others out of love.

While government can create laws that incentivize charity and compassion from those with financial means, whenever the State forces it on them it’s going down the road toward tyranny. And I think we’ve seen the disastrous effects that the welfare state has had on the poor. It has not helped them but made them dependent upon the State, which is a form of slavery, and that’s immoral.

Socialism is intolerant to those with different views. This is rather ironic since Socialists often view themselves as tolerant, but no one is more intolerant than the radical left. The “Woke” movement is a cold and pitiless religion, they’re the 21st century witch hunters—an unforgiving cult that shames and ostracizes, even erases, anyone who does not live up to their woke standard.


Socialism foments division. Socialism thrives by pitting one group against another, making them either the “oppressed” and the “oppressors.” But there is no class, race, or gender division in the Kingdom of God


God shows no partiality, and it’s immoral for us to do so.

Socialists often advocate violence to advance their cause. This isn’t true with all Socialists, but it’s most definitely true with the fathers of Socialism (Marx, Lenin, Mao, etc.)

We do see this justification with the neo-Marxist BLM organization and the “anti-fascist” fascists who call themselves Antifa.

Socialism creates dependence instead of freedom.


In contrast, Jesus died for us to live in freedom.


Beloved, don’t be fooled by this deceptively immoral ideology. Let’s educate ourselves and our children with the truth that makes us free. And the truth is, while there are corrupt people who do immoral things under Capitalism, Socialism is immoral by design.

— Mel Wild, In My Father’s House, Why Socialism is Immoral, September 14, 2021

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    And…it’s bullshit. The word “taxation” could replace socialism and that is what they mean. They are against billionaires paying more taxes for the public good. God forbid that one of these billionaires loses one of their many homes, or maybe they have to sell one of their big yachts*…or possibly one of their airplanes.

    Meanwhile the poor aren’t getting helped enough, and ONE IN FIVE American children aren’t getting enough to eat! But this dude is more worried about the rich having to give up luxuries they probably wouldn’t even notice. T

    *Remember how Mitt Romney had a huge boat, so huge that his yacht fit in it? Yeah, that kind of opulence.

  2. Avatar

    So… You’re telling me the religion who emphasize how difficult it is for the rich to get access to paradize, and whose first followers abandonned everything to spread his words does not advocate against wealthy People in any way ?

  3. Avatar

    Wow. Mel certainly doesn’t let logic slow him down. Jesus dies for us to live in freedom??? I don’t recall that in the bible, but I do recall god being called king or lord, and something about slaves obeying masters.

    And no gender division in the kingdom of god??? Has this guy ever read the Bible?? It’s all throughout the bible. And I’m not going to even discuss non-binary.

    Some days I just have to ask WTF.

  4. Avatar

    Guys like this have no idea what they are talking about. The use “socialism” as a dog-whistle word to both insult anyone with a slight liberal progressive leaning. They have no idea how to define it as an actual political concept. Many of the things he tries to insult can be considered things that a part of being in a community. The political right is far to scared to have an actual discussion about why we have government and the different levels, that they accuse their political opposites of being scared of having conversations. Most liberals are not “snowflakes” about politics, what we want is a discussion that doesn’t end up being insults and stupidity. We won’t get it from this dude.

  5. Avatar
    Charles S. Oaxpatu

    Well now. After reading that blog article, it is clear to me that Mel Wild has drunk deeply from the 5-gallon jug of poison Kool-Aid theology the far right Republican Party has created and used to deceive and indoctrinate Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals into being pawns for doing the evil political will of said party. When did Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals become such willing stooges for these Republicans? It all began with Republican political operative Paul Weyrich several decades ago. Essentially, Christian Fundamentalists and Conservative Evangelicals have sold out to politics, which is one major reason—-among many others—-that their youths are leaving their churches in droves. Their kids and other Americans can plainly see that the Republican Party beds down their churches like cheap whores at election time. Donald J. Trump has deceived them completely and thoroughly—–but his time is coming—–and so is theirs. Jesus will jerk the rug right out from under them and scatter them to the winds like the blow balls on dandelion plants. Trump—–already at age 75—–will soon be the first to go by natural causes.

    • Avatar

      “Jesus will jerk the rug right out from under them and scatter them to the winds like the blow balls on dandelion plants. Trump—–already at age 75—–will soon be the first to go by natural causes.”

      no jesus, no jerking.

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