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The Evangelical Who Shall Not be Named Thinks He Treats Me Just Like Jesus Would

If BG [Bruce Gerencser] is feeling emotional stress, psychological pain, or whatever, it is not us who is applying that pain or torment. For all we know, God may be heaping coals of fire on his head for his poor decisions and continued testimony that God does not exist.

He is not offending us nor saying that we do not exist. he is attacking someone he can never beat–God and God is free to retaliate in a just manner that makes the punishment bring the lesson home very clearly.

It is also a fair punishment as God is never unfair and it meets the crime committed. So we are not doing to BG what he does to us and we have documented those attacks.

We do not care as much as people think we do. We are more concerned with returning good for evil. yet, even that good is rejected as we have stated many times that we are sorry BG is so sick.

He makes no apology for treating people, especially Christians, in the rude and boorish manner that he does. What he wrote when he edited our comments on his website undermines any claims he is suffering from anything we have said.

Yet, his friend [Becky] who made the comment and BG himself, brings up a great teaching point as they do not have a leg to stand on. First, why is BG saying so many nasty things about others he disagrees with?

There is no call to do that and without an objective moral code to live by he may think he is free to treat anyone he wants in any manner he chooses. But that position does not justify treating others badly.

Second, why is he getting upset at the mild constructive criticisms we post about his content? It tells everyone that he can dish it out but cannot take it. he likes one-way streets in his favor.

Third, we know he likes to play the victim. That is evidenced by the continued mentioning of his ailments, and how Christians treat him. He seems to be addicted to getting sympathy from strangers.

Fourth, he made his choices yet he seems not to be content with living with the results of his choices. If he finally blocks us from accessing his website, that is no big deal for us. We just find another one we can access and use their content to teach other believers how to handle such content and abuse.

We have never blocked access to our website to anyone, no matter how vile they are or get. Our information is for everyone to read, even those who go to their personal blogs and critique us. (Yes, we have seen those sites).

Why is it a big deal to him that he has to block us? Does he have something to hide or is he afraid that he will be and is exposed as a fraud? We do not know. He did complain about how some Christians did not take the time to understand him or whatever he said. and he did not like that.

So we tried and we read his posts that gave us some insight into his character and behavior. We posted our thoughts on his website so he could see that someone was trying to understand him.

What he did in response was remove the content and replaced it with words not fit to print on a porn website.

But our response is to model how Jesus handled the same treatment. He did not return evil for evil, he did not curse anyone or lie about them, and so on. We are not to sin in response to sin but look to God for help to handle these difficult situations that come our way.

If we were allowed by BG to send him a guest post, we would have titled it Christianity Is The hardest Life to Live. We know it is, not because BG and people like him quit (Jesus had a few disciples quit on him during his time on earth) but because we have to suffer the pain of seeing people God created choose to go to hell over going to heaven.

BG and I have never seen eye to eye, but that does not mean we are not sad that he made that choice. From what we could gather, he seemed to be a very good Christian whom God was using.

He is the one that let evil convince him to throw it all away. We wish we could get him to repent but according to the Bible that may not be possible now. That return is up to God.

— TEWSNBN, Theologyarcheology, The Last Word???- comment, September 12, 2021

Note: I thought about using the nuclear option: blocking a range of IP addresses, but doing so would keep scores of people from accessing this site, including a number of regular commenters. That’s not going to happen.

TEWSNBN is the worst troll I’ve ever had to deal with. I refuse to let him continue to sodomize me without making his behavior public. I know doing so won’t make a difference on his end, but I want to expose readers to the worst Christian I have ever met.

TEWSNBN says I treat all Christians like I treat him. He, of course, has no evidence for this claim. I make no apology for the invectives and curse words I’ve hurled his way. He’s a vile, abusive man who deliberately tries to cause harm. It’s just not in me to ignore such behavior.


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    One thing just occurred to me. (And I’m naive so I usually assume the best of someone until proven otherwise. Then again. TEWSNBN is showing who he really is.) He is probably piggy-backing off your blog to increase his readership. Oh sure, he may even be lying to himself about his motivations. But (for the sake of argument assuming there would be a god) he certainly doesn’t show one particle of Christian love. Oh, conservative Republican Jesus, maybe. Smug, unempathetic, happy to condemn, pointing to you as a bad example and supposedly trying to save others. But what he really wants is the joy of condemnation. I don’t believe these types of Christian have any real love in their hearts. Oh sure, maybe they love people who are similar, but different people are soundly rejected. It’s like he hasn’t read the parable of the Good Samaritan, or paid any attention to the story of Jesus separating the sheep from the goats.

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      A fair number of evangelicals pay no attention at all to things from the Gospels like the parable of the Good Samaritan or the story of the sheep and the goats. They never read the Sermon on the Mount. The only part of the Gospels they pay any attention to are the birth story and the crucifixion. They’ll read Acts, the epistles of Paul, Revelation and Leviticus (because of the clobber clauses). There was one southern Baptist pastor that said in 2016 that if Jesus was running for president that year and his platform was the Sermon on the Mount that he would not vote for him. That should be alarming to Christians, but apparently it was not.

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    Neil Robinson

    Smug, superior and spiteful; he is the epitome of Christian ‘love’. What a truly unpleasant piece of work. I genuinely think he’s psychologically ill, as demonstrated by his bizarre and pretentious use of ‘we’ and ‘us’ to refer to himself.

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    TEWSNBN is doing a lovely job, of showing how Christianity is nothing to be proud of. ol’ JC in the bible is a rather unpleasant character, calling people dogs, having no problem with himself/his father harming people so it can show off, murdering anyone who disagrees with it, so gee, maybe the poor twit is right.

  4. Avatar

    This dude is just mean, trying to paint himself as a humble servant of Jesus who really doesn’t want to send Bruce to hell, but hey, Bruce is being a stubborn-head convinced by evil, so what’s a deity to do but send Bruce to hell? Yuck. It’s stuff like this that makes me want nothing to do with evangelical theology.

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    He isn’t even the worst Christian I’ve heard of, that’s the sad thing. When I think about the most awful people I’ve met… judgemental, mean-spirited, spiteful and sanctimonious I get this long list of Christians. The atheist and agnostic people I know are the ones who come to help when you need it. Who do everything they can to treat people with respect and decency.

    This asshole could be the poster child/example of why so many people have left religion, though. What an awful, spiritually rotten, morally decayed human. It’s almost sad, but the underlying meanness he exhibits change my feelings to loathing and disgust.

    He’s like spiritual dogshit on the bottom of the soul’s shoes.

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    I’d call him moldy voldy but that would be an insult to mold which in the natural world serves a very important purpose unlike tewsnbn and an insult to lord voldemort who does serve a purpose in a series of well written novels (even if the author’s views on trans rights are despicable). Tewsnbn should try the nice christian platitude of let go and let god but he probably isn’t capable of that.

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    He Who Must Not Be Named is a Christian Concern Troll, and not a very good one, at that. He seems to think that saying that he’s “sorry that Bruce is so sick” makes up for the rest of his message, that he had it coming for not being the kind of Christian that HWMNBN wants him to be–or any kind of Christian at all. He’s concerned that Bruce is going to Hell for rejecting Jesus, and keeps harping on the idea, which comes down to simply badgering Bruce. Since none of this is going to change his target’s mind, the best thing he could do is go away–but he won’t give up the opportunity to signal his superior virtue, of course.

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    TEWSNBN actually has readers who up-vote his comments. I suspect they’re just as unpleasant as he is. Hopefully there are other readers who read his crap and go “WTF, TEWSNBN?”

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    That’s a great god you have there…let’s punish the sinner into heaven. Nothing like abuse to make people properly behave.

    “Christianity is the hardest life to live.” Yeah, so hard. Poor downtrodden Christians. Try to live a day in the life who finds themselves being regularly crushed under the boot of christianity, all in the spirit Christian hate.. I mean love. You know, that love you develop under an abusive, vengeful god.

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    Ann Lo

    TEWMNBN is doing more to promote atheism than Bruce or any of us could ever do. And there are flourishing and fast-growing atheist and humanist communities like this one all over the internet. To have 200,000 new views per year is a remarkable achievement and something for Bruce to be proud of.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    I hav to say that when it comes to TeeHee,as I call him, he seems to want to keep getting into the comment feature simply because he enjoys seeing himself in print,seeing his own words is very important to his ego. He knows his words won’t make a difference,nor will he convince anyone to return to Fundamentalism. But even though he alienates people, he has a compulsion to do all this as tasteless as he can possibly be,lol🤡🤡

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