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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Unbelievers Refuse to be “Honest” About Christianity

Unbelievers . . . do not have time for the truth nor do they want to see true Christianity in operation. So they distort what the faith is all about and present a lopsided view of the faith and those who are members.

In other words, the unbeliever refuses to be honest about Christianity as then they would be faced with the reality that Jesus and God exist, that the Bible is actually true and they are not as good a person as they thought they were.


Remember, the unbeliever does not have the Spirit of Truth helping them find the truth. They are the ones lost and deceived.


God cannot be more clear than that. it is said throughout the Bible that the unbeliever is lost, deceived, and blind. Jesus also told us that the unbelieving world does not have the Spirit of Truth guiding them to the truth.

That means you cannot get to the truth through the unbelievers’ words. Yet many people who were once Christian have done the opposite of God’s directive and the end result was, they lost their faith.

— “Dr.” David Tee, TheologyArcheology: A Site for the Glory of God, Unbelievers Can’t be Honest, December 9, 2021


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    dale m.

    Remember. Christian fundamentalists do not have science to guide them to the truth. They are truly lost in that wilderness of disbelief in reason and logic. It is up to us to help them find their way back home.

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    There’s no dishonesty in saying “You expect me to believe that people can come back from the dead and that snakes can talk? Yeah, riiiight. Grow the fuck up, already!”

    DDT believes execrably stupid things, and apparently his “spirit of Truth doesn’t mind when he bears false witness against people he doesn’t even know. See you in [nonexistent] hell, you arrogant poseur. 😀

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    Michael Mock

    The “Tee” stands for “tedious”, I assume. Honestly… former Christians — including both Bruce and myself — are talking very specifically about their very specific experiences with Christianity. (There are things that Bruce and I disagree with each other about, in part because everyone assumes their own experience it typical.) It’s no that we “don’t understand” or “don’t want to know”. We were raised to value Christian beliefs! But okay, let’s assume that you need the Spirit of Truth to truly understand Christianity, and the reason that Christianity makes no sense to me is because I do not have that spirit…

    Whose fault is that?

    Is it mine? I, who asked for such understanding, who sought and searched and prayed and begged? Or is it God’s, who — perhaps, apparently — hardened my heart just as he did the Pharaoh’s? (I don’t believe this is actually the case. I’m more inclined to think that God, if He exists and is even half of what I was taught, clearly feels that I’m better off as an unbeliever. Otherwise He would have shown Himself when I cried out for him.)

    Jesus Fucking Christ, DDT. You have no fucking idea how much I’d love to see “true Christianity in operation”.

    But what I get instead is the sort of bullshit propagated by you and yours. It’s useless. It’s unhelpful. It’s a direct abnegation of the things you claim to believe in. And yet, in all your years, you have never learned the fundamental value of shutting up.

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    There was just so much in fundamentalist Christianity that doesn’t line up with reality. I wasn’t able to continue to ignore the inconsistencies and contradictions. Even my foray into progressive liberal Christianity that allowed that some of the stories aren’t literally factual didn’t stand up when I realized Christianity was just anotherood sacrifice religion to an angry and possibly disinterested deity. I actually wanted to believe and asked God for guidance, but what I received was more and more evidence that it’s not real. So here I am, an unbeliever.

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    as usual, poor dear Christian has decided to bear false witness against others, ignoring his bible when convenient. It’s also great to see that our Christian uses the same arguments as any other theist, and not one theist can show that their beliefs are true.

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    Jason C

    Looking at history I think we have a good idea of what real Christianity in action looks like, and it isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

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