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Dr. David Tee Says Transgender People Should be Grateful They Don’t Live in Old Testament Times When it was Okay to Kill Them

dr david tee

Fake Dr. David Tee, whose real name is Derrick Thomas Thiessen, recently shared how much he despises and loathes transgender people. No commentary is necessary from me. I am sure readers might have a thing or two to say. 🙂

Thiessen writes:

They [transgender people] do not want to be seen as perverted or wrong or even abnormal, so they demanded special rights to help them seem normal. Going to the bathrooms is one prime example. Transgenders do not accept their birth gender but that denial of who they really are is not grounds to change the rules of normality to fit their denials.

This demand for new bathroom rules is a special right as the transgender had the right to use the bathroom of their birth gender. They did not want to follow the rules thus they demand special privileges. They are wrong not the people who oppose them.


The transgender people and their supporters are just operating under a delusion. They cannot change who they are as science has confirmed that the specific chromosomes that make up men and women cannot be changed.

The transgender is the person with the problem as they cannot accept who they are and demand that everyone else participates in their delusion. That is wrong as the LGBTQ and atheists, etc., have complained long and hard about Christians forcing their views on them.

Well, those groups are doing the exact same thing to those who disagree with them. They have no argument. Transgenders or people who think they are transgender can play dress-up all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are wrong, in need of help, and disobeying God when he said men and women are not to wear the other gender’s clothing.

Delusion is not right nor is it from God. God wants his creation to be as he created them not some freak show.


The ‘oppressed’ has become the oppressor. They need to stop attacking Christians, making false legal claims, and stop bashing those who do not accept them. But they can’t live without prejudice because they flaunt their preferences in people’s faces (gay pride parades), in the classroom in front of children not their own (we have read different news stories where homosexual teachers who got in trouble say ‘we just want to share our personal lives with our students), those teachers are wrong and should not be discussing such topics with children not their own.

Most of the time, they bring the abuse upon themselves because they can’t keep their mouths shut. They are lucky they are living in the New Testament world as in the OT it was okay to kill LGBTQ people.”

I am sure Revival Fires will share his support for Thiessen as soon as this post is published. Transphobes of a feather, flock together. When Revival Fires agrees with you, you can rest assured you are wrong.


Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    Pro tip, Derrick: “Be glad you’re not living in the age when we were allowed to kill you” is precisely why humanity needs to abandon that age and never, ever look back. #owngoal

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    A co-worker of mine was born with Klinefelter’s syndrome with mosaicism, a chromosomal condition in which some of his/her cells were male, others female. The condition results in varying degrees of hermaphroditism. Gender reassignment surgery became a necessity after 30 years. She is happy and healthy to this day, so far as I know. Haven’t seen her in 20 years. One of the best people I have ever met. Our Iranian boss said that people like that would be killed at birth in his homeland. What does that tell you about the “doctor’s” world view?

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    DavidTees DoseofTruth

    Aw, Bruce, you left out the best part of his post: “The woman does not have body autonomy when she has sex with a man.”

    He really ought to remember that he has readers who are aware of the weekly “appointment” he has demanded from his live-in partners in the past. Whether they wanted it or not. I’m sure he has some Biblical justification for why that isn’t called “rape”; I know of at least four women who would love to hear it.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Are you saying you didn’t write ✍️ these things? Are you saying these are not your words — word-for-word, without edit?

      These are your words, David. Own them. Or better yet, repent, retract your words, and promise to do better.

      Stay tuned, I’ll have another quote from you later. Most writers learn to be careful with their words. I know I have. Not you. You say all sorts of vile, hateful things, hiding behind “God” and your perverse Fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible.

    • Avatar
      DavidTees DoseofTruth

      (gasp!) He speaks!!

      First of all, I’m not Bruce’s “people”; I didn’t even know who he was two months ago, and I wouldn’t know him if he jumped out of my underwear drawer and said hello.

      Second, do tell, Derrick. What have I, in particular, posted that is a “lie” or “distortion”?

      • Avatar
        Bruce Gerencser

        Derrick often overstates my influence on people, granting me god-like quality qualities I do not have.

        Thiessen could easily and quickly respond to the allegations against him. Yet, he chooses silence, saying he’s just like Jesus before Sanhedrin.

        I know I, for one, want to defend myself when I think someone is falsely accusing me of something. Theissen has done just that, and that’s why I respond to his allegations. He needs to do that for himself now.

      • Avatar
        Yulya Sevelova

        How’d I miss the one about ” the weekly appointment,whether they want to or not ??”Does this Tee Hee actually claim he’s entitled to once- weekly involuntary sexual services from a wife or whoever ? Didn’t know that he was that low,lol !!

    • Avatar

      Derrick knows there are no lies here because he hasn’t refuted anything that DavidTees DoseofTruth has said, including that Derrick Thomas Thiessen is his real name. I always knew he was a louse, but I was surprised by how much worse he is than even I imagined. A domestic abuser and a rapist! Goodness gracious me! And Derrick really doesn’t like what has happened here: the revelation of his criminality and the illumination of his moral inferiority.

  4. Avatar

    Just another bigot using god as an excuse for hatred.

    Somehow extremist religious bullies like him cannot simply move along and leave others to live their life. If anyone is in someone’s face, it is people like this bigot who go out of their way to confront, bully, attack, and belittle anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community. Christian bigots can’t just walk on past, they have to stop, stare, comment, and condemn. It is standard Christian abuse that never stops.

    No one is in his face. If you see me walking through the store, I am not in your face. I am simply existing in my space, and not interacting with your space. I don’t go to people to,tell them the good news of LGBTQness. I don’t randomly hand out tracts inviting them to my favorite club. I don’t pray over a person in the middle of a conversation, which is nothing more that expressing condemnation and judgement.This is solely the world of Christians.

    He says we bring abuse on up ourselves. This is the words of an abuser. It is just another form of “it’s your own fault I beat you..learn to behave.” People like him will use any excuse to defend their behavior. They are the ones going out of their way to to abuse others. He is basically is admitting here that he is abusing others, but it is their fault he has to abuse them. News flash, abuse is always the fault of the abuser. Apparently in his eyes, just existing means I deserve abuse.

    People like this guy need to learn to coexist. Jesus apparently coexisted, except when he confronted religious extremists. But that not ironic, is it?

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    MJ Lisbeth

    Sage–You beat me to a lot of what I wanted to say.

    Here are some uestions for “Tee”:

    How many trans people have beaten, tortured or killed Christians for being Christians–or for any reason at all?

    How many trans people have used false accusations to get Christians fired from their jobs, evicted from their housing or murdered?

    How many trans people have tried to pass laws to deny Christians their right to practice their faith? (For that matter: How many trans people are even in a position to do such a thing?)

    How many trans people have shot up churches or other places of worship?

    i’ll make this easy for him: The answer to each of those questions is less than one.

    Ok, I’ll give him one more “softball” question: How, exactly, does the fact that I live my life in accordance with my biology (which does not entirely fit the gender binary you describe) and mind (ditto) affect your life–or faith? If I am such a threat to the latter, what does that say about it?

    When he says we are “in your face,” he reminds me of the people who say that gays and lesbians are “obnoxious” when they hold hands and otherwise express their affection for each other–just like straight people do. Or when men keep pictures of their boyfriends and husbands, or women of their wives and girlfriends, on their desks–just like their straight co-workers. Or when, as Sage points out, they go to the store, the movies, for walks or bike rides–just like our straight neighbors

    Recently, a heterosexual male acquaintance of mine was arrested, and fired from his job, for inappropriate sexual conduct with a student. Some have hinted that she wasn’t his only victim. Yet no one is accusing him of “grooming” or attributing his behavior to his heterosexuality of Christian faith.

    I try not to personalize other people’s hatred or bigotry. But I really have to wonder about “Tee’s” obsession with LGBTQ–especially trans–people.

    • Avatar
      MJ Lisbeth

      Tee—Here’s a bonus question for you:

      How many Bible verses call for killing trans people?

      Hint: It’s the same number that mention trans people at all.

      (Answer: The same as the answer to the first three questions in my previous comment.)

  6. Avatar

    “Most of the time, they bring the abuse upon themselves because they can’t keep their mouths shut. They are lucky they are living in the New Testament world as in the OT it was okay to kill LGBTQ people.”

    You are an abusive, insensitive, psychopath and probably dabbling in your own confused sexuality. Every single human being has a right to speak their truth. Even you, despite being a weirdo. No one has to “keep their mouth shut”. No one brings abuse upon themselves. That’s the sole responsibility of the abuser; not the victim. That’s a tactic wife beaters use to validate their abuse.

    You are a piece of shit, DT.

    • Avatar
      DavidTees DoseofTruth

      In his mind, Derrick doesn’t assault women. If Derrick threatened to slash a woman’s tires in retribution for her trying to go somewhere without him (or was it without his knowledge? One of the two) … that, to him, is not domestic violence because it is a threat to attack tires, not his partner.

  7. Avatar
    Ben Berwick

    It’s pretty telling that ‘David’ thinks trans (and no doubt, everyone else who is part of the LGBT community) should be grateful for not being killed.

    That’s a bare-fucking-minimum, ‘David’. Plus, being called a liar by you is deeply ironic, considering your history of deceit, and now it seems, a very long pattern of deception.

  8. Avatar

    That’s some real pro-life Christian love on display! And Christians wonder why people are leaving their religion in droves – must be Satan.

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