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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: OMG, A Man Talked About Menstruation Out Loud

Susan-Anne White, a True Christian, So True She Can’t Find Any Church Pure Enough For Her

On 8th July this year as I listened to BBC NI’s Evening Extra, a Northern Ireland news and current affairs radio programme, the two male hosts began to discuss the menstrual cycle with a female contributor to the programme.

This discussion of an aspect of female biology was graphic and vulgar and should not be discussed on air by women but to hear two men speak about such a private matter was outrageous and despicable.

Feminists force men to speak of private female matters because they want to desensitise men and society and cause men and women to lose their natural reticence about taboo subjects. Feminism is vulgar and coarse and these wicked women are determined to cast off all restraint and coarsen society.

Men of my father’s generation and true gentlemen of all ages would blanche at hearing mention of menstruation.

The two male hosts in question had no shame or embarrassment and they disgusted me.

I sent a letter of complaint to the BBC and received the predictable “canned” response so I will not insult the intelligence of our readers by linking to it here.

— Susan-Anne White, The Truth Shall Set You Free, Shameless BBC male journalists discuss women’s periods on air, September 3, 2022

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    “Feminists force men to speak of private female matters because they want to desensitise men and society and cause men and women to lose their natural reticence about taboo subjects. ” Susan-Anne doesn’t say who forced these men to talk about the subject. I wonder what they said, and if it was any different from what health teachers would say.
    Yes, Susan-Anne, we need to identify taboo subjects and why we are supposed to avoid discussing them. In some cultures, women don’t see menstruation, as I always have, as mostly a messy inconvenience that means “not pregnant.” Men do need to know a little about menstruation and pregnancy. Gosh, some men even become law-makers and make laws about things that they don’t really understand!

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Here’s the letters she sent to the BBC:

      I do however want our readers to see the complaint I sent to the BBC (via their complaints form).

      My initial complaint is as follows:

      “Two male hosts discussing menstruation with a female contributor. The discussion was graphic and unseemly and not a fit subject to be discussed on the airwaves by anyone, male or female, but it was particularly offensive to hear two men discuss this subject without a hint of embarrassment or shame. They literally aired “dirty laundry” on the airwaves when they spoke of menstrual stains on white tennis dresses. Some matters are private and menstruation is one of them. Refrain from such discussions in future please and stop promoting the feminist agenda which is behind this “casting off of all restraint” strategy by the BBC.”

      My follow-up communication is as follows:

      “I refer to my complaint (reference number omitted). I have received a response from BBC Radio Ulster but I am totally dissatisfied with the response. Please forward my complaint to a higher authority in the BBC.”

      In conclusion, I decided that it was a waste of my time to pursue this complaint any further with the feminist gynocracy at the BBC.

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    Off topic but RIP Queen Elizabeth II. now that that is said, Ms White might be shocked at the values of the victorians, several of whom had mistresses while married to other woman, the royals included. Heck even the puritans seemed more honest and open about taboo subjects than Ms White. Knowledge is power and clearly she doesn’t want others to have it.

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      MJ Lisbeth

      Trenton–When I studied Victorian literature and history, I was astounded to see how the stereotypes of sexual conservativism didn’t fit. Sure, much was taboo–polygamy, homosexuality, gender non-conformity and even being single past a certain age. But much was done behind closed, or slightly ajar, doors. Also, much sexual thought and energy was sublimated in the art and literature of that time: Check out Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” for just one example.

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    Dear Ms White, here’s another for ya to get your knickers in a knot. Peppa Pig is to have……wait for it………..a same sex couple!!! Two mummy polar bears with a child who’s a friend of the Pig family. ‘My mummy is a doctor and my other mummy cooks spaghetti.’ Will the horrors never end for you?
    P.S. There is something called the Off Switch on my radio, which I use and recommend you do the same if our BBC is broadcasting a programme I don’t like. My teacher hubby once told a parent who lamented that her son watched too much TV which accounted for his poor grades to find the Off Switch and even offered to come round with a hammer for a more permanent solution! You could try that and leave us all in peace.

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    I was just a few minutes ago reading an article on OnlySky about the decline of the Catholic Church in Ireland, and it crossed my mind that I hadn’t heard anything about Ms White in ages (sorry, I should have said Mrs, she doesn’t like Ms). Then, lo and behold, up she pops!

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      Oh,me too, read the OS article and thought ‘Whatever happened to Ms White on Bruce’s blog? And yup, I too recalled she thinks ‘Ms’ is unbiblical…..or something.

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