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Tag: Email from Evangelicals

Bruce, Your Blog is Disgusting

peanut gallery
Email From the Peanut Gallery

After reading two posts (Bethel Redding: A Dangerous Evangelical Cult and About), an Evangelical man sent me the following email:

Name: Freddie Valdez

Email: ****

Subject: Disgusted with your blog

Comment: I wonder what the apostles and martyrs of the christian faith would day to you….? I feel sad that your convictions, after having “pastored” are so mushy. I do hope you get converted back someday. I feel sorry for your children and your blog followers. You Atheism is as inspiring as you “theism”. You should express yourself through a hobby rather than preaching your humanist void…I never write to people I encounter on the web, but I find your material disgusting, but I guess that ud fine with you anyway. May the void bless you.

Bruce Gerencser