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Tag: No Atheists in Hell

There Are No Atheists in Hell

no atheists in hell

Bill Wiese, an Evangelical Christian who believes he literally spent twenty-three minutes in Hell, says that there will be no atheists in Hell.

Wiese writes:

The fact is that you won’t see hell while you are still alive. Salvation requires faith in what Jesus did for you on the cross. Salvation requires a purposeful act on your part … before you die. If you say you need to see hell before you will surrender your life to Jesus, you will neversurrender your life. You will see hell because you rejected the only way of salvation, and you will spend eternity apart from God.

If you call yourself an atheist, you won’t be one after seeing hell. You will have no excuse before God at Judgment Day for your denial of His existence. The evidence of design was all around you your entire life, but you ignored it and denied the obvious. You condemned yourself to hell by your very own words, and by rejecting the cross.


You are a nothing and a nobody in hell. You will never see your friends or anyone else ever again. You will be in total darkness, kept apart from others. You will have no conversation, no interaction and no purpose. You will be completely isolated and forgotten.

No one escapes hell. No one ever gets relief from the pain and torment. There will be no sleep, no peace, no food, no water, no comfort, no escaping the heat and flames, and there will be absolutely no hope.

If you could see hell for just five seconds, you wouldn’t waste time focused on how people have hurt or disappointed you. You would forget about yourself and start helping others to escape this horrific place. You would serve God and quit complaining.

If you could see hell for five seconds, you would fall on your knees and cry out to God to save you. You would turn away from your sinful lifestyle. You would surrender your life to Jesus and make Him your Lord and Savior. You would renounce the name of Satan and reject absolutely anything to do with him.

I agree with Wiese, There will be NO atheists in Hell. Why? Because Hell doesn’t exist. The only Hell I know of is a community in Michigan. I plan to go to this Hell sometime this summer. Pictures to follow, which is far more than Wiese can provide for his Hell.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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