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Abusive Fan at Wauseon vs. Tinora Basketball Game

tinora wauseon basketball game 2014
#32, Jacob Miller, #10, Nathan Drewes, #44, Logan Bailey, #20 Unkown

Last night, several of my sons, grandson, and I attended the Buffalo Wild Wings Holiday Classic Championship Game at Defiance College. The game featured two local high school teams, the Wauseon Indians and the Tinora Rams. The game was closely contested until the end when Wauseon pulled away from Tinora. The final score was 52-38.

I love attending high school basketball games. Three of my grandchildren are enrolled in the Tinora school district, and several more will likely enroll in the coming years. I hope to live long enough to see several of my grandchildren play sports at Tinora.

tinora wauseon basketball game 2014 2
#22, Noah Castle, #22, Tyler Risner

When I attend high school sporting events, I find myself drifting back to the days when I played sports. I was never much of an athlete, good enough to make the team, but never good enough to be a starter. When I attended small rural schools I was usually good enough to make the team. However, once we moved to the big city and I enrolled in Findlay High School, I rarely made it beyond the first or second cut. Fortunately, living in a larger community afforded me the opportunity of playing city league basketball and baseball. Regardless of my own nominal athletic ability, I love watching the games.

With the games come the fans. Most fans at the high school level are polite and respectful. Outside of reminding the officials of perceived wrong calls, most fans are there to cheer on the students of their school district. I am the rare fan that attends games just because there is a game being played.  Most fans are either graduates of one of the schools playing the game or have children or grandchildren on one of the teams.

tinora wauseon basketball game 2014 4
#22, Noah Castle, #5 Zac Robinson,#30, Carter Bzovi,#32, Jacob Miller,#Unknown

Last night, a totally sober fan of the Wauseon Indians decided to make an ass of himself near the end of the game. As Wauseon began to pull away from Tinora, this fan decided to start verbally abusing the Tinora players. Towards the end of the game, he took to attacking one player in particular, focusing on the player’s weight. (#32 in the dark/green jersey)

Evidently, either this man is a bully and his fellow Wauseon fans are afraid to tell him to shut the hell up, or they think his abusive behavior is funny. I, for one, thought it was despicable.

tinora wauseon basketball game 2014 5
#32, Jacob Miller

After a couple of minutes of listening to his abusive taunts, I started to stand and turn towards him. I felt a firm hand on my leg and my son said, leave it alone, Dad. You see, my sons know that I despise such people. I think they ruin the game environment and I don’t think them paying $6.00 for a ticket gives them the right to be an asshole.

Fortunately, the game ended a few moments later. If this man had continued blathering, I have no doubt I would have put him in his place. Guys like him are bullies who use words to abuse and attack others. While college and professional players are expected to ignore such fans (and I have a problem with it at this level too), such behavior has no place at high school sporting events.

tinora wauseon basketball game 2014 6
#32, Jacob Miller
tinora wauseon basketball game 2014 7
#32, Jacob Newlove, #32, Jacob Miller


Christmas 2014

Here are a few pictures I took over the past week. Enjoy.

polly gerencser and lee and bonnie shope
Polly Gerencser and here parents, Lee and Bonnie Shope
lee shope
Polly’s Dad, Lee Shope
polly and guin gerencser
Polly Gerencser and her Granddaughter Guin
polly gerencser and her bonnie shope
Polly Gerencser with her Mom, Bonnie Shope
gabby gerencser
Our Granddaughter, Gabby
morgan gerencser
Our Granddaughter Morgan
bonnie shope and great grandchildren
Mamaw Shope Reading to two of her Great grandchildren, Levi and Victoria
gerencser grandchildren christmas 2012
Bruce and Polly Gerencser’s Grandchildren, Christmas 2014
gilboa cow
The Gilboa Cow, All Decked out for Christmas
gilboa cow 2
The Gilboa Cow, Christmas 2014
merry christmas
Merry Christmas says the Elves near the Gilboa Cow

Feeding and Helping a Feral Cat

Several months ago, a feral cat and her two kittens wandered into our yard. We tried to ignore them for as long as we could, but the animal lover in us won out and we decided to feed them. All three cats were quite scrawny, and about six weeks ago one of the kittens no longer made an appearance in our yard. We suspect the kitten died.

Now that it is winter, we have put a doghouse stuffed with straw in the backyard so the kitten can escape the cold and snow. Sometimes, one of the other local feral cats checks into the doghouse, but the kitten uses it almost every day.

While we are in no position to bring the cat into our home, it is within our power to feed and help him. I wish everyone would spay their cats and not allow them to roam free, but there are a lot of irresponsible pet owners so it is up to responsible, caring people to help the least of these. These cats don’t deserve to be punished because of the stupidity of supposed intelligent human beings.

feral kitten
Feral Kitten
feral kitten
Feral Kitten
feral kitten
Feral Kitten
feral kitten
Feral Kitten
feral kitten
Feral Kitten